Meprolight 42 g/g tru-dot for glock

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  • object bundle dimensions: 22. 86 l x 12. 7 w x 3. Eighty one h (cm)
  • product type: sporting goods
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  • usa of starting place: china

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meprolight products are light-weight allowing you to get on course quicker—while nano-seconds be counted.

high transparency optic

crystal clean glass permits you to quick perceive targets in any weather.

massive fov display

big subject of view window permits for faster goal assessment and precise engagement.

strength efficient

meprolight makes use of present day generation to make certain energy performance supplying loads of hours of continuous operation under battlefield conditions.

outshoot your competitors while accuracy, precision, and velocity make all of the distinction

complete array of fight-validated aiming solutions incorporating cutting-edge era has made meprolight the provider of desire amongst military, regulation enforcement and defense businesses world-wide.

meprolight presents present day answers for day or night in any weather

meprolight’s engineers utilized the modern-day contemporary generation to create a rugged multi-reason reflex sight incorporating a pink dot sight and lasers with more than one strength sources that handed mil-general necessities. The mor is unique in that it’s far an all-in-one red dot reflex sight/ ir/visible laser in a single unit.

product description

meprolight, tru-dot, night sight, fits glock 42, inexperienced/inexperienced, constant set. Rsr group is a nationwide distributor of firearms and capturing sports accessories. The us of a of foundation is israel.

8 reviews for Meprolight 42 g/g tru-dot for glock

  1. Seakay

    Personally, these work much better for me than Glock OEM (which make me shoot low). I shoot on target with my natural aim, no adjustment necessary. Left eye dominant, right handed. Read more

  2. Namdug

    they are nice and flush, and they make a nice outline. the glow is only visible in a totally dark settings. makes me wish i has gone for a fiber optic integration. the glow is subtle and the tubes are set deep in the sight. Read more

  3. CraigHB

    Small not bright lights. They were not even very bright in complete darkness. Sent back for Trijicons Read more

  4. Zorgdoff

    Bright and easy to install, but I am a gunsmith. If you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have the tools, get a gunsmith to install for you. Read more

  5. TheCSho

    I put Mepro’s on all my handguns. I love them. Great night and day visibility, and much better performance than the fiber optic/tritium combo type sites, like the Trijicons. Read more

  6. Steve

    I love Meprolight sights, but these were said to be green and turned out not to be. Read more

  7. MixedFitnessArtist

    These are the sights on al of our Glocks, and all of our friends and families as well. Sights are bright and a great upgrade. Read more

  8. ACH91332

    I put this set on my Glock 43 after trying to make a set of Ameriglos work TWICE. Even though I used a sight pusher and everything went in nice an smooth the rear sight would die after one day. First one vial that the sight pusher was closest to then the other one. I went through two rear sights thinking the first one was a lemon. My Sig P320 came factory with Meprolights which I never had an issue with so I went with this set and couldn’t be happier. They are nice and bright and they went in super easy. The Ameriglos and Trijicons might have a much nicer and crisper white outline around the vials and are a little lower profile but the Meprolights come with tritium vials that actually work so thumbs up to Meprolight. Read more

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