Magma marine kettle gas grill, chrome steel, adjustable manipulate valve

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  • made from 100% 18-9 replicate polished stainless steel with a aggregate “clean to smooth” grease trap pan / wind baffle
  • hinged lid might not slam close and has a “stay cool” take care of with air cooled supports. Cooking grill diameter: 13 inch
  • swiveling, windproof turbo venturi & control valve definitely get rid of blowouts, locations the fuel valve wherein it’s safe and convenient
  • earlier than lighting the indexed bowl and lid can be turned around to act as a windshield in gusty wind situations
  • makes use of each radiant and convection cooking with burner and hi-tech radiant plate warmness distribution, fast involves temperature
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product description

product description

this grill became designed for economy without sacrificing capability.

product of one hundred% 18-nine replicate polished chrome steel, it will give you the safety, sturdiness and overall performance required of a marine grill. It makes use of our time-examined, highly efficient radiant plate heat distribution system at the side of convection heating technology to achieve warm, even temperatures whilst the usage of at least gas. It comes to temperature in no time and is incredible for searing steaks or just grilling up some burgers and puppies.

the patented swiveling faster venturi tube permits you to regulate the manage valve inboard, outboard, left or proper anyplace it’s far most handy to you. This layout additionally permits for short safe gasoline canister adjustments even whilst grilling. The faster venturi tube in mixture with the newly designed burner definitely gets rid of blow-outs. The grill quickly disassembles without gear for smooth easy-up.

  • uses trendy, disposable 1-lb. Propane canisters or adapts to on-board lpg (propane) or cng (natural gas) structures
  • magma offers the largest selection of mounting options and accessories to personalize your grill on your boat.
  • gasoline canister not covered
  • calls for grill mounting hardware for whole set up, mount sold one at a time
  • all alternative parts are comfortably to be had
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    with a grill that measures 15 inches in diameter, the magma marine gasoline kettle grill is compact but still offers masses of space in your burgers, kebobs, sausages, and ribs. This unique-size grill is made of one hundred-percent 18-9 mirror-polished stainless steel, adding each splendor and superior corrosion resistance. The grill also fuses magma’s time-examined, particularly efficient radiant plate warmness distribution system with convection heating technology, helping it obtain warm, even temperatures even as using a minimum of fuel. As a result, the marine grill involves temperature very quickly and is good for searing steaks or simply grilling up some burgers and puppies.

    the marine kettle grill is geared up with a patented swiveling rapid venturi tube, which permits you to regulate the control valve inboard, outboard, left, or proper–wherever is most handy for you. The design also permits you to quick and effectively change gas canisters even at the same time as grilling. Plus, the faster venturi tube–in conjunction with the newly designed burner–genuinely gets rid of blowouts. Even the situations won’t intervene along with your cooking prowess way to the mixture grease trap pan/wind baffle. The baffle maintains wind gusts out whilst retaining flames and grease in. You can also rotate the listed bowl and lid to behave as a windshield whilst you light the grill. Different functions include a hinged lid that may not slam shut and a live-cool deal with with air-cooled helps.

    built to run on widespread, disposable 1-pound propane canisters or onboard lpg (propane) or cng (natural gasoline) systems, the marine kettle grill gives a ramification of mounting alternatives (mounts sold separately).


  • gasoline: propane
  • gas supply: disposable 1-pound canister of onboard lpg machine
  • gasoline burn time: 2 to four hours at advocated the usage of 1-pound canister
  • exterior creation: one hundred-percent replicate-polished 18-nine stainless steel
  • interior construction: a hundred-percent 18-8 stainless-steel
  • grill diameter: 15 inches
  • grill fabric: stainless steel
  • range of burners: 1
  • grill burner btu: 10,700
  • take care of cloth: long lasting warmness-resistant all-weather plastic
  • lid: stainless steel
  • bowl: single-lined stainless-steel shell
  • product dimensions: 15 inches in diameter; 12-five/8 inches tall
  • weight: 11. Five kilos
  • warranty: 1-12 months manufacturer’s warranty
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    15" Diameter

    8 reviews for Magma marine kettle gas grill, chrome steel, adjustable manipulate valve

    1. Wayne T. Jones

      My favorite enhancement is the hinged cover. It’s so much easier to use while underway in a sailboat. I no longer have to consider the cover blowing off or swinging wildly as on the former model cable attachment. The side mounted handle eliminates the need for hot pads to remove/lift the cover or burning your fingers. The LP gas bottle attachment and locking mechanism appears to be quite a bit more robust, alleviating any fear of dropping the regulator and attached bottle overboard. Nice work Magma! This is a greatly improved product. Read more

    2. R. BREEN

      This is my third Magma Kettle grill I’ve used over the past twenty years. The first two were pretty good. This last one is just plain awful. It doesn’t get nearly as hot as my previous grills and has a definite cold spot on one side of the grill. Because it doesn’t get hot enough to char the grease, I’m left with a huge mess of grease spilling out all over the side of the boat after each use. I emailed Magma’s customer support but received no response. Clearly there’s been a change in their quality control or manufacturing process. I’ve taken the grill off the boat as it’s truly unusable. Really disappointed. Read more

    3. Jaxlady

      We cook out in the boat a lot, so we use our grill regularly in the summers. We had another Magma grill. It died after 15 years of great service. We figured we got our money’s worth, so we purchased another one. We really like the way they attach the lid on the new grill. We had to hang the lid on the side on the 1st Magma. This one is actually attached so it just goes to the back. And, we no longer have to use a potholder to remove the lid. It also cooks on a lower heat, which is really good for grilling pork chops and chicken slowly without overcooking them. As a matter of fact, I made BBQ pork chops on it yesterday, and they were juicy and delicious. Read more

    4. Boatdog

      I don’t really understand the negative reviews here. I have had 4 boats and this is my 4th Magma grill. All of them were the same size and they have only improved over the years. Really don’t understand the negative review about assembly because a monkey with a pipe wrench could put this together with instructions in Greek. My last boat, a Catalina 310, I had for 8 years and had the grill for 8 years. I replaced the burner and grill plate and some other parts after about 5 years and I assume it is still going strong. Just bought this one for my Hunter 41 and expect to get at least 10 years of service from it, the thing is made of Stainless Steel, yea, it’s going to cost a bit more. I thought it was hilarious that some reviews said it burned like a Bic lighter and another said it got too hot. Maybe some lessons in how to operate a BBQ are in order here. Read more

    5. Mahana

      I have just purchased my 2nd Magma. I gave it only 3 stars because it doesn’t have a grease catcher that can be cleaned. I took my brand new grill and re-engineered it to properly drain grease into a hanging grease can. Hopefully this will allow grease to drain and cut down on the grease fires from grease that builds up before draining over the flanges in the bottom of the grill pan, then in the very bottom I drilled a hole and had a welder add a tab to the underside to hang the grease can . Read more

    6. Garmo R.

      Small footprint once you purchase the hangar kit and protect with another purchase of the “cover”. Personal view: Cooking without lava rock and just the propane is NOT anything to write home about. I decided, with this product and the “DESIRE” to cook outside the cabin, I would use a non stick pan to just cook on the kettle instead of all the dripping and mess. Just saying. . .constructed well. NICE the lid is now attached, but you’ll have to get used to the extreme volume of heat this stove generates and the controller takes a bit of fiddling to get it to cook low enough to NOT burn everything. Read more

    7. Particle board

      This gets hot. I recommend cooking steak in a cast iron pan. Get it HOT and add a bit of olive oil, then the steak. 5 minutes on one side 4 on the other and perfect. Depending on thickness…the regulator is hard to read as far as it being all the way on or all the way off. The lid also drips grease from it because its bigger than the bottom. Thats not the best design. Read more

    8. Ilaria P.

      Had this grill on my prevuois boat on a rail mount and the mount worked so much better than this rod holder mount. Cannot make it stay on place for some reason, it always wobbles, no matter how much we tighten it. Maybe mine came out defective. Also gas gauge difficult to figure out direction in which it works as cannot see flame. It does not have hole to ignite flame, have to do from top, not very pratcical. Once you manage to ignite it and get the flame right, cooks well, even in high wind. You need a storing case, sold separately. Read more

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