Ray-ban rb2132 new wayfarer shades

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  • acetate
  • imported
  • plastic body
  • glass lens
  • non-polarized
  • uv protection coating coating
  • lens width: 52 millimeters
  • lens height: 40 millimeters
  • bridge: 18 millimeters
  • arm: a hundred forty five millimeters
  • smooth lenses with the lens fabric and maintain in case.
  • unisex non-polarized sun shades: the ray-ban new wayfarer sunglasses feature the mythical ray-ban crystal lenses. Crafted from superb glass, ray-ban lenses are prescription prepared.
  • a hundred% uv protection: to defend your eyes from harmful uv rays, those non-polarized sun shades encompass glass lenses which can be lined with one hundred% uv protection.
  • reduce eye stress: new wayfarer sunglasses characteristic precision-cut, scratch-resistant glass lenses that enhance visual clarity, and assist reduce eye strain at the same time as outside.
  • durable nylon frames: our new wayfarer shades are noticeably durable. The frame is crafted from light-weight but robust nylon production. The bridge measures 18 mm, and the fingers are 145 mm for an smooth, relaxed fit.
  • more than one frame and lens colorations: pick out from multiple frame hues—which include black and tortoise—and a couple of lens colors and treatments—which include non-polarized gradient lenses.
  • more than one length alternatives: pick from an expansion of length options consisting of 52mm, 55mm or 58mm.
  • case & lens material covered: each pair of ray-ban sun shades comes with a case and lens cloth to clean and shield them from scratches and harm.
  • go to the ray-ban emblem store: click on the ray-ban logo above to view the whole ray-ban logo collection.
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product description

ray-ban rb2132 new wayfarer shades take the long-lasting shape of the traditional wayfarer and infuse a barely smaller frame and softer eye form ideal for males and females. These unisex shades are non-polarized. All ray-ban shades are made from advanced materials, and those unisex non-polarized sunglasses are no exception. Rb2132 unisex wayfarer frames are made of durable nylon, making them lightweight and able to keep up against frequent use. Our wayfarer sun shades utilize famous g-15 lenses, which are prescription ready and made from glass.

ray-ban lets in you to choose from a diffusion of frame colours and lens treatments such as crystal inexperienced, brown or gradient patterns. All ray-ban new wayfarer conventional shades are designed to offer an clean fit with a high degree of visible readability and safety. The shades are available in a variety of size alternatives to ensure a secure yet at ease in shape. Our glass lenses help guard your eyes against dangerous uv rays and have been covered with a hundred% uv protection. Ray-ban glasses are constituted of precision-reduce lenses that lessen eye pressure when worn.

ray-ban unisex sunglasses are comfy and effective to put on on cloudy and hazy days, when the solar is brilliant, and throughout dawn and sunset.

레이밴 rb2132 뉴 웨이페어러 선글라스는 클래식 웨이페어러의 상징적인 모양을 채택하여 여성 및 남성에게 적합한 약간 작은 프레임과 부드러운 눈 모양을 제공합니다. 이 유니섹스 선글라스는 편광이 없습니다. 모든 ray-ban 선글라스는 우수한 소재로 만들어졌으며 유니섹스 비편광 선글라스도 예외는 아닙니다. Rb2132 유니섹스 wayfarer 프레임은 내구성이 뛰어난 나일론으로 제작되어 가볍고 자주 사용해도 견딜 수 있습니다. 저희 wayfarer 선글라스는 유명한 g-15 렌즈를 사용합니다. 이 렌즈는 처방전 준비가 되어 있으며 유리로 제작되었습니다.

레이밴을 사용하면 크리스탈 그린, 브라운 또는 그라데이션 스타일을 포함한 다양한 프레임 색상과 렌즈 트리트먼트 중에서 선택할 수 있습니다. 모든 레이밴 뉴 웨이페어러 클래식 선글라스는 높은 수준의 시각적 선명도와 보호 기능으로 쉽게 착용할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다. 선글라스는 여유롭고 편안한 착용감을 보장하기 위해 다양한 사이즈 옵션으로 제공됩니다. 당사의 유리 렌즈는 유해한 자외선으로부터 눈을 보호하고 one hundred% 자외선 차단 코팅이 되어 있습니다. Ray-ban 안경은 착용 시 눈의 피로를 줄이는 정밀 컷 렌즈로 구성되어 있습니다.

레이밴 유니섹스 선글라스는 흐리고 흐린 날, 태양이 밝을 때, 일출과 일몰 중에 편안하고 효과적입니다.


58 Millimeters, 52 Millimeters, 55 Millimeters


Black on Beige/Green, Black on Black/Green, Black on Transparent/Green, Black/Green, Black/Green/Boudreaux, Grey on Black/Green, Havana/Brown, Light Havana/Brown, Matte Blue on Military Green/Green, Matte Havana/Blue, Matte Havana/Brown, Rubber Black on Black/Green, Rubber Black/Green, Rubber Blue on Black/Green, Rubber Military Green on Black /Green, Rubber Red on Black/Green, Striped Blue Havana/Blue, Striped Grey Havana/Dark Grey, Tortoise/Green

8 reviews for Ray-ban rb2132 new wayfarer shades

  1. Emily B Cabral

    Pretty much 100% sure these are fake… The first time I went to clean them with a damp cloth, the Ray Ban logo wiped right off (you can see the remnants in the upper left). Disappointing. Read more

  2. joeink

    By far the worst Amazon experience ever. Glasses are beyond used. The lenses are scratched to the point where one can barely see through them, the frames are so rubbed and worn that most of the writing on the inside of the arms is worn off. The frames are stretched out and loose. Unbelievable. It makes me wonder what sort of method and protocol for selling repackaged products Amazon employs. Longtime Prime member, but it will be a while before I buy anything here again, especially open box or from Warehouse Deals. Just incredible. Read more

  3. Rafael M. Rosal

    First, I wanna make something clear as this is one of the things that gets most confusing when looking for accurate reviews of the product, I bought these from LLC, not from any third-party seller. I have seen many reviews describing these sunglasses as fake but they are not, at least mine, and if bougth directly from Amazon, I wouldn’t trust any other seller, even if fulfilled by Amazon. Pay for the sure thing. These are amazing, you can feel the quality in your hands, they are sturdy, the glass is heavy, obviously real glass and not cheap plastic, they came in the original case with the cleaning cloth and the warranty and instructions booklet. And they are definitely authentic, as per all the inspection points like the hinges, the etching on the left lens, the static sticker, the box sticker. They give your sight a sense of rest, and look pretty cool, I like that they are not as big as the original Wayfarers, they are a bit more modern, more youthful. Read more

  4. Adam

    These are not real RayBans and they are clearly a child’s size. Read more

  5. devinn_11

    After reading tons of reviews, and looking at way too many of those “Are They Real!?” articles online, I’m confident in saying I bought 100% genuine Ray Bans. Everything is as it should be, and the first thing I noticed out of the box was the weight, feel, and quality of these glasses. After wearing cheap, plastic sunglasses for years, I was really impressed with these straight away. That being said, from what I understand, you NEED to make sure that the SELLER is Amazon. Not just “fulfilled by: Amazon.” The added bonus for me was that I ordered around 11 am and got to rock my new shades before dark on the same day! What a time to be alive. Read more

  6. michele semosky

    I’ll update my review when I am able to get into contact with the seller, but I genuinely can’t figure out how to contact them. It says sold by Amazon, so maybe I’ll try contacting them? Either way, the box that these glasses came in, inside their leather case, is not new. This is clearly a reused box, it has wear on the corners, wrinkles where someone has bent it, and the sticker tag on the side looks older and is ripped. That being said, I was very hesitant when I was opening the actual product. The glasses themselves seem to be made of good quality materials, and real glass. The RayBan logo on the arm seems very authentic, as does the material of the lenses. BUT, there is some sort of damage on a part of the frame. This leads to me to believe that these glasses were originally sold to someone else who also noticed the damage, returned them, and now they’ve been sold to me? Looking at the wear on the box, this honestly could have happened more than once before it got to me. I don’t doubt that these are authentic really, but I don’t think that a brand like this would have basically attempted to scam me like this. You pay over a hundred dollars for a pair of glasses, assuming that it this price will reflect the quality and service that you expect a product of this caliber should hold. I’m a bit disappointed. Read more

  7. tigervet96

    I thought I was getting the smooth finish black plastic however I ended up with the black matte finish. I currently own the black matte on another pair and they are not very durable. Leaving them in a hot car causes the material to break down and become sticky. I wanted to get away from that matte finish. Read more

  8. Brandon

    These glasses are amazing with tax i got these for $87 , i own ray bans before and even fakes. I know these are the real deal. The case smells like a baseball glove (leather) and the glasses are very sturdy. Keep in note that the “new wayfarers” (rb2132) have different hinges compared to original wayfarers and the style is completely different. If you are really wanting to see if they are real just take your sunglasses to sunglass hut to see if they are real. Sunglass hut is owned by ray ban (luxottica). Make sure you buy directly from amazon and not by an amazon seller. Anyways i am extremely satisfied with my purchase!!! Read more

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