Lifeline multi-use shoulder pulley for helping rehabilitation and growing flexibility black, fashionable

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  • make sure this suits by means of getting into your version quantity.
  • the lifeline multi-use shoulder pulley is great for helping in the remedy of shoulder ache, repairing rotator cuff accidents and growing the variety of movement wanted for athletic and functional overall performance
  • specifically designed to growth range of motion and prevent shoulder and top frame pain and stiffness; this shoulder pulley will help you regain overhead movement after damage and gain power, motion and versatility
  • the modern layout and exceptional make the rehabilitation process less complicated and extra efficient for the patient
  • grip-all handle- lifeline’s patented grip-all deal with includes a rotating consolation foam take care of to decrease joint strain. Fast modify to perfect length by means of locking the pink ball in opposition to the braided nylon cord
  • brief regulate period- speedy adjust the length of the 7 foot braided nylon cord to fit your peak and range of motion and flow between sports readily
  • smooth action pulley- lifeline’s smooth motion pulley makes use of a splendid metallic axle and proprietary plastic material to reduce friction and face up to the high warmth generated from heavy use. Ideal for domestic or rehabilitation hospital use
  • kit includes: grip all take care of with gentle cushion foam grip; 7’ braided nylon cord and easy action pulley with anchor

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8 reviews for Lifeline multi-use shoulder pulley for helping rehabilitation and growing flexibility black, fashionable

  1. Hummingbirds

    I bought this pulley for my PT after having rotator cuff surgery. I like it much better than another brand that I also bought. This one is SO smooth! And it has an adjustable length, which after a few months when my range of motion improved, I really need to shorten the length. My other one did not do that. This one is easy to shorten, just pull the rope and push the red ball plug back into the hole. The only flaw is that red ball-like plug… sometimes it doesn’t stay in well. I really think they should’ve had a different design for that thing. I ended up wrapping all the extra length of rope up and tying it around the handle so it wasn’t in the way. It stays well when closed in the top of the door. I did not get the one w/ the bracket because our tight-fitting doors probably would not be able to close with a bracket above it. So this one with the nylon strap over the door works perfectly. If you have to get a pulley for PT, this is definitely the one I’d recommend! Read more

  2. Carlos Benjamin

    I got this back in July but wasn’t using it very diligently. As long as it wasn’t being used, the build quality was great. I’d use it occasionally, and it worked well. A few weeks ago I started to use it daily, because rehabbing a torn rotator cuff doesn’t happen with occasional exercise. After 14 days of daily use the pulley seized up on it and dropped black plastic in my hair. Everything else is in good shape, so I think I’ll look for a new pulley. Read more

  3. DS

    This was suggested to me by my physical therapist for my frozen shoulder. It definitely does a good job at stretching my arm. Helps me with my range of motion. The handles are comfortable and easy to grip. Only problem I’ve had is it has slipped out from the top of the door a couple of times (it’s in a door that’s rarely opened). I would suggest this product. Read more

  4. Chuck Wiggins

    I needed these to do the rotator cuff surgery physical therapy work at home. I first ordered a cheaper pully with wooden handles and the rope thru the center of the handle. Bad design! My palms hurt from the little bit of pressure that they were receiving. So I wrapped that set in a towel to use and ordered these. The adjustability is great and the handle design works much better – no hand pain. I threw the other set away. Read more

  5. Linda

    I am short and I have health issues when I bought it I thought I could get somebody to attach it to the door and that would be it and I could use it whenever my health issues would allow me to but it is something that has to be put up every time you use it if you open the door I am very very unhappy and if I wanted to return it it would cost me 5.95 for a return I would lose too much money to return it Read more

  6. Bryan

    I’m recovering from a broken shoulder and torn rotor cuff. I need a solid pulley system that is reliable. The bearings died 4 days after the return window closed. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM!!! Unless your recovery is less than a month. Read more

  7. Aynn

    I purchased this to help with shoulder surgery rehab. Works well and gets the job done. Took a few tries to get the quick adjustment down….but all good once I figured that out. Read more

  8. Mei

    Great product but the product was not sturdy enough. I putted it on the top of the door but after couple times it will fall off. I had shoulder pain since two months ago. It helped me a lot with my shoulder pain. It was really easy to set up the work out and used little space. Read more

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