Leupold rx-2800 tbr laser rangefinder black ,7x

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  • version #171910 – rx-2800 in black
  • 100% water resistant, fogproof, and backed with the aid of leupold’s gold ring 2-yr electronics assurance
  • proper ballistic variety with wind (tbr-w) era money owed for incline, range to target, and your ballistics information
  • 3 reticle alternatives – plus factor, duplex, and duplex with plus point
  • experiment mode – non-stop range updates keep you heading in the right direction as you tune motion or test a place

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  • is it synthetic in the us?
  • question: is it manufactured within the us? Answer: no it is not. With the aid of a manufacturer producer on october 31, 2019 fall apart all answers

  • does the 2800 tbr/w calculate perspective for bow hunting from a tree stand ?
  • query: does the 2800 tbr/w calculate attitude for bow looking from a tree stand ? Solution: yes by way of daniel h on december 3, 2020 collapse all answers

  • where is this rangefinder made? My information become it is in oregon however there appears to be a few disagreement on this.
  • question: in which is that this rangefinder made? My information was it is in oregon but there appears to be some confrontation on this. Solution: the rx-2800 is now sourced a 100% from taiwan. We simply transitioned from china to taiwan on this product. And to be clean 100% of of leupold’s riflescopes and purple dot points of interest have continually come out of our manufacturing facility in beaverton oregon u. S.. We just have never manufactured any of our rangefinders at beaverton manufacturing facility. By a manufacturer manufacturer on may also 12, 2021 did not get answers. See more answers (2) collapse all solutions

  • how is that this in low light as compared to leica?
  • question: how is this in low light in comparison to leica? Solution: could not say. What i can suggest is look at the lens length and make a determination from that. By daniel h on november 6, 2020 collapse all answers

    8 reviews for Leupold rx-2800 tbr laser rangefinder black ,7x

    1. Blake

      I just returned a Vortex that was about $100 less. It was unable to range a 4’x4′ white steel plate on an overcast day at 700M while mounted to a tripod. This represents about ideal conditions for a laser rangefinder. Boy does this Leupold blow the Vortex out of the water. I drove around testing it out today and was able to range targets out to 1,700M handheld from an unsupported position. Simply amazing! Cannot recommend this unit enough, for ELR shooting, I can’t imagine a more useful tool. Read more

    2. jay

      So this is an excellent rangefinder but I ran a toe to toe against her vortex razor 4000 out to 2300 yards in the rain. 20 times repeatedly I was able to pick up a clump of trees at 2300 yards with the vortex 4000 and I was not able to pick it up even once with the Leopold 2800. That was the one time I could get any difference in performance out of the two. Up to about 1800 m 1900 m they seem to be identical, I’m testing in the rain because I wanted a realistic field environment. After about an hour shooting individual targets back-and-forth between the two scopes I was definitively able to get accurate ranges from both of them out to about 1940 m in the rain. But I was able to get an additional 400 m out of the vortex that the Leopold was not able to match. Read more

    3. Rbimd

      Overall, this rangefinder is awesome. I have ranged trees/soft brush out to 1500+ yards; my old rangefinder was much less powerful and would rarely read at 400 yards. It has some interesting features but is a bit complex. The major downside is that it EATS batteries, especially in scan mode. I have switched to Surefire® batteries and get somewhat longer life, but it would be helpful if they would provide a case which had a compartment for 1-2 spare batteries. Read more

    4. McGregg

      I can’t tell you how much I use and love this range finder. I shoot out to 1700 yards and this will give me accurate readings out that far. Thermals can be a little problematic at Ultra Ranges, but this thing is worth double the money. Love the screen, Love the Accuracy, Love the size. Read more

    5. Jeff

      After having used several other brand rangefinders over the last few years & researching for the last month this Leupold rangefinder has risen to the top at this price point. For accuracy & quality clarity it’s even out performed some of the considerably more expensive competitors. If you’re looking into improving your long range game but don’t want to sacrifice your marriage you won’t do better than this. Read more

    6. Paul N.

      I bought this to replace my Leupold RX-1000i TBR. Why did it have to be replaced? Because, after the warranty expired, so did the LCD screen. The Leupold RX-2800 TBR is bigger and heavier, but does appear to be more accurate, easier to range items, and I can get hits beyond the advertised range. However, the OLED screen on this is no brighter, sharper, or easier to see than the RX-1000i, especially in the desert on a hazy day! I don’t expect to be able to read the screen at all on a bright day! Also, objects in the foreground will prevent you from ranging a distant object! Even the case for the RX-1000i was made better! So, this will be the last Leupold range finder I will ever buy! Read more

    7. NV Dragon

      Great product, replaces a lesser quality item. Getting good readings on trees and sagebrush out to 1700 yards. Read more

    8. jay vue

      This range finder is the real deal. It will easily and accurately read out to 2000 yards on just about any surface as long as there is a small incline to bound the the signal back. I have other range finders in the same ball park price and this one is in a league of its own. The yardage response time is almost instant and very accurate. Very pleased with the purchase and highly recommend this range finder. Read more

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