Nikon prostaff 3s binocular

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  • ensure this suits by way of coming into your model variety.
  • multilayer-lined kenses for brighter pictures
  • excessive-reflectivity silver-alloy mirror coatings for a brilliant and clean view
  • turn-and-slide rubber multi-click eyecups
  • water evidence and fogproof
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  • long eye remedy layout ensures a clean subject of view, even for eyeglass wearers
  • turn-and-slide rubber eyecups make it clean to properly position the attention
  • interpupillary distance adjustment 56-seventy two mm
  • new prostaff 3s binoculars integrate fine and affordability

    extremely compact and lightweight, prostaff 3s binoculars are perfect for informal out of doors activities. The narrow frame and comfy grip make certain smooth coping with. Being waterproof and fog-loose makes them appropriate for all types of climate. Pictures are sharp and shiny because of the multilayer-covered lenses and high-reflectivity prism coating. In addition, the 10×42 version features a wider area of view without compromising on the duration of the attention comfort. This makes locating gadgets lots less difficult

  • weight 575/20. Three (g/ounces.)
  • length one hundred fifty/5. Nine (mm/in.)
  • width one hundred thirty/five. 1 (mm/in.)
  • depth fifty two/2. 0 (mm/in.)
  • high-reflectivity silver-alloy replicate covered prisms decorate brightness, multilayer-coated lenses.

    rubber armouring for shock resistance and a company, comfy grip.

    water resistant (up to at least one m/three. 3 ft. For 10 minutes) and fog-free.

    eco-glass optics (freed from lead and arsenic) used in all lenses and prisms.

    product description

    the nikon prostaff 3s binocular capabilities 42mm goal lenses, yet the frame is exceedingly light-weight and compact to guarantee top notch portability. In addition, the huge subject of view lets in the person to discover the challenge easily. Other functions encompass prisms with excessive-reflective silver-alloy replicate coatings and multi-layer lined lenses that offer vibrant and clear viewing. Also, flip-and-slide rubber eyecups with multi-click on changes are protected, allowing easy eye positioning at an appropriate eye point, even for eyeglass wearers. With a huge field-of-view, nikon’s mythical optical machine, and a properly-engineered housing that comfortably conforms to user’s eyes and palms, nikon’s prostaff 3s binocular is right for hunting, trekking, birdwatching, gazing sporting occasions, and different outside sports.


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    6 reviews for Nikon prostaff 3s binocular

    1. Sherr Colorado

      I love my new binoculars! I was a little concerned I might not be steady enough to really enjoy using these, but it is a non-issue! I figured if the focus and steadiness were to fine for my older, shaky hands I would give them to my wife. Ha! Not a chance, lol! We are avid birders and my old pair were just frustrating. These are amazing quality! They are lightweight and shaped comfortably. I have severe RA and numerous other issues. My love for birds is still outweighing the pain however. These are smaller and well balanced. They are a dream to adjust, too. I have very strong glasses & have no issue with them in regards to comfort. The other great thing, is the close focus is excellent! I am actually bed bound often and we have tons of things in our yard for me to watch on the days I’m stuck. Our room opens to the yard and much of what there is to see is just 10 or so feet out, especially the beautiful, tiny warblers. Now I can watch them with ease. I typically research the heck out of every purchase, these were no exception! Finally, I narrowed it down and these won. I am so excited to have chosen a regret-free pair. I would not be able to afford a high end binocular. These will do me great and if something does happen to them, I will not be completely devastated. Read more

    2. Ginny Wasson

      Extremely happy with these Nikon binoculars! Took them on a month-long trip to Alaska and used them almost every day. Very bright and clear optics, with a good field of view for their size and magnification. Also, as an eyeglass wearer, I can report that they work find when wearing prescription glasses due to their adjustable eyecups that allow the user to easily change the eye relief to suit his/her glasses setup. When looking at binoc specs, the first number (10) is the magnification, while the second number is the field of view (oversimplified, but generally speaking, the larger the number, the wider field of view you have). We bought these to supplement a pair of Pentax 8x binocs and other Nikon 16x binocs. These Nikons are fairly compact while delivering great optics. They easily fit in the front pocket of my camera bag, making for a nice grab-and-go setup for an active trip. I never thought twice about bringing them along, as they are light and small. With three binoculars along for the trip, these Nikons were the ones everyone wanted to use. I’ll probably be buying another set shortly. Read more

    3. FR

      Out of all my optics throughout the years my favorite was my Nikon 10 * 25, they are my smallest but makes it up in clarity. I recently decided that I have really been pushing my luck for the last 16 years with my old Nikons and wanted to get something that was water proof so I went with another Nikon and it has not disappointed me. You can buy cheaper than Nikon (and I have) but life is short and those cheaper brands are best given to the kids to play with. Read more

    4. DazzlingDame

      These were for my Father’s 84th birthday. He loves to look out over his property and gaze at things since he has a great view. This adds to his experience of watching birds and other objects that are far away. We opened them and had a bit of trouble connecting the strap, but after reading the directions it all went perfect. He had a blast discovering the features contained in these. They have adjustments for all different things like how far apart your eyes are, focus and zoom. The lens caps are cool and they attach to the strap when not in use so he can’t loose them. We’re very happy with this purchase. It’s the same drill, shop and read ratings, compare prices and make a choice. On line it’s hit or miss sometimes, but we made a great decision on this one. They don’t bounce around when viewing, the object is quite clear. So if you’re having issues deciding which set to purchase, we recommend these highly! Read more

    5. Murphy

      Bought these for our two week trip out to the Great Northwest. I really didn’t want to take the bigger Binoculars I have, because of their size and weight, so I went looking for others and found these. We were able to see Mountain Goats way up on the Glacier at Many Glacier in GNP. Also we were able to see Orcas from the Ferry we took from the US to Victoria Island (To the port of Sidney). I had asked attendant before getting on Ferry if we would possibly see any Orcas. He said no. I was discouraged but still took these Nikon’s with me out of the car and up on the deck. At one point I saw a group of 3 boats close to an Island we were passing. They were a long ways off. I pulled out the Nikon’s and sure enough, those were whale watching boats and I was able to spot the Orca’s fins and watch them blow out their blow hole. I guarantee, no one else on the Ferry could have seen that without Binos. They are lighter than the standard binos, which is what I wanted. They are not compact, (pocket size) so they are kind of an ‘in between’ size. I would definitely take them on other trips. If looking to buy in this price range, give these a test. They came with a neck strap and lens covers, along with a pouch. The covers can come off easily, but honestly, just be careful and you won’t lose them. Read more

    6. The smiley face on Amazon means A to Z — CRAZY!

      After purchasing the cheaper $70 Nikon Aculon (7×35) and realizing it was more for a wide angle use, perhaps bringing things within 150ft up close, I decided to get something that may be slightly easier to pack and carry around town but also provide more zoom power. This Prostaff is everything I wanted in a small unit that can bring things up close. I use this for looking into wilderness right off my back yard and for anything within 100 yards, it is more than plenty zoom but provides a level of clarity you’d expect from Nikon. I am not well versed or knowledgeable in binoculars but as someone who deals with video surveillance equipment which record in 4K, I can tell you that these Nikon Prostaff has satisfied the video quality critic in me (of course in this case optics). Highly recommend it to someone wanting a nice set of optics with crystal clear imaging. Get it! Read more

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