Runfast/max 12lbs-140lbs adjustable weighted vest

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  • weights included. 120lbs total
  • weights can be eliminated.
  • one length fits most, manufacture warranty protected.
  • shipped in multiple applications for transit protection.
  • shoulder pads blanketed.
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product description

the 12lbs-80lbs fashions max weight capacity is the burden purchased. The 100lbs-140lbs max weight could be 140lbs. Empty wallet can be crammed via buying weights afterward to fill the weight vest if wanted. The runfast weighted vest is a extremely good manner to add resistance to your exercising. That is a first rate vest to begin your go training, energy training, and whatever else you may need a weight vest for. The vest is one size fits most. The weights comes covered. It additionally comes with a one manufactures assurance that covers the vest.


With Shoulder Pads, Without Shoulder Pads


20lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs, 60lbs

3 reviews for Runfast/max 12lbs-140lbs adjustable weighted vest

  1. James Arguelles

    Vest has come apart at the bottom Seems and I’ve lost 1 sand bag and more are gonna follow cuz it’s totally falling apart at the bottom .. before that I had no issue but seeing as I’ve only had it for like 2 months this shouldn’t be happening .. I would like a refund or a new one Read more

  2. Shantastic

    I will preface this by saying that you should NEVER run in any weight vest. Walking stairs, walking, elliptical…all fine but you run in a weight vest and some time in your life you will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon…ok…enough lecture… Weight vests are a great thing. They are versatile and safe. If you want to do lunges but are concerned about safety when using dumb bells, a vest is the answer. Want to get a chest blasting workout with only a few different exercises and sets of push-ups? Weight vest is awesome. Even want to burn some extra calories on an elliptical…great idea. But…most vests are unbalanced, uncomfortable, and cumbersome. They don’t have enough variations in sizing. They hang too much in the front. They cut into your throat when doing push-ups or they poke your back when you are doing squats. But, this vest gets it right. The RUNmax is one of those few fitness products that covers pretty much all the bases. It has great weight balance options. I have the 100lb version and it has 5 pockets on front and back spaced really well allowing easy and accurate distribution of weight. The vest is very versatile in it’s fit. It has a nice two band wrap around system that can be changed to fit different body shapes. The straps that go around the torso are very wide but taper to grab tightly. The Velcro on the straps is high quality. The vest is comfortable in a cross-fit environment, on an elliptical, or even walking around a track. But…AND TAKE NOTE…that is with the shoulder pads installed. That is my one real problem with it. The vest should come with removable shoulder pads. I can’t imagine using the vest for more than 10 minutes without the pads. So, why make them an option and charge more for them. I would prefer that the company simply sell the vest with them because I cannot even imagine a person buying this vest and not eventually wanting the pads. So, I guess I am saying buy the vest and include the pads…even though they should be included. They should be included. But even with that the vest is great. It holds tight, feels firm, and is really a great addition to a workout. I would buy it again (with the shoulder pads) without hesitation. Read more

  3. Nicole K.

    I don’t normally write reviews unless there’s something mind-blowingly awesome or something horribly defective. In this case, unfortunately, it is the latter. I was so excited to get this vest. I bought the 40lb option and it arrived packaged and ready to go. Since I hadn’t worked up to the 40lbs, I took out all but 8bls / 2 bags (the bags come in 4lb increments on this vest). One went in the front, center pocket and the other went in the rear, center pocket. I used this vest for the following: air squats, running (3-6 mile sprint intervals), pull ups, and other lower body exercises. I have been using the vest, since late March, once – twice a week. Just last week (with a little over 2 weeks post-return window time frame) I noticed a black dust on my workout clothes. I took off the vest and removed the front and back bags. Each bag was wearing out at the bottom and the holes that had formed on the bag were letting loose sand / charcoal particles fall out. Not only was this ruining my clothes, the weight of the vest was being compromised by the loss of the sand. I guess I could just ‘swap out’ these bags with another two bags I’m not using at the moment but my hopes are to work up to using all the bags and utilizing the 40lbs that I purchased. The sad realization is that eventually ALL the bags will be in the same condition – worn out and leaking sand, just from the expected use that would come from the purchase of this type of equipment. The VERY THIN nylon material (almost the thickness / texture of an umbrella) is not the right material for those bags…. hence my review. The quality of the vest – just the vest – is pretty nice. That is why I am giving it 2 stars instead of one. It’s a solid vest and the waist is adjustable. The bags are secure, and there is little bouncing. I opted for the shoulder pads and those are life savers if you run in it. Not sure if Amazon will do anything about this, but it is an issue. Anyone in the same boat as me, guess you need to add some black duct tape to your cart to help fix the issue of the breaking bags. Read more

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