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  • ensure this fits by using getting into your model range.
  • construct explosive electricity and leaping capacity! Per4m leap teacher maximizes your vertical and horizontal explosiveness with the aid of strengthening quads, hips and glutes. Growth decrease body dynamic electricity with the aid of including resistance to drills and training workout routines.
  • package consists of: adjustable padded belt; (2) adjustable ankle straps; (four) short release energy tubes; 10 drill playing cards; backpack convey bag
  • drill playing cards: consists of 10 instructional training drill cards.
  • padded adjustable belt & ankle straps: the padded adjustable belt and adjustable ankle straps wont aggravate pores and skin at some stage in education; heavy obligation padding and production wont rip; modify for a good/comfy suit.
  • heavy obligation production approach product ultimate longer below extreme education environments.
  • brief launch power tubes: includes 4 (four) durable latex tubes with brief release clips to easily upload and eliminate resistance.
  • huge bring bag: the backpack deliver bag is large; deliver the leap teacher and property wherever you educate.

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product description

build explosive electricity and jumping capacity! Best for basketball, volleyball, song & discipline and all manner of athletic and resistance training, the per4m leap trainer maximizes your vertical and horizontal explosiveness via strengthening quads, hips and glutes—the muscles that make a contribution maximum to jumping and vertical soar. Boom lower body dynamic power as a result of adding intensity and steady nice and bad resistance to leaping, squatting and all manner of decrease frame drills and physical activities. Use the per4m bounce teacher to growth each vertical and horizontal leaping potential. Growth decrease frame dynamic electricity by using adding resistance to drills and schooling exercises.

upload and cast off up to four energy tubes to increase or decrease the height resistance force pulling towards your frame by way of clearly clipping the heavy obligation carabineer into vicinity. The heavy obligation construction of the padded adjustable belt and adjustable ankle straps mean your jump teacher will last longer, even beneath extreme education applications. The backpack fashion convey bag is massive sufficient to carry your soar instructor and your property, permitting you to take your training anywhere.

why the per4m soar teacher works: resistance education uses resistance or force to induce muscular contraction, which builds electricity and anaerobic endurance. Resistance sports also assist you increase bone density, enhance metabolism and reduce your chance of damage. The soar teacher helps include the resistance training merchandise into your plyo-training or functional education. Practical education involves schooling the frame to transport in multiple plane of movement, which increase power, improves stability and decreases your threat of harm when compared to fixed form movement. This type of training will even improve proprioception – your capability to sense the position of your frame and limps in area – resulting in better sports activities and education overall performance. Using the bounce instructor, at the side of purposeful schooling, will assist in growing joint mobility and stability as well as growing greater efficient motor styles.

drill playing cards: includes 10 instructional drill playing cards showing pinnacle drills to improve your vertical & horizontal leaping and movement.

padded adjustable belt & ankle straps: the padded adjustable belt and adjustable ankle straps are extraordinarily at ease and wont rub and worsen pores and skin all through training. They both function heavy duty padding and nylon webbing, which wont rip, which permits you to alter tight towards your frame for a at ease in shape. Fits maximum sizes.

ankle straps: the padded adjustable ankle straps fit securely round your higher ankle, whilst being held in vicinity by way of the heavy duty nylon webbing which suits flat under the bottom of your display. This layout allows you to explode via your actions at the same time as the ankle strap sit securely in region on your higher ankle and provides the support wished towards your frame.

heavy obligation construction: the heavy obligation creation of the belt, ankle straps and all of the hardware (clips, jewelry & carabineers) means product ultimate longer under extreme training environments. Longer lasting than aggressive merchandise because of nice of substances used.

short launch electricity tubes: includes four (4) durable latex tubes with short release clips to without problems upload and remove resistance. Cables are about 14inches lengthy whilst clipped into the belt & ankle straps and can be stretched three times their period for the duration of explosive moves.

big convey bag: the massive backpack convey bag is 23” h x 14” w; large sufficient to carry the soar teacher and your belongings wherever you teach.

kit includes:

  • adjustable padded belt
  • adjustable ankle straps
  • 4 quick release strength tubes
  • 10 drill cards
  • backpack convey bag
  • suits most sizes

    product contains latex

    8 reviews for Per4m bounce instructor for athletic and resistance training , black

    1. ShowTyme

      I wanted to buy a jump trainer for my 9-year old son but I didn’t think any of them would fit. He’s 5 foot & really skinny, maybe 85lbs And I can’t believe this actually fits. I have him use the longer bands so that it’s not too much resistance for his little legs, and it works great. I’m not sure how it would work on a bigger/taller guy, but I can confidently say it should work for smaller adults, high school/middle school kids, and even tall 4th/5th graders. Read more

    2. a voice in the wilderness

      I have had the belts for 2 years and use them in a strength and conditioning program for college basketball players. The results when used correctly are undeniable and they have held up under maximum usage with extra bands attached. Will purchase again Read more

    3. Joseph Gruszeczka

      First off I’m pretty objective I like the tough stuff out even if I don’t care for it. this product is terrible it is uncomfortable painful and barely even works as far as the function pads are in the wrong place the belt is not that good Read more

    4. scott smith

      I have 3 son’s that love working out and playing sports. I got this to help with leg strengthening. And so far it good. Read more

    5. Francis Sonny Bui

      Got this for my 10 yr old son. It’s difficult for him to use. He didn’t like it at all. Was uncomfortable and didn’t stay on his waist well. Read more

    6. The Fit Lady

      very good product. Wear long tights to avoid scratching your skin. Overall great product. I have yet to double up on the bands, however, I look forward to it! Read more

    7. David Ahl

      Great value. The only issue are the bungie strap connectors. They connect in an awkward way that digs into the leg when jumping. I recommend wearing longer socks or putting padding around the connectors to reduce the discomfort. Read more

    8. Wendell K.

      Great product!! Read more

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