Membership fine four-weight deluxe barbell set (consists of the bar) by means of step fitness

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  • make sure this fits through entering your version wide variety.
  • the four-weight deluxe barbell set is the perfect starter set, totaling a weight of 60 lbs. (which include the bar)
  • weights are environmentally pleasant. Weights are a stable center of secure, smooth recycled material encased in a strong hdpe shell (consists of 2 xs – 2. 75lb, 2 s – 5. 5lb, 2 m – 8. 25lb, & 2 l 11lb weights)
  • the 1” diameter, 54” lengthy threaded three-piece bar is fabricated from a heavy gauge metal. Bar is powder covered for long lifestyles
  • in contrast to other weight sets, those weights are designed like steerage wheels with a couple of grips making the weights simpler to hold and presenting improved workout options.
  • fast change out weights with the nylon short-launch collars hinged to enhance locking capability and making them short and easy to take on and stale.
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introducing the step fitness four-weight deluxe barbell set. This incredible barbell weight set is ideal for domestic workouts to pump up your frame. The step fitness four-weight deluxe barbell set is the ideal starter set, totaling a weight of 60 lbs. (which include the bar). It includes 2 xs – 2. 75lb weights, 2 s – five. 5lb weights, 2 m – 8. 25 lb weights and a pair of l – 11lb weights. This deluxe set stands out from each different barbell weight set in the marketplace with its brought features designed to be extremely person-friendly. The 1” diameter, fifty four” long threaded 3-piece bar is product of a heavy gauge metallic with durable powder coating. Not like different weight sets, these membership nice weights are designed like steering wheels with multiple grips making the weights less complicated to maintain and imparting increased workout alternatives. In reality take the weights off the burden set and consist of additional sporting events in your ordinary for a extra flexible and entire workout. Fast change out weight options at the bar with the nylon quick-launch collars. Those collars are hinged, improving their locking capability and making them person pleasant to take on and off. The step fitness four-weight deluxe barbell set is an important addition to any exercising habitual.


Barbell Set – 60 pounds

8 reviews for Membership fine four-weight deluxe barbell set (consists of the bar) by means of step fitness

  1. Meredith

    We were looking for a weight set similar to Bodypump but a fraction of the price when we came across this weight set by the Step company. The quality of the product is great and we love that the weights are a steering wheel design so we can take them off the bars and use them for workout routines! Would highly recommend this product!! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Bought for body pump class on demand and does the job! Read more

  3. srinivasa ramanujan

    Time will tell if this design will survive regular wear and tear. So far I can say this: PROS: – Price. However if you can find a cast iron barbell set for the same price (i.e. on sale, craigslist), go for it! – 1″ bar diameter, durable bar coating, QD clamps – the weights are just enough for fitness CONS: – Plates are not cast iron, but plastic shells filled with sand (or ground metal fillings) !! Not sure how durable the plastic shell/casing is. CONCLUSION: IF you cannot find a better option locally for the same price or cheaper, try this one. IF you like softer feel of plastic weights, go for it. Otherwise look elsewhere. Read more

  4. AJ

    Overall this system works great. The bars screw together (pro tip – some blue loctite might be helpful) but they are thick enough and the threads are long enough to grab well and form a straight single piece bar. I’m not worried about the durability of the plastic weights – they seem sturdy enough for light to medium usage – which is just about everyone shopping for workout equipment 🙂 We are using this set for Les Mills workouts. Plastic retainer clips might give out over time, but we’ll use this until it breaks and then determine if we want to upgrade our set. The only downside for using it w/ Les Mills is that these weights are difficult to grip w/ one hand and do some of the moves they do w/ the original Les Mills weight set (think of a lateral raise). Read more

  5. Cian F

    Included on an instruction sheet with the package the manufacturer says do not load more then 60 pounds on the barbell… This is a 3 piece barbell that screws together (probably to save on shipping/packaging), so I imagine the absurd limitation is because of that. I’ve never personally seen a bar rated that low. My significantly cheaper dumbells have a much higher ‘max’ rating. I’ve seen duct tape hold more then 60lbs before in fact! I bought this so I could throw some of my 1in dumbbell weights on it and do various high rep exercises. However the max weight wasn’t listed anywhere online, and I couldn’t imagine it would be so low, so now I really can’t safely use it how I intended. Keep this max in mind if you’re really considering this set, I know there isn’t much available in 2020 for weights, but 60lb can be maxed out near instantly by even some beginners, and pretty much every other bar ever made will have a significantly higher max then that. In addition I’m not a fan of the plates and the collars, they allow too much movement. I ended up returning this set. You can buy a cheap Cap 1″ bar for 30 bucks that supports 250lbs, there’s no reason for this bars vastly inferior quality. I know it’s hard to find the bar and plates in stock in 2020, use a browser plugin/website like Keepa to get notifications when they come back in stock, because it actually happens often (but only for hours at a time until they’re sold out), it took me an additional couple weeks to wait for stock on the bar + several 25lb plates, much cheaper then this set. Read more

  6. Jillgund

    This weight set is the same as used in clubs for programs like Body Pump. I like the handles which provide some flexibility for workouts. I combined this with an aerobic step that I also bought from Amazon. The combination helps me get a good strength and cardio workout at home. Hard to get to the gym these days. The weight set arrived in great condition. Made in the USA is a plus too. Read more

  7. Minnesota Mommy

    Decent set. Easy to use. Shipping went well. I love the steering wheel design – they are easy to grip with my small hands. The weights are coated in plastic – which I like because then there is no risk of the weights rusting and they are smooth to touch. This set was purchased to be used with Les Mills Pump program. Overall, I’m happy. I did find that the weights are not consistent in weight. Some felt a little off so I weighed each weight. Most weights were off by 0.2 lbs, the biggest difference was the 5.5 pound weight that only weighed 5 lbs. Time will tell how they hold up. I’ll be back to update accordingly ☺️ Read more

  8. Erika

    This weight set is almost like what I have used at the gym doing a Les Mills Body Pump workout but you get an extra weight! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the weights were really greasy upon opening and I am still working to get it off. (Made the first work out a little treacherous.) The bar also keeps loosening up a little when using it and I find that I have to keep twisting it to keep it tight. The mechanisms that keep the weights on aren’t as tight as I would like them to be but so far no problems. Read more

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