Magpul mbus pro lr adjustable rear sight

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  • ensure this suits through coming into your version quantity.
  • all metal construction; steel, rectangular sight submit selectable among healthy and fashionable widths (. 040″ fit width for expanded precision; . 060″ wellknown width for maximum visibility)
  • case hardened and completed with melonite qpq for severe resistance to wear and corrosion
  • mounts on any mil-std-1913 picatinny/stanag 4694 rail
  • elevation adjustment wheel for 2 hundred-600 meter distances in 50 meter increments
  • effective detents in both the up and down positions; wellknown sight height when deployed

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mbus pro lr rear sight

the new mbus pro lr capitalizes on the low profile and sleek styling of the original mbus seasoned, even as adding the additional feature of an elevation adjustment wheel to as it should be engage objectives at variable distances.

constructed with all metal creation, this is the sighting answer that provides no-device modifications, maximum power, corrosion resistance, and functionality in a compact bundle. The steel case is hardened and completed with melonite for intense resistance to put on and corrosion.

wonderful detents preserve the sight locked in position while deployed, and a low profile footprint ensures compatibility and reduces interference with maximum rifle setups. While deployed the sight is at preferred peak.

the elevation wheel may be adjusted for two hundred-600 meter distances in 50 meter increments. This is a hybrid calibration contemplating bullet quality and weight, cartridge type, barrel period, sight radius, point of impact discrepancy, and assuming general temperature and strain.

product description

the brand new mbus seasoned lr capitalizes at the low profile and smooth styling of the original mbus seasoned, even as including the additional feature of an elevation adjustment wheel to accurately have interaction targets at variable distances. Constructed with all steel creation, that is the sighting answer that delivers no-tool adjustments, most power, corrosion resistance, and functionality in a compact package. Fine detents preserve the mbus pro lr at general sight top when deployed and so low when stowed that you’ll hardly ever observe them.

8 reviews for Magpul mbus pro lr adjustable rear sight

  1. Melissa

    BE AWARE I was sent the mbus pro instead the Mbus long rage sight and it came in the correct box. On top of that the product looked fake. It had different screw and nob and sight hole was so small I couldn’t see through it. Definitely didn’t match the pictures Read more

  2. Dave

    I returned a front and rear set over a year ago because the adjustments were so stiff you couldn’t turn them. Decided to give the rear another try, and the glare on the wide aperture is so bad it distorts the entire sight picture. it’s less apparent on the small aperture, but for a sight at this price, you shouldn’t have to settle. Get it together Magpul, this could be a winner with miner tweaks. Read more

  3. Noel Soto

    This adjustable sight works great. The adjustment knob in the back is small and its a little tough to rotate, don’t know if this is by design or because it’s new. It folds down neatly and pops back up with no loss to zero. Does not interfere with the magnifier. The material quality is very high and it’s weight is not bad. Overall, this is something I’ll be using for years. Read more

  4. Chromebonez

    Hi guys, after using these Iron sights extensively, I would like to give my input to help others. Starting off, I have this paired with the MBUS Pro front sight. These iron sights are some of the most accurate sights I’ve ever used. The squared off design produces a clear round ghost ring to center the front sight post in, making a clean sight picture. They are ultra slim and low profile. These sights flip up and flip down without pressing any buttons making them quick and easy to use. The windage/elevation adjustments are very solid and produce nice firm clicks which are always appreciated, both rear and front sights do not require tools for adjustment. I’m not the best shot, but I was able to get a decent grouping at 50 yards after sighting them in. My only problem with this Iron sight is, sometimes it has a glare at the bottom of the ghost ring, and underneath the ghost ring is a bar that produces a bigger glare which can mess with the sight picture. This only happens when there is bright light shining overhead indoors and outdoors. Magpul put all the time and effort putting serrations into the back of the iron sights to prevent glare but missed these two spots which is a bit ridiculous. The glare isn’t noticeable when using the smaller aperture which most people would be using anyways but is much more noticeable when using the larger aperture. Please refer to my photos to see the glare on the iron sights. Overall, I would definitely recommend these iron sights especially at the price for an adjustable rear sight, but the glare can be a problem although it is only there when bright light is overhead. I am currently still running these sights on my AR-15 and like them a lot, they are built extremely sturdy, low profile, have nice clean clicks when using the adjustments and produce a clean sight picture. 4/5 stars minus one for the glare. Thanks for reading my review, please let me know if it helped you out! Read more

  5. ED

    Just purchased. Received on 4-24-20 from ZI Outdoors. This is genuine magpul! Lots of reviews or people getting fakes on here. I decided to take a chance and can confirm these are real magpul sights. High quality piece here. Read more

  6. The truth

    High quality…keeps zero..low profile and doesnt impede charging handle usage. Read more

  7. Rico

    Great BUIS for the money. Was practically zeroed right out of the box. Feels really solid and has a nice positive snap in the upright position. In my opinion it looks and feels better than the polymer MBUS. The polymer MBUS just feels cheap and it feels like it could break easily. This one does not. Chose this one over the standard MBUS Pro due to the ranging adjustments. I highly recommend the sight. Read more

  8. PURDUE98

    Wanted to go more “iron” in my flip up sights. The polymer versions are very good quality but there is something about metal. Granted, you gain on overall rifle weight but then my .308 Recon is not on the shallow end of weight. Quality is Magpul, through and through. The front matching front sights don’t require a tool to adjust but the adjustment is a tad stiff at first. Read more

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