Ncstar 2-7x32e crimson illuminated pistol and lengthy eye comfort/ring/blue lens (sepb2732b)

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  • ensure this suits through entering your model range.
  • lengthy eye comfort for prolonged mounting capability – multi covered lenses – variable strength magnification – illuminated reticle
  • includes one inch aluminum weaver style jewelry and lens caps – magnification: 2x-7x – tube dia. 1″
  • goal dia. (mm) 32. 00 – fov (feet at a hundred yards) 14-four. Five – eye comfort (in) 8. 7-10. Sixty seven
  • exit scholar(mm) sixteen-four. 6 – reticle: plex – click on price : half m. O. A
  • made by ncstar
  • pistolero collection
  • see description

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product description

variable magnification long eye relief scope. Illuminated reticle allows with better goal acquisition. Brilliant for pistols or rifles with scout setup.

7 reviews for Ncstar 2-7x32e crimson illuminated pistol and lengthy eye comfort/ring/blue lens (sepb2732b)

  1. Jeffs1

    Bought this primarily because it’s a long eye relief. I have a Mauser from 1912, shooting 308. First time buying a scope, so i didn’t want to go off the deep end. The price seems really good. Getting on paper took a while, but that was due to the rail that mounts on the leaf sight. Got on paper, then zeroed with about 20 rounds. After setting the zero, started taking aim at targets of different size, as small as a spray paint can out to 100 metres. My budy called the targets and I would knock them down. He was really surprised that this scope worked as well as it did. I think it made him a little jealous. This scope works just fine. Clarity is great. Adjustments are very positive and secure. Lock tight on the threads. Looks as bad ass as a pre-WW1 rifle could. End of this month, I’ll spend a day shooting 150 rounds, will update if I encounter any issues. I’ve read some bad reviews, and was skeptical at first. But usually about 10-15% of any consumer product is bad out of the box. If it doesn’t work for you, amazon has a great return policy, use it. Read more

  2. EDM

    ok ive used my mosin for a few years now. i have a 9130 , the initial setup with this unzeroed , i had mounted onto a brass stacker scout mount.i recommend low rings with this mount. so far 1000 rounds through, no issues on zero, or anything breaking, its actually impressive. i like the illumination as i tend to shoot late at night, if your hunting with your mosin, this is a must have feature, or a dusk and dawn scope but the eye relief is 6″ were these ncstar’s are 8-10 , perfect for scouting a mosin. this is not night vision, all the illumination does is, make it so you see the cross hairs in dark enviroments. only issue i have is that the means of zooming is sticky and tight, i find it annoying as its so far forward i am having to put a decent amount of strength to turn it. the windage dials are odd as they do the opposite that they say. the eyerelief is not constant and can be an issue. it begins bluring at 4x and by 7 its hard to make heads or tails. Read more

  3. Jeri

    Eye relief is excellent, I have this mounted well forward and it’s a perfect view. I’m not getting any “keyholing” or odd views at higher magnification that I read about in several reviews of this scope. I’ve not used it yet, but my other NcStar scope is first rate for the money. Read more

  4. Joshua T

    Beautiful! This scope was mounted on my mosin nagant 91/30 with the UTG tri rail mounting system and the ACCUSHOT 1″ high rise weaver rings <---trust me spend the extra $2 and get those. After 440 shots, i couldnt even tighten the threads down further, nothing had budged. Mainted zero at 100 yards and i love the low light feature. The cross hairs light up bright reg like thermal vision. Best dang setup I've ever did myself! Will be buying another one of these for my S&W 500 I put so much details in my review to let new shooters know what they need to get for a total setup. When i was looking around it took me forever to find what would fit what piece. Read more

  5. Lucas Thein

    I mounted this on my Mosin Nagant. It LOVES long eye relief. As it comes, zooming in past 5x creates an awful “key hole” effect – where you no longer get a full picture, but a blurry circle of vision that doesn’t fill up the glass (like looking through a key hole). To fix it, unscrew the eye piece, take out the spacer, then screw the eye piece fully back on. That fixed the key hole effect for me. I don’t fully understand how magnification is measured, but at full magnification, the window across the street seems about 4x bigger than with the naked eye. The illuminated reticle function lights up EVERYTHING – making it hard to see the target in low light. Offering 7 brightness settings, “1” is overpowering in low light. If you like an illuminated reticle, however, they give you two batteries for it. I thought that was cool. CONSIDER THIS before buying: Mine came with a spec of dust on the -inaccessable- inner glass (just in front of the cross hairs). I’m going to be asking for a replacement. Conclusion: Good optic if your remove the spacer. Super long eye relief – longer than advertised. Illumination is kind of pointless. Read more

  6. Jake Deegan

    I purchased this scope to put in my mini 14, on a picatinny scout mount (amega mini scout mount), and am super unimpressed. I can get a couple shots to hit close to the bullseye at 50 yards, but the next few shots will be way off, sometimes not even hitting the target, repeating this cycle thinking it was my mistake, but it was not after so much trial and error. I used a lead sled with 60lb of shot in it so the rifle wasn’t moving drastically, Scope mount, rings and scout mount were all tight throughout. This scope was honestly a waste of money and i wouldn’t recommend to anyone i know. Read more

  7. TNT

    I use this on my 1937 Mosin 91/30,and works great. First experience with a long-eye-relief scope like this, but I think I like it better than a standard scope. I removed my rear site to mount this. I actually bought a weaver conversion mount, tried just rings.. They both seemed to sit to high, had to rest my chin on the stock or hold uncomfortably. All said and done, I found that this provided the most secure\stable mount, and put the scope real low, perfect for cheek rest instead of having to chin rest to see through the scope: UTG Airgun .22 Medium Profile Integral 1-Inch Ring Mount I’ve only been to the range once so can’t testify to longevity of this setup, but so far working great, and looks great. Read more

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