Prosourcefit twin ab wheel roller stomach workout gadget with relaxed, easy grip handles

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  • make certain this fits by way of coming into your model wide variety.
  • tremendous ab and upper frame firming – strengthens abdominals, shoulders, palms & returned , so you get an efficient toning exercise. As your abs paintings to preserve you balanced, your fingers and again muscle mass engage as they work to keep you strong and controlled
  • higher balance – twin wheels permit for greater balance than models with just one wheel, so that you can focus greater on effectively strengthening your abs and less on trying to manage the movement with your palms
  • smooth grip – smooth-to-grip handles are designed with slots to your hands for progressed comfortability that received’t easily slip as you roll back and forth
  • easy and powerful – this simple device can be used at home, within the health club, or everywhere you want to squeeze in a exercising. In spite of the small size and occasional rate, it’s miles an extremely powerful abdominal strengthener, even for the most advanced users
  • short meeting – calls for minimal meeting, and is rapid and clean to position to-gether, so you can get to workout your core and belly muscle tissues right away! The scale is small and easy to save and carry, no disassembling required
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prosourcefit makes high best merchandise for electricity and resistance schooling, performance, muscle recuperation, yoga and pilates. Our fitness equipment is made with industrial fitness center fine at fees that still makes them ideal for domestic workout routines. We exist to encourage active, healthful life with merchandise that make health potential and enjoyable for everybody. Our considerable line of system is perfect for domestic workouts, private running shoes, crossfit bins, yoga studios, and gyms of all types.

tone and improve shoulders, lower back, hands and abs with the prosourcefit ab wheel, a classic move-to for tough upper frame muscular tissues and middle. Designed with dual wheels and a comfy grip, it gives greater stability and support as you roll to and fro for all the balancing and strengthening sporting activities you want to do.

  • twin wheel layout offers more stability
  • tone and give a boost to entire top body
  • handles made for comfort and grip
  • lightweight and portable
  • functions

    roll your way to a leaner set of abs with the prosourcefit ab wheel. This classic piece of workout equipment is anything however easy, hard your balance and strength to interact and tone your whole core. Function your self for your knees, fingers prolonged in front of you gripping the wheel, then flex abs and roll outward as a long way as is at ease for you without back pressure. Even a slight extension will provide a first-rate exercising as you build closer to a complete extension.

    the prosourcefit ab wheel is an extraordinary manner to strengthen your abs, lower back, palms, and shoulders. The roller creates an imbalance that calls for your center to work difficult to preserve your body flat even as transferring ahead and backward. Your higher frame has to paintings just as difficult to keep you solid, resulting in a multi-useful higher frame workout in only one flow. The relaxed grip makes it smooth to hold, and the dual wheel design offers stability in the course of the exercise.

    this no-weights-required exercising is an notable way to target multiple center muscle groups without delay, in contrast to usual sit-u. S. A. Or crunches that attention most effective at the abs. It can be utilized in a selection of directions and placements for an green exercise with simply one piece of device. Small, mild, and inexpensive, the ab wheel is a brilliant way to workout on-the-go with out breaking the financial institution.



    8 reviews for Prosourcefit twin ab wheel roller stomach workout gadget with relaxed, easy grip handles

    1. Nick

      This ab wheel is sturdy, easy-to-assemble/disassemble, and good for at-home exercise. I’ve used theirs wheel during many workouts, and it has definitely helped to strengthen my core. I love that the wheel is easy to take apart, so I’ve been able to bring it on moves and travel. The wheel is also sturdy, and I’ve had no issues so far. Overall, this product is effective and a good value. Read more

    2. Hakeem Kazak

      Well in short, it does what it is supposed to: move you like a worm up and down in order to work the heck out of your upper body. While it does look cheap, it feels very sturdy and it is indeed very durable. The grips are a bit rough on the hands especially if you are a sissy like me who hasn’t done such exercises like this in a long time, but they are adequate in getting you where you need to go. Remember, as mentioned in many other reviews, this item is NOWHERE near the best way towards getting rid of fat around your stomach and/or your weight in general. For best results, go do a lot of cardio exercises first like running, swimming, bicycling and so forth. Those activities WILL burn the fat and the weight. Then after you get to a good point where you’ve burned enough fat, then it will be much easier for such an equipment like this ab wheel to sculpt your body and show those abs you have. If you don’t do this, no matter how much you work out with the ab wheel, you will almost always have that layer of fat that will cover your abs. In my opinion, this is the best ab wheel deal from Amazon. It is Prime eligible and the base cost is very affordable. If you want to sculpt your abs and your upper body, this can help a lot! Read more

    3. Hannah

      Works the muscles it says it does and then some. At first when you use it, it strains your lower back muscles, but after a few sessions those muscles strengthen up and you can use it for your original intentions. This is a really good thing though, having a strong lower back can eliminate future spinal issues. When I got to the point where my abs were affected my entire corset was sore from way under my bellybutton up to and around my rib cage. If you can lose the fat on your belly first with diet and exercise, you WILL have a six pack. If you don’t feel anything the first time you use it, you are not using it correctly. There are videos and articles you can google and learn how to properly use this awesome, affordable device. Read more

    4. R

      I thought I was in decent shape. I’ve variously done crunches, bicycles, pike chinups, planks, and weighted captain’s chair leg raises over the past few years, not to mention heavy compound movements like deads, squats, and rows in recent months. I didn’t think this would be a challenge. I was wrong. Right out of the gate, I tried to do a standing rollout. NOPE. I got about halfway through the movement before I realized that I’d fall flat on my face if I moved one more inch. After some online research, I learned that it’s recommended to start on your knees. Okay, let’s try that: damn near impossible at first, but eventually I got to the point where I could do them with extreme effort. First full workout the next day: three sets of five. Not so bad. Until morning. Ow. I was sore for three days, and I haven’t been sore from an ab workout in years. The progression to standing rollouts has been slow. My first attempt at doing a rep up an incline (using gradually flatter ramps is one way to work towards full standing rollouts), I felt like someone had stabbed me in the gut. Kneeling rollouts were more intense than any other ab exercise I’ve ever done, but at least it was a familiar type of pain in the upper abs. Standing rollouts, even using a ramp, work the lower abs with an intensity that I’d never experienced. The results are astonishing. I’ve been in pretty decent shape for a while, but my abs are popping like never before. I’ve almost achieved the first 6-pack of my life at age 40. Read more

    5. Florida Native

      This product comes disassembled and you need to put it together. Sounds easy. The metal bar has one handle and you put the two wheels on the bar and slide the other handle on. The problem is that the handle is not easy to slide over the bar, very tight fit. The wheels aren’t quite held steady so they wobble a little as you use the device also. My only other critique is that the handles could stand to be a little more padded. All this being said, the product does function. I wish they had invested another few cents in better materials. Read more

    6. Revolutionary

      5 stars as it is the best abroller. BUT, it can be improved. When you do lots of exercises for the first month the bar gets hot and you can feel it spinning around underneath the grips. But now after 4 months it doesn’t happen anymore, I’m guessing because the wheel is wearing down a tiny bit, just enough to keep it from over gripping the metal rod. It works great compared to the gg cheap yellow one with the handles that wear out if you close your grip together too much. It has such a smooth motion good product. Read more

    7. M. Lauroel

      This ab wheel is sturdy, easy to assemble, and effective. I have used ab wheels in the past, and really like the results. One issue I have is strengthening core muscles without causing back pain. If I am careful to take it slow and easy, I can accomplish this without any issues with an ab wheel. The double wheel makes it easy to use. I do the exercise straight to the front and also at about a 45 degree angle to both sides, to work additional muscles. I purchased from ProSource Discounts, Inc., and delivery was fast. I am very satisfied. Read more

    8. Jos

      I bought this to help me get my abs back but all it did was end up hurting my back ALOT. I even watched probably half a dozen videos on proper technique and after 3 weeks, I had to stop using this wheel as it was causing me extreme pain in my back. You might be okay if you wear a weight belt but otherwise, you should not risk injury to your back. It did help my abs a lot but it’s just not worth it. Read more

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