Sector optics thermal imager t3, black, so-t3-01


  • ensure this suits by using getting into your model number.
  • on-board photo processing enhancement modes
  • manual and automatic nuc functionality
  • photo on-board recording
  • battery read-out and protection
  • vehicle power-shop
  • more than one display perspectives: white warm/black warm/nv inexperienced/color
  • bendy mounting alternatives: picatinny rail wrist strap/consumer-handle mount and more
  • branch call: unisex-adult

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product description

the t3 is our modern day era of rugged miniature thermal imagers with four times the resolution of the t20 and double the battery capacity. The t3 is a huge-attitude unit that augments law enforcement efforts, search and rescue, and hunting/monitoring sports.

1 review for Sector optics thermal imager t3, black, so-t3-01

  1. Michael Morini

    The biggest complaint I have so far is there is no shade for the screen. I find myself cupping my hand over the screen to see it. Other than that I am impressed with the capabilities of it. I am used to using FLIR and US Army thermal products that run the $14,000 or more range. Given that the T3 is a fraction of the price I am pretty happy with it. One thing that I noticed right off, is that the 75yard recognition range is a bit on the low end. I would say you could claim 100yards or more. A screen magnifier or just a larger screen may help with that! So far I have tracked my dogs foot prints from being wet (cold on hot), my footprints (hot on cold), and discovered a squirrel nest. Honestly they are under selling the capabilities. A major point that had me hesitate was looking at the refresh rate. In the end swinging this around there is a very slight lag, but its easily manageable and could easily go unnoticed. If you want a thermal, this is the one to get. I have seen nothing in the way of price that comes close to the capabilities of the T3 for the price range. Read more

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