Marcy wrist and forearm developer/strengthener domestic gymnasium equipment – wedge multi-colored, 9x4x1

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  • ensure this suits through entering your model wide variety.
  • objectives the forearms, wrists, and palms – increase your forearms and wrists with this exercise equipment that’s designed to target the flexor and extensor arm muscles. This progressive marcy gym equipment also strengthens the arms to increase your grip power.
  • adjustable grip – designed to house each hand and arm form, this health equipment features adjustable grip allowing you to create the right suit on your forearms. The grip make sure precise focused on of the muscle mass on your arms, making sure that every muscle institution receives enough anxiety to facilitate development.
  • transportable assembley – this ingenious strengthener measures 14. Five inches in duration, 8 inches in width, and 6 inches in top. Its compact structure permits you to easily and effortlessly store it at home without taking over an excessive amount of space.
  • variable resistance device – this exercise gear comes with a handy variable resistance device that permits you to screen your development. The variable resistance works by means of increasing the resistance in the direction of the concentric phase of the lift, facilitating green overall performance of diverse arm sporting activities.
  • comes with a 2-12 months warranty – the marcy wrist and forearm developer gives you the high-quality cost for your cash. This exercising tool comes with a two-year guarantee to can help you maximize your buy and enjoy hassle-unfastened use for a long time.
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marcy forearm developer – wedge

the marcy wedge forearm developer gives an smooth manner to reinforce your forearm, wrist, and fingers. Beautify your grip electricity and build your flexor and extensor arm muscle tissues the usage of one simple motion with the marcy wedge forearm developer. You could regulate the foam grip for a secure in shape and adjust the resistance to take your exercising to the following degree!

range your forearm exercising with the marcy forearm developer. Actually twist the adjustable resistance in your preferred level!

do not cope with an uncomfortable fit, use the small crimson knobs shown to regulate the position of the froth grip to in shape any forearm.

use the marcy wedge forearm developer to exercise your forearm, wrist, and hands. The easy fluid motion utilized by the forearm developer builds the flexor and extensor muscle tissue while improving grip.

marcy’s history

on the early age of 19, walter marcyan started out training with barbells and shortly after won the crucial aau mild heavyweight lifting championship. From 1934 through 1940, walter marcyan started exciting audiences as a vaudeville strongman, performing extremely good feats of power and balancing acts.

in the early 1940’s, walter marcyan moved to santa monica, california in which he commenced schooling at the newly hooked up muscle beach: a famous training facility that also exists nowadays and where among the mythical pioneers of bodybuilding such as jack lalanne, bill pearl, and arnold schwarzenegger started out their careers.

in 1946, walter marcyan opened the first of seven power education gymnasiums, residence of fitness, in the los angeles vicinity. He became the first to provide personal running shoes to his individuals and emphasised the significance of energy training to men, ladies and youngsters.

within the early 1950’s, walter marcyan participated within the first prepared body constructing competitions. Primarily based on his personal non-public stories, walter marcyan began constructing his own power training system for his gyms in la.

in 1959, walter marcyan based marcy gymnasium gadget corporation. Walter marcyan believed that everybody need to have the opportunity and the expertise to exercising at home with their very own, professional grade device. Walter marcyan become an innovator and a visionary. His patented designs have been years ahead in their time and nevertheless widely utilized in commercial and domestic packages these days.

now, 50 years antique and nevertheless going more potent than ever, the legendary marcy logo maintains to make its mark through supplying new and modern products to consumers global.



8 reviews for Marcy wrist and forearm developer/strengthener domestic gymnasium equipment – wedge multi-colored, 9x4x1


    I was skeptical but this is actually a great bit of equipment. I use it when I’m on the couch stroking one out. After one hand gets tired I’ll swap out it gets a good workout while I’m doing what I do anyway. Can’t go wrong. And I can definitely tell a difference in forearm definition almost immediately Read more

  2. Victor

    It really is a great product that is really smooth in transition in reps. My only knock on it is that it doesn’t offer much in terms of resistance. They should’ve made it to go to a 10 instead of a 5 that way there’s more room for growth. Read more

  3. Mr. Influential

    This is great for beginners. But if you’re an experienced weight trainer or just generally strong, then this may not be the product for you. The resistance level goes up to 5 which is very moderate in my opinion. There ought to be a level 10 for advanced. Unfortunately I’ll be returning it. Read more

  4. Teresa M. Sulton

    My Husband cut his forearm, in 2011, which resulted in him losing some feeling in two fingers and a constant feeling of numbness and discomfort in his arm. Since then, he has been looking for ways to strengthen his forearm/grip and help with stretching the two fingers. Since he been using this product, he said he has experienced less discomfort and it really challenges/pushes him to use his arm more. This is exactly what he needed to feel some relief. Read more

  5. Alex M

    This is amazing my 17 year old loves it I have to but another one. He draws and plays Xbox so this will prevent future problems hopefully. I have carpal tunnel and very weak wrists. I lift weights but my hand strength is my biggest problem. Very study well constructed. Very pleased. Read more

  6. Earth

    I like it for the most part. It has different settings you can manually change yourself. Decently made material. However this device would be much better. If they added a padding layer to the part where your wrist will rest. It’s very painful after a while using it. The hard plastic is rubbing and causing pressure on the back of the wrist. I’ve had to wear long sleeves with a wrist sweat band. For someone like me who’s a girl with”girly” weak wrists. Trying to improve my wrists while harming them at the same time is counterproductive. Read more

  7. John Butz

    Marcy’s wrist and forearm developer works very well indeed. In about a month I’ve added over an ich to the size of my forearms and they are looking like bowling pins now. You can shift the developer so that it works more than one area,, I think it hit the inside upper area especially well. This is the second one of this I’ve owned over the years and I highly recommend it. It is well made and the tension adjuster works well. My only complaint is that my forearms are getting so big that they barely fit in the developer now! Read more

  8. John H

    First off, this forearm developer isn’t going to give you a ton of resistance, but just enough to give your forearms a good workout if you use it right. What do I mean by this? Slowly curl your forearms with this developer for added resistance. Also hold the peak position for a count of 20-30 seconds and then slowly go back to your starting position without resting your forearms. The reverse forearm extensions work well too, but don’t grip the developer like you do with standard forearm curls. Place the handle behind your knuckles for a fuller range of motion when pushing back on the forearm grip. For $15, this is a great complimentary piece of equipment on top of forearm exercises at your local gym. Read more

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