Pink hint lg-497 laserguards with heavy responsibility construction and instinctive activation for ruger lcp ii, shielding capturing and competition

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  • brightness: features a 5mw top, 620-670nm, magnificence 3r visible crimson laser this is in conformance with and complies with 21 cfr 1040. 10 with a max energy output of 5mw for a class 3r red laser – the brightest beam allowed via regulation
  • runtime: four hours of battery lifestyles that runs on (1) 1/3n battery (protected)
  • ease of use: front activation button engages the laser at once when the firearm is held in a ordinary firing grip – this model functions a grasp on/off switch for completely powering down the unit – consumer mounted – no gunsmithing required
  • dependable: manufacturing unit sighted at 50 feet, however is completely person adjustable for windage and elevation with furnished device
  • fits: ruger lcp ii
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in 1994, pink hint advanced and bought its first laser sight – an inner system for glock pistols, known as the gls. Two years later, the newly patented, consumer-set up lasergrips product line changed into unveiled on the 1996 shot show. Over the years, the engineers at ctc had been committed to constant improvement and the evolution of products. As we technique our twenty fifth 12 months, crimson hint is pleased to feature electronic points of interest, precision riflescopes and carrying riflescopes to our series.

merchandise to raise your self assurance in moments that matter

designed particularly for the ruger lcp ii, the powerful lg-497 laserguard significantly complements the protecting abilities of the pistol. Consumer-installed in moments with out a adjustments to the firearm, the laser sight genuinely clamps across the trigger shield. Completely user-adjustable for windage and elevation the usage of the supplied tool. The laser is activated whilst the firearm is held in a regular firing grip thru a the front activation button. That is famously called ctc’s instinctive activation.


extraordinary to purple trace merchandise, the lg-497 functions a the front instinctive activation button for instant laser deployment

this product functions a powerful 5mw crimson laser – the brightest allowed with the aid of regulation – for a direct, decisive benefit

the lg-497 is factory sighted at 50′ but is completely person-adjustable for windage and elevation with provided device

product description

designed mainly for the ruger lcp ii, the powerful lg-497g green laserguard notably complements the shielding abilities of the pistol. User-set up in moments and not using a adjustments to the firearm, the inexperienced laser sight definitely clamps across the cause guard. Manufacturing facility sighted at 50′, the laser is likewise absolutely consumer-adjustable for windage and elevation the use of the provided device. The laser is activated while the firearm is held in a everyday firing grip through a front activation button. This is famously referred to as purple hint’s instinctive activation.


LG-497, LG-497G

8 reviews for Pink hint lg-497 laserguards with heavy responsibility construction and instinctive activation for ruger lcp ii, shielding capturing and competition

  1. barjohn

    The concept looked good and sounded great. However, having the button on the grip is not as great as it sounds. Small handguns like the LCP 2 do not have a large grip. Properly gripping the pistol is paramount to good accuracy. When the pistol is properly gripped with male hands (size medium to large), with a proper grip does not result in triggering on the laser. Contorting your hand such that you can activate the laser makes keeping it on and working your trigger finger very difficult. After numerous attempts and failings at the range I decided to return it. In a life and death situation there is no time to fiddle around trying to get the laser to illuminate. Maybe a woman or a person with small hands would not have this problem but given how hard it must be gripped to turn it on I am not sure it would work for them either. The quality of the build appeared to be very good and Crimson Trace has a reputation for building quality products but in my opinion this is a design fail. It was easy to install and remove. I subsequently purchased the Lasermax centerfire green laser with grip sense and what a difference. The minute you pick up the weapon it senses your hand on the grip and turns on (this feature can be turned off). Perfect for a self defense scenario. Alternatively you can lightly press the button located just about where you place your trigger finger in the safe position and turn it on or off with a subsequent touch on either side. You can set the laser to be steady or pulsing. The build quality appears to be equally high but it is almost half the price. One final comment that applies to both laser sights. First you will probably need to zero at least twice. First before you go to the range and then at the range after firing several rounds. Second, you will need a holster designed to accommodate a laser sight in front of the trigger guard. I don’t know how long the battery will last so having some spares is probably a good idea. Read more

  2. Ben M

    Used the mounting screws three different times and now the heads are stripped out. Will have to drill them out and hopefully not damage the unit to be able to replace the battery next time. Probably the softest metal, lowest quality screws in the history of screws. If you buy this unit or anything else they sell, replace the mounting screws with a quality hardened steel or stainless steel screws. Read more


    Easy to install. The laser, at about 20 feet indoors, was very close to the iron sights. I adjusted the windage 1/4 turn CCW; and left the elevation setting as is. I’m very happy with the visibility of the green laser. I may or may not fine-tune it at the range later. Two negatives: 1) I think the price is too high for the amount of technology and equipment, and 2) It takes quite a bit of pressure from my middle finger to activate the laser. It’s like if I want to shoot something or someone, I need two depressions, one from the middle finger on the laser button, and one on the trigger. All in all, I’m very pleased that I have this green laser installed on the LCP II; it compensates for my aging eyesight. Read more

  4. Chop

    Ruger LCP II 22 Crimson Trace LG-497 Green very bright fits great easy to install shoots great, I am disabled so I wanted small light weight easy slide gun with laser I shoot stinger very fast does the job, my other CC was a Glock G43 with a Crimson Trace laser same setup been using them for years you can not go wrong with Crimson Trace Lasers very good products this is my 4 one. Read more

  5. Chazman1946

    I have had red lasers before and they just disappear in daylight, not the green one! I can paint targets with it in broad daylight up to 30 yards away! Took me about 10 minutes to install, and a trip to the range took about another 10 minutes to dial in the point of aim to the point of impact and now can put all the rounds center mass out to 15 yards. Not much more you could ask for. For those skeptical of the use of lasers, tell me what other way, without exposing yourself, do you have to get on target if you are hiding behind something and don’t have to get your head behind the sights to accurately aim? Read more

  6. Farcical

    Based on other feedback, I was careful when tightening the hex screw – it does seem to be made out of a softer-grade steel than I might prefer, but I did not have any issues since I knew to be careful with that part in advance. Otherwise, this thing fits onto the LCP II like it is stock, and the button placement is very natural for my fingers. Accuracy is definitely good enough for the type of situations the LCP II is intended for, and the green laser is plenty bright. There are really no quirks — this thing just works in exactly the way that I would expect it to. Replacement batteries are a little on the spendy side, but I wouldn’t anticipate going through them very often anyway. While you want to be familiar with it’s operation, the LCP II definitely isn’t a range gun, so you’re probably not going to be operating the laser a whole lot. Read more

  7. Michael

    I have had the red Crimson Trace laser on my Ruger LCP for 5 or 6 years and never had a problem with it. I had to replace the battery after about 3 1/2 years and had to readjust only once during the 5 or 6 years and that was with daily carry. I recently purchased a Ruger LCP 2 and decided to go with the green laser and so far I love it, very easy to see. My eyes pick it up fast. I have a lot of faith in Crimson Trace and wouldn’t buy anything else. Read more

  8. Tech Savvy

    Crimson is a great brand but the product is not the best choice for the Ruger LCP II. The switch that activates the laser beam has to be pressed hard to activate. For a normal size hand and the small pistol grip it is more then uncomfortable. You have to constantly think about hared grip to keep the laser on. Not something you should worry about when pulling your gun out in a situation. Had to return. Instead I bought LaserMax with GripSense. Exactly what Ruger LCP II needs and for less money. Read more

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