Mind reader gentle hand indoor outside exercising, rubber dumbbells, domestic fitness free weights, 1. 1 lbs, set of 2, 1. 1 kilos, black

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of coming into your version wide variety.
  • no-slip grip – the nbr rubber coating makes these dumbbells at ease for prolonged workouts, whilst ensuring that they won’t slip out of your fingers.
  • constructed to final – nbr coating and an iron middle guarantees that those loose weights will get up to your workout routines and resist degrading over time, so that you can preserve electricity training with self belief.
  • more on hand – those low-profile weights are ergonomically designed to be at ease and appropriate for both male and lady users of all ages.
  • light-weight resistance – these lightweight dumbbells make the suitable addition in your on foot, running, or domestic yoga recurring. Increase upper and decrease arm power with low-impact sports to target your forearms, delts, shoulders, and more.
  • dimensions – 1. Five″ w x 8. 25″ l x 1. Five″ h
  • pool birthday celebration – the nitrile rubber coating additionally makes these hand weights exceptional on your pool exercising exercises, targeting your lower again and abdominals even as building forearm electricity.
  • tour pleasant – the extremely-slim profile suits smartly into suitcases or carry-on baggage, making this set of hand weights ideal for taking your workout at the cross. Build your strength at domestic, on the workplace, or while you’re on holiday.
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at thoughts reader, helping you’re making your home and workplace stunning and functional is our predominant intention. Our store has been especially designed to be your one-prevent business enterprise and storage answer.

mind reader smooth hand weights for indoor out of doors workout, rubber dumbbells, home fitness unfastened weights, 1. 1 lbs., set of 2, black

  • no-slip grip – the nbr rubber coating makes those dumbbells relaxed for extended workouts, whilst making sure that they received’t slip out of your hands.
  • constructed to closing – nbr coating and an iron core guarantees that those loose weights will arise for your exercises and withstand degrading over the years, so you can hold power training with self belief.
  • more available – these low-profile weights are ergonomically designed to be relaxed and suitable for both male and girl customers of all ages.
  • product description

    build your strength and keep your grip on a set of available hand weights from mind reader products. Hand weights are an essential part of every domestic health habitual. Whilst lifting machines are useful, unfastened weights can help goal particular regions and make a travel-friendly addition to domestic fitness exercises. Use them in conjunction with going for walks, walking, or independently to teach and broaden higher and decrease frame, burn fat, and enhance your cardiovascular fitness. The thoughts reader hand dumbbells add gentle resistance to your property workout with out sacrificing consolation or balance. The nitrile rubber coating gives a soft, ergonomic grip on these 1. 1 lb hand weights at some stage in fitness exercises, whilst additionally ensuring that sweaty palms gained’t fee you your grip. A sturdy iron center and coffee profile design guarantees long-lasting sturdiness, whilst nevertheless becoming well to your suitcase, purse, briefcase, or deliver-on. Take them with you to the office or even as traveling, even use them in the pool! The long lasting iron core and nbr coating at the mind reader dumbbell set provide you with versatile hand-held weights constructed to closing. Dimensions: 1. Five″ w x 8. 25″ l x 1. 5″ h weight: 1. 1 lbs (zero. 5 kg) every materials: nbr, iron, polyester


    1.1 Pounds, 2.2 Pounds



    6 reviews for Mind reader gentle hand indoor outside exercising, rubber dumbbells, domestic fitness free weights, 1. 1 lbs, set of 2, 1. 1 kilos, black

    1. LT Beasimer

      These dumbells are marketed to women, as they are light, but they are potentially useful for everyone. I enjoy boxing workouts, and part of my warm-up is to throw punches with weights in my hands. The Mind Reader HBELL1KG nitrile 2.2 lbs dumbbells with handles set of 2, made in China, are perfect for this task. These weights are padded and include an adjustable Velcro handle that is comfortable for grasping and throwing punches. The dumbells were tightly packed in the box and are flat where compression occurred. It doesn’t appear the padding will regain its shape. Additionally, one of these dumbells weighs a little over an ounce more than the other. The Mind Reader HBELL1KG nitrile 2.2 lbs dumbbell set are an effective training tool. I would purchase these dumbells as they are perfect for my needs. However, I feel there are more economical options to consider. ► PROS: Comfortable to hold Adjustable handle Perfect for boxing warm-up ► CONS: Flattened padding Inconsistent weight Read more

    2. Jeeves Reads Romance

      Eh, these are fine. They’re basic, lightweight dumbbells that are perfect for the casual exerciser, or someone who anticipates that their New Year’s Resolution won’t last until February. There’s something that feels a little off-brand about them, but so far I’ve had no issues with the functionality. They’re lightweight and easy to use – the grip is large enough that it’s one size fits all, with a strap that helps keep them in place. I find them to be very comfortable in my hands, and I don’t mind the weight as I walk or exercise around the house. They do make a great addition to my home gym, which is more important than ever. I just don’t have a lot of confidence that they’ll hold up long-term, but I’ve got nothing to back that up at this point. Read more

    3. Sunny

      This set is perfect for beginners or people who don’t do intense exercises. It weighs approximately 2 lbs each. It has a comfortable grip (the weight is lined in cushion) and the straps are adjustable. Making it easier to work out. The straps are made of Velcro. I use them while doing lunges and squats but they can be used for various other exercises as well. This is a great way to build bone density and muscle to prevent osteoporosis. Read more

    4. Smartly Created

      I like to use these while I’m on the recumbent bike. They’re light enough for a few reps of several arm and shoulder exercises I can do while riding to get a more effective workout. I have considered taking these along for my walks, but I like to enjoy walking and not turn it into a workout. Do it if you’re after more of a fitness routine, though! Read more

    5. Buffy

      This pair of Mind Reader 2.2 pound dumbells are perfect lightweight addition to my workouts. 2.2 pounds of weight is perfect to accompany my cardio mixed weight workouts and the grip and feel of this set is excellent. The set is covered in NBR rubber coating that feels like a soft foam. There are additional straps attached with hook and loop. When I use the weights I hold them without using the straps, the grip is already really easy and secure around the cylinder weights. TI find it much more comfortable than classic dumbells I’ve owned and used in the past. I find the weights work very well when I work out to exercise videos that require the use of lightweight dumbells. I would definitely recommend this set of weights for anyone looking for a very lightweight set to help in their home workouts. Read more

    6. Anthony Pantliano

      These weights are nicely made and completely covered in soft and dense foam. Only the ends have plastic caps on them. Attached to the dumbbells are velcro adjustable straps to secure the dumbbells over your hand. The dumbbells are nicely balanced, comfortable to hold, and stay securely in place. I use them when I am kickboxing, and I appreciate the straps that make them more secure while I swings my arms around for punches. All in all… great weights. Read more

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