Nova hand exerciser superstar, hand grip squeeze celebrity for energy, stress and restoration, is available in three resistance tiers – pink gentle, orange medium and blue firm

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  • star form is right for your hand grip to exercising the hand, arms and forearm. Super for rehab, recuperation, training and strengthening of the hand, hands and dexterity.
  • reduce strain and anxiety with a squeeze megastar this is designed for style and durability. Preserve it to your table or carry in a bag or handbag … The squeeze superstar is a beneficial and versatile accomplice.
  • select resistance level via colour. The squeeze star is available in 3 resistance stages. The pink squeeze celebrity has a softer resistance stage making it the perfect to apply as well as the maximum versatile for stress, restoration and strengthening. The orange squeeze big name has a medium resistance this is more ideal for strengthening. The blue squeeze famous person has a firm resistance this is generally for strengthening.
  • durable durable squeeze famous person is made from pores and skin safe latex unfastened composite cloth that has the most efficient texture for gripping, competitive use and sturdiness.
  • smooth to clean with a slight cleaning soap and heat water.
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product description

squeeze excerisers are used in hand and arm rehab and in grib improvement workout programs. Wrist, finger and thumb flexors are the maximum commonplace muscle tissue centered. Squeeze excerisers are also a extraordinary way to help relieve stress even as watching television, riding in a vehicle, or at paintings even as at the computer. Squeezing the ball causes muscle tension observed by means of muscle rest after launch. This excerise completed again and again releases good sized muscle anxiety and facilitates to relieve strain. A commonplace strain relief exercising is to squeeze the exerciser at about 30 percentage of maximum stress about 10 to 20 instances in a row, after which relaxation for a few minutes before repeating every set.


Blue (Medium), Orange (Firm), Pink (Soft)

8 reviews for Nova hand exerciser superstar, hand grip squeeze celebrity for energy, stress and restoration, is available in three resistance tiers – pink gentle, orange medium and blue firm

  1. Ann

    I have arthritic hands and while sitting at my desk I can exercise my hands. You have to exercise arthritis or you will have stiff joints as you age. Read more

  2. Robert

    A great purchase. Really helps my hands feel better. I never leave home without it. Read more

  3. VanDelay

    Great shape and takes lots of hard squishing during inane conference calls. My husband was jealous and I had to buy him one too. Great stress reliever. Read more

  4. Sparkly Flutter Pony

    Great stress object. Pink, cute, serves it’s purpose. Read more

  5. D Bjork

    We bought this for our nephew who is recuperating from a brain injury. He LOVES the device and it is having a positive result with his hands. Read more

  6. lauralyn

    Feels good and gives exercise to the hand but color changes after awhile, probably due to skin oils. Read more

  7. EQxXx

    Great! Firm, Durable, purchased to Help rehab my hand after breaking my pinky. Helped get grip back with daily use.. And I’ve come to learn it bounces like crazy, kinda like Flubber (for those who know the movie) when dropped on a hard floor lol. Read more

  8. Missi

    I got this for my dad who had a stroke and was paralyzed on one side. It helps him strengthen his hand as he is regaining use of it. It’s easy to grip and not too squishy. My mom sometimes uses it to help her arthritic hands too. Read more

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