Leupold mark 5hd five-25x56mm riflescope

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  • ensure this fits by using getting into your model range.
  • model #171772 – mark 5hd 5-25x56mm with the front focal tmr reticle and matte end
  • m5c3 turrets – low profile 1/10 mil per click on dials offer 30 mils of adjustment in three revolutions (visual and tactile revolution signs ensure you do not get lost within the travel)
  • first focal plane (ffp) – the reticle magnifies in conjunction with the image, so you can estimate range at all magnification settings
  • up to 20 oz. Lighter than different riflescopes in its class, yet rugged enough to be set up on any platform
  • design, machined and assembled in the america. One hundred% water resistant, fogproof, shockproof, and subsidized by way of leupold’s mythical patron care
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from the manufacturer

  • magnification variety: 5x-25x
  • weight: 30 oz.
  • period: 15. 67 in.
  • maintube diameter: 35mm
  • eye relief (in) – low: 3. Fifty eight
  • eye relief (in) – high: 3. Eighty two
  • linear fov (feet/100 yd) – low: 20. Five
  • linear fov (ft/100 yd) – high: four. 2
  • leupold mark 5hd

    pick up a mark 5hd and also you’ll experience the difference: it’s up to twenty ounces lighter than other scopes in its elegance. Get in the back of one and you’ll see the difference, from the advanced side-to-aspect clarity and excessive low-mild overall performance, to the flexibility of the combat competition hunter reticle. With three revolutions of elevation adjustment, the mark 5hd become constructed to max out the overall performance of the contemporary lengthy-range rifles and ammo.

  • lightweight, rugged overall performance
  • unparalleled low mild performance
  • designed, machined, & assembled in the united states
  • twilight max hd mild control gadget

    representing the top of our in-house lens layout, the twilight max hd systemis built to supply unbelieveable photo great within the harshest of lighting fixtures conditions.

    low profile m5c3 zerolock changes

    low-profile 1/10 mil consistent with click on dials offer 30 mils of adjustment in three revolutions. Visible and tactile revolution signs ensure you do not get lost within the journey.

    designed, machined, & assembled in the u. S. A.

    irrespective of wherein you are taking us, on the battlefield, opposition, or at the hunt, we might not allow you to down.

    so be ambitious. Be tenacious. Be relentless.

    twilight max hd light management device

    m5c3 zerolock changes

    designed, machined, & assembled in the usa

    rugged reliability


    Front Focal H59 (171774), Front Focal PR2-MOA (180291), Front Focal TMR (171772), Front Focal Tremor 3 (171775), Illum. Front Focal PR-1 MOA (176449), Illum. Front Focal TMR (171776), Illum. Front Focal Tremor 3 (171777)

    8 reviews for Leupold mark 5hd five-25x56mm riflescope

    1. Customer

      I have owned scopes of all kinds in the under $300 range because to me they where all pretty much the same, a long tube with some magnification and two crosshairs. I could never see myself spending more for something I believed wasn’t justified. This all changed the day when I bought my prized possession Barrett M107A1 FDE .50 cal semi-auto rifle, for this rifle I was determined to get a scope that was worthy of this “high-end” powerhouse. I started doing my homework into the high end scopes and why was there such a wide difference in the price tag compared to scopes who I believed worked just as well. I learned about FFP and SFP and realized all my prior scopes had been of the SFP variety which is a lot cheaper . This would be my first FFP scope. Now I could see and understand why there is such a huge difference in price. There where many scopes I researched in the $1500 to $3500 range. I figured that if I chose to spend $12,000 on a rifle, I had to at least get a scope proportionately equal. Researching variety of scopes I got lost in the maze. I was looking for a combination of value, reputation, performance, aesthetics, and quality. My list had names like vortex, trijicon, nightforce along with many other quality high end scopes including a not so known name for me at the time Leupold. My wish list started with 27 scopes of which began dwindling down as I took the time to do my homework rearching and reading the reviews of those who have bought them. As those on my list kept falling off the one scope on the list I kept getting drawn to was the Mark 5 5-25 x56 mm with illuminated reticle. It seemed to have all the qualities I was looking for to crown my Barrett .50 cal with. I never thought I’d be seeing myself spending $2400 on a scope, I mean geez, I can add another high end AR 15 to my collection for that price. The scope I tell you, is a work of art. The quality of the craftsmanship , the clarity of the optics throughout the magnification, the ease of use, not to mention the styling left me amazed. It’s funny how I started out by shopping for a scope worthy of a rifle ,in the end I realized unknowing I had bought a rifle worthy of the scope!!! Read more

    2. Sakir

      This scope is amazing. I just used it this past weekend while I was doing barrel break in for my rifle. I have another rifle with a different scope (cheaper). The difference is like night and day. Leupold Mark 5 is awesome with very clear and crisp image – definitely worth the money. I am trying to figure out how I can get another one to replace the other cheap scope (if one can say $600 scope is cheap) I have. Read more

    3. Suman Palit

      What else is there to say about it. Awesome scope, very lightweight compared to the competition. Very firm clicks on the dials and the glass quality is crazy clear. The CCH reticle is a bit busy when I started to use it, but now I really like the small gap in the hash marks. Takes a bit getting used to but now I’ve trained myself to focus on it. Works for me. Read more

    4. JIM

      Leupold scopes are incredibly sharp and the light gathering at dusk and dawn is remarkable. These scopes seem very expensive but this is a lifetime purchase. The scope was more expensive than the rifle I put it on. I own two hunting scopes and highly recommend Leupold. Read more

    5. Vladislav Potekhin

      The best scope I have, glass is clear, 5-25 magnification is excellent. High quality scope for high powered rifles. Read more

    6. Mitch Romine

      Incredible optics Read more

    7. Rob

      You get exactly what you pay for, and it’s awesome. Way better than the Mark 6 in terms of turrets. Read more

    8. lazaro lopez

      Amazing scope Read more

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