Pink trace ds-121 defender series accu-defend laser attachment, black matte end

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of entering your model quantity.
  • n-gage activation: ambidextrous tap-on / tap-off push button controls for fast laser activation from both aspect of the unit.
  • over hours of battery life: powered by way of one 1/3n battery (included).
  • fits glock third era 17, 19, 20, 20sf, 21, 21sf, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 38 gen4 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 34, 35 gen5 17, 19
  • clean installation: consumer mounted- no gunsmithing required. Manufacturing unit sighted at 50 ft, however is absolutely person adjustable for windage and elevation with provided device.

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merchandise to raise your confidence in moments that be counted

in 1994, purple trace advanced and bought its first laser sight – an inner gadget for glock pistols, called the gls. Years later, the newly patented, user-mounted lasergrips product line turned into unveiled on the 1996 shot display. Through the years, the engineers at ctc were devoted to consistent development and the evolution of merchandise. As we approach our twenty fifth yr, purple hint is thrilled to feature digital sights, precision riflescopes and sporting riflescopes to our collection.

complete recognition

fast acquisition and dependable production is offered in a complete line of pink dots and reflex points of interest

award triumphing lasers effortlessly match to your weapon and ensure accuracy inside the maximum pivotal moments

from massive to small, first focal to second, the glass in the ctc riflescopes are clear, unique and on target

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8 reviews for Pink trace ds-121 defender series accu-defend laser attachment, black matte end

  1. T. Riffic

    My first time to the range with this Defender Series on my Glock model 22, it appeared to turn off sometimes when shooting, which surprised and concerned me. I assumed that it was not handling the recoil of the .40 Smith & Wesson ammo very well, and caused the on/off switch to vibrate “off”. When I got home, I played with it and discovered something. When I position my left hand to support and grip the gun with my left hand, I lift my left hand up from underneath the firearm and my index finger naturally wants to rise high toward the bore axis in front of the trigger guard. Which… in this case, covers the laser! I have two other Crimson Trace Laserguard lasers on my Glock 27 and Ruger LC9s. Both of these have a cutout for your finger to come to rest upon. The economy Defender Series does not! It is rounded and smooth all the way up and there is no “designed” or “designated” finger stop! I consider this to be a bit of a design flaw. If they designed a cut out, a dimple, some texture or serrations… SOMETHING to mimic the serrations on a glock trigger guard, my finger would “find home”. I realize not all people shoot this way anymore, but there are many old school shooters out there that like the sense of a firm grip you get this way and it’s why so many manufacturers still provide the blunt trigger guard and serrations in front. Currently there is no way to know where my finger is positioned by “feel”. I have to look. I don’t want to look, I want to know by feel. I’m thinking of using my Dremel tool to create my own light serrations. It should be out of warranty by now anyway. Read more

  2. jmyers

    It doesnt fit p80 gen 3 glock models. I have gen 3 G17,26, & 21. If i machined trigger guard and made it rounded then i think it wojld mate up to the rail. But i didnt want to modify. The crimson trace CMR-201 rail master kit does fit all my p80 builds & it comes w diff size rail inserts to accomadate diff size/calibers. Read more

  3. Dr. Lawrence Kelter

    I bought it for a gift. He liked it immensely. It was a perfect fit. With contact on the rail and covering the whole front of the trigger housing, it is very stable. He hasn’t tried it, but it is very unlikely to get out of adjustment. The light is very bright at the 50 ft. factory adjustment. When ordering extra batteries, I found that button batteries can be gotten in different mah ratings. The included ones weren’t rated. They were probably 850mah. I ordered 1050mah batteries. This would account for the huge discrepency that everyone is reporting in run time. Read more

  4. kona71

    this was a nice addition to my sporting device… visually, appears factory/like it could have come that way. functionially: for the most part, great… easily activated from either right or left side, and was very easy to dial in, and remains accurate after many rounds. Where the problem could present itself however, if when you holster the device… on the good side, many manufacturers have custom IWB and external holsters customized for this, but almost all of them activate the laser upon insertion… which, I anticipate can lead to a significant decrease in battery life. otherwise, solid unit and recommended. Read more

  5. Mark

    Great laser pointer for handguns. Bought this product because alien gear holsters makes a specific holster for glock with this laser. Oh wow !the cool thing is that you turn your laser on, then slide pistol into holster and laser shuts off. Laser comes back on when you extract pistol from holster. Unfortunately it works the same vice versa. So I can’t place pistol in my alien gear holster with laser off. No big deal. Remember, no laser is fool proof. Rely on training and practice without laser. Winners seldom win by accident and in a fight for your life it pays to be a winner. Read more

  6. OBWONdotNET

    Contrary to the opinions of the GUN BAN people, the vast majority of Americans holding concealed weapons permits only have guns for life threatening or extremely dangerous situations. We are not the aggressors or the attackers, but if that situation does ever occur and you are outnumbered, the Defender by Crimson Trace will certainly even the odds in your favor. We all know that it’s not about the gun or the rounds, it’s the shot placement. Which would you rather have in a life threatening situation, a miss by a .45 or a fast direct hit by a lesser round — we all know the answer. The Defender takes seconds to install and once on becomes a part of the gun itself. It is easy & quick to turn on and off and is easily adjusted (never loses it’s adjustment when set). It is the BEST pistol laser for the money and a huge bargain. It uses a double battery and does not drain the battery once turned off unlike some of the cheaper Chinese lasers. My Glock 32c and Glock 19 both have the DEFENDER in place and it made a huge difference at the gun range with tighter groups at longer range. Need I say more? Read more

  7. N. Martinez

    Very easy to install and great value ! thank you Read more

  8. rudy terry


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