Merrithew smooth dumbbells, pair (orange), 1. 1 lbs / zero. 50 kg every

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  • the and straps make those smooth to keep and top notch for rehab.
  • first-rate for arm physical activities and on foot or certainly squeex them for grip energy
  • packed with iron sand, those dumbulls are softer than conventional dumbells and offer more remarks into the muscle mass.
  • bundle weight: 2. 3 pounds
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merrithew tender dumbbells, pair (orange), 1. 1 lbs / zero. 50 kg every

gentle to touch and amazing for rehab, lively growing older or those who opt for a softer hand weight, these dumbells are perfectly transportable and may be incorporated into an expansion of physical activities. With all the benefits of conventional dumbbells, the soft dumbbells, pair will let you sculpt strong, wholesome muscle groups without building bulk. These are also great for using on walks.


weight: 2 x 1. 10 lbs / 2 x 0. 50 kg

extra information

  • materials consist of: neoprene, iron buckles, polyester edging and iron-sand filling
  • gentle in texture with an elastic grip making an allowance for a snug and secure fit. Fantastic for arm sporting activities and taking walks.
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    2 reviews for Merrithew smooth dumbbells, pair (orange), 1. 1 lbs / zero. 50 kg every

    1. Zooey Pepperidge

      I bought these exclusively for use on my “urban rebounder” – a.k.a. an indoor trampoline. 1 lb weights are recommended for rebounder workouts because they are “heavier” when you jump due to the complementary gravitational forces. Since they’re sand-filled, if I drop one while jumping it’s no big deal (though I haven’t dropped one yet!). The straps are slightly elastic and just the right tightness to help keep them on my hands while jumping. I also happen to have carpal tunnel issues, and cannot hold on to traditional dumbbells without discomfort or pain. These are so soft and so light, it’s no problem to hold them, and again, the straps are perfect so that I do not have to grip too hard. All in all, I’m very pleased with these. Read more

    2. Jeff

      Really good……… problems Read more

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