Lyman eyepal rifle kit

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  • ensure this suits through getting into your model range.
  • made within the usa through an american organisation
  • improves sight image and awareness
  • includes apertures according to case
  • adheres to all protection, capturing, solar, and prescription glasses
  • cmp nra national trophy pistol and rifle match accredited

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product description

do you have “fuzzy sight syndrome “are you are annoyed due to the fact you could now not make out your attractions and the target when aiming a rifle, handgun, or bow really follow the attention pal to your glasses and you’ll be returned in attention and on track! The eye friend offers a small photograph in which everything is in cognizance. This is mainly beneficial to shooters who’ve restricted near imaginative and prescient however have correct a long way vision. The attention pal allows you to concurrently see the goal, and iron points of interest- all in attention. Eye buddy is made from a static grasp cloth, and may be easily positioned on and rancid of studying, prescription and safety glasses – with out marring the floor or leaving a residue. Compact, lightweight and actually indestructible, the attention buddy is the closing addition to any shooter’s package

8 reviews for Lyman eyepal rifle kit

  1. duansha

    I was at the range shooting my Mosin Nagant last weekend. I wear prescription glasses and even with these, I was having hard time to see the front post clearly. The 12″ splatter target from 100 yards away was merely a tiny blurry dot which made it almost impossible to aim accurately. Then I put up an EyePal sticker to my dominant side and adjusted position several times. It was extremely easy to stick on and peel off, kudos to the clever design. When I got back to the sight picture I was immediately blown away! The front post was crystal clear, the round shape of the target also became very clear, I could even tell the center red dot from its surroundings, and the dot was only 2″ in diameter! Next I put 15 rounds on that target and the final group was 5″, the best I’ve got out of my Mosin, lovely! The EyePal Rifle Kit has proved to be very effective in this process, and has made my experience of shooting a rifle with iron sights very enjoyable with far less frustration. I recommend it to anyone who are struggling with iron sights, you will be pleasantly surprised by it! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I don’t understand why it works, but it does. I have “Over 40 Eye Disease”. My eyes can’t focus close if I’m wearing my corrective lenses (usually contacts) to see far. It made iron sights impossible. This product on my shooting glasses make it possible for me to see the sights on my M1 and the target at the same time. Read more

  3. Martin Visser

    This is a great optical “trick” to heighten sight contrast when using typical open rifle sights. I’d tried the concept with a square of electrical tape and a small hole punched (thumbtack, finish nail, etc.), and it really tightens groups. This option is much more durable, and sticks without adhesive to even my trifocal lenses. Remember Colorforms? It reminds me of that – secure, non-marring, and no gunky residue to clean off when you remove. Two in the pack is a nice feature – lets me offer one to a range partner to try out. This will probably help sell at least a few more… Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    Does exactly what it claims to do. This creates an aperture that you can stick on your shooting glasses. Puts target in focus when concentrating on the front post. No glue, adhesion is due to the aperture’s material sticking almost like a suction cap. Easy to stick, easy to remove, easy to clean. Read more

  5. Brian S. Schieck

    These really work , very weird. Help greatly with focus Read more

  6. Caroline Hannert

    Well made,good price,works good when using open sights at 100 yards for target shooting. Read more

  7. Thomas Pickrel

    Simplicity itself, yet makes up for aging eyes. Improved aim noticeably at 100+ yds. Much more convenient to use than the old suction cup model. Read more

  8. Edna Pontellier

    Expensive little device just for one piece of plastic but my friend seems happy with it. Read more

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