Marcy neoprene dumbbell set (three pairs) with sporting case nds-21. 1

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of entering your version range.
  • top rate neoprene production – construct to facilitate weightlifting and bodybuilding sessions, this dumbbell set boasts a awesome slip-resistant neoprene masking. Its smooth and textured floor guarantees that the equipment received’t slip, even in sweaty fingers.
  • non-slip handles for progressed grip – each dumbbell functions a slip-resistant handgrip product of neoprene that’s designed to beautify grip at some stage in lifting. The easy-to-grip bar facilitates precise touch of your hand with the surface for a superior preserve.
  • 3 distinct weights – personalize your schooling with this exercise equipment that consists of 2lb, two 3lb, and 5lb dumbbells. The weights are best for both first-time users and seasoned customers who’re searching out handy and dependable exercising system.
  • compact wearing case – since the marcy dumbbell set comes with a wearing case, organizing your health club device after operating out does not ought to be excruciating. Its wide surface offers sufficient room for your tools, supplying smooth and convenient garage.
  • terrific workout accessory – pair it with weight benches, cardio bikes, or domestic fitness center system to gain your closing fitness goal. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty to let you get the maximum of your investment.

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the dumbbells included with the marcy nds-21. 1 3-pair neoprene dumbbell set have a neoprene coating. The neoprene coating is slip immune to offer a better grip at the dumbbell.

the marcy nds-21. 1 three-pair neoprene dumbbell set with carrying case consists of 3 pairs of dumbbells with special weights – 2lb, 3lb, and 5lb – to add range to your exercise.

the compact sporting case lets in you to take your exercise anyplace you need to take it. Further, the wearing case continues your weights organized and your house gym freed from clutter.

get a radical top body exercise with the nds-21. 1 neoprene dumbbells. Goal your returned muscular tissues with bent over lateral increases

pinpoint your shoulder muscular tissues with the nds-21. 1 neoprene dumbbells with the aid of doing lateral arm raises

the conventional overhead dumbbell press will target your chest, shoulders, palms, and upper returned with each repetition.

product description

product description

beautify your arm electricity, control, and strength by using flexing and lifting your way to stronger higher frame with the neoprene dumbbell set with sporting case from marcy! Constructed to be your new exercising partner, this weight set permits you to educate your manner to a greater sculpted physique without having to go away the comforts of domestic.

whether or not your awareness is on power-education or toning, this 20-pound weight set is for you! Ideal for both health beginners and gymnasium rats, this fitness equipment includes a couple of two-pound dumbbells, a pair of 3-pound dumbbells, and a pair of 5-pound dumbbells, letting you tailor your exercise consistent with your skill stage. Target exceptional muscle agencies and develop a greater muscular frame with this weight set.

made out of smooth but heavy-obligation neoprene, this dumbbell set boasts superior sturdiness and a non-slip surface. The otherwise sized dumbbells exhibit ergonomic handles that facilitate particular contact of your palms with the bar for greater grip and improved dealing with of the equipment throughout workouts and schooling. You don’t should fear approximately drenching the bar in sweat and making it hard to keep way to the handle’s slip-resistant construction.

use this dependable equipment for your circuit schooling or as an accessory on your weight bench or cardio gadget for excessive workouts with the intention to get you in your fittest form. With this fitness device, running out anywhere at home can be smooth. Additionally, cleanup and garage will be a breeze, way to the compact plastic carrying case that’s included to maintain your system prepared.

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get in shape at home, on the go, or at the gymnasium with this apex neoprene dumbbell set. The set consists of one pair of two-pound, one pair of 3-pound, and one pair of 5-pound weights, all stored in a compact plastic carrying case.

8 reviews for Marcy neoprene dumbbell set (three pairs) with sporting case nds-21. 1

  1. Elizabeth H.

    Perfect set for my husband and I to share; I like to use the 2lb pair and he likes to use the 5lb pair. We’re not looking to bulk up, just add oomph to our workouts, so we didn’t need anything heavier. The reason I got this set rather than alllll the other ones I looked at is because of the carry case; living in an RV, I am always on the lookout for compact-ness and portability. That said, the case works, but I would have preferred improvements on two parts- the latches are just well-formed pieces of plastic that pop over other pieces of plastic- it’s secure for now, but I’m afraid that if we open and close it frequently, they will wear out and someday surprise me by opening when I least expect it. The other thing is that white part in the product photo must be a label or piece of paper… it’s not on mine, and I was really hoping that it was a clear window so I could see that the dumbbells are inside. No such luck, just solid black plastic. The dumbbells themselves are pretty standard: color coding, weights clearly stamped on the ends, ends are not perfectly round so they won’t roll away, grippy neoprene cover that is easy to hold on to. Read more

  2. J

    Not what I expected upon unboxing. Dumbbells look beat up and used, like it was shipped from a gym. They are scratched and dirty. Box is made of thin plastic, with some edges peeling off. Wouldn’t trust it not to break if traveling or carrying weights around. Not worth the price for the quality. Doesn’t look like the pictures on the product page. The dumbbells are dull, not coated nicely. Tried reaching out to the brand’s support page but I haven’t heard anything back. The only redemption is that they can still be used (after rigorous sanitizing). Read more

  3. aislinn o’neill

    I love these weights. They were just what I was hoping for. Balanced, never slip or slide, they feel secure in my hands during what are really intense workouts. Unlike other reviewers, my case came perfectly intact and is sturdy enough for my purposes – I just pull the case out when I’m going to work out and then put it away afterwards. Doesn’t get easier than that! Four stars only because they’re perfect for the pride I paid. I notice the listing is now $43.00 with free shipping, and I paid just under $28 dollars with free shipping from this seller. I don’t think I would have purchased this item if this was the listing price, over the $40 mark is too steep for me personally. Read more

  4. DD

    The actual weights are as expected; however one of the top selling points for me was the storage case to enable portability & clean efficient storage. When the shipping box arrived it seemed too big for such a small item and did not properly secure the contents. With that said the internal black storage box for the weights was cracked & broken which doesn’t close. Quite useless. Reading prior reviews stating the same issue it begs the question if the reviews and comments are taken in to consideration by the supplier. Obviously they need to either not ship damaged product OR package it better so it’s not damaged during shipping. Difficult to determine the actual factor Read more

  5. Chelsea Wang

    Overall: – Great set of starter weights. Purchased as a gift for a friend to be used while walking and/or in the office to get a little exercise. Pros: – Carrying case makes for easy of transportation – Good build quality – Light enough to be used while walking. Added challenge doing yoga and can be used at your desk to do a little exercise. Cons: – Somewhat of a funny smell when first opening – 2 and 3 lb sets are almost indiscriminate. a 1lb weight difference is not noticeable. The 2 lb difference between the 3 and 5lb makes more sense. Take-Away – This dumbbell set is great for use while walking, doing yoga, or just a way to get the blood flowing while sitting in an office all day. Read more

  6. Richard Hogebaum

    They do not need assembly. They came in a nice case and are comfortable to use. Read more

  7. Tenacious G

    I suppose I was lucky as everything arrived in tact. The carrying case is definitely way too flimsy it you’re going to use it to carry the weights about. I simply keep the weights under my bed and slide the box out when I want to use them; so, for my purposes it does the job fine. The weights themselves are very nice with a comfortable grip and decently priced. Overall, I would recommend these if you want a nice set of weights, but definitely don’t get this over something else simply because of the case. Read more

  8. Ruth Knox

    Really pleased with the quality and value of this set. Read more

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