Leupold gr 15-30x50mm gold ring compact recognizing scope

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  • version #120375 – gr 15-30x50mm gold ring compact spotting scope in shadow grey end
  • superior optical gadget – leupold’s superior optical device gives attempted and proper light transmission for extended glassing sessions, exceptional in magnificence glare discount in harsh mild, and the resolution and readability that recreational sportsmen and sportswomen call for
  • absolutely multi-lined lens gadget – our absolutely multi-lined lens machine guarantees maximum brightness for readability, contrast, and color fidelity
  • magnesium housing – light-weight but difficult as nails, a rugged magnesium housing protects the optic in the course of fast-paced movement. Outdoors lens surfaces are treated with diamondcoat 2, an ion-assist lens coating, for better mild transmission and the finest stage of abrasion resistance we’ve ever presented
  • design, machined and assembled in the united states. 100% waterproof, fogproof, and sponsored by way of leupold’s legendary patron care

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from the producer

gold ring compact recognizing scopes lighten your load whilst handing over overall performance and features that rival large fashions. Carbon fiber construction continues them ultralight and fairly difficult, and the twilight max mild control system ensures a shiny, sharp photograph.

  • max magnification: 20x
  • weight (oz.): 15. 80
  • period (in): 7. 50
  • eye relief (mm): 18. Five-17. 2
  • linear fov (toes/a thousand yd): 199 – 136
  • leupold spotting scope

    we are relentless due to the fact you’re relentless. You don’t backpedal. You don’t supply in. You preserve going while others prevent. Regardless of wherein you are taking us, on the battlefield, in competition, or on the hunt, we gained’t let you down.

  • superior low-light overall performance
  • top class edge-to-part readability
  • water-proof, fogproof, and built to carry out for lifestyles
  • twilight max hd light management gadget

    adds up to 30 minutes of more glassing light at sunrise & dusk.

    made in beaverton, oregon

    regardless of in which you take us, on the battlefield, competition, or on the hunt, we won’t can help you down.

    so be bold. Be tenacious. Be relentless.

    carbon fiber production

    maximizes %-ability way to the rugged, however extraordinarily light-weight production.

    scratch resistant lens

    gives sturdiness that stands up to the roughest situations.

    twilight max hd light management system

    assembled inside the united states

    carbon fiber creation

    scratch resistant lens

    rugged reliability

    gives advanced decision, intensity, and coloration fidelity with super clarity in any respect magnification degrees.

    leupold pioneered waterproofing era, and still leads the way with recognizing scopes which can be validated to be truely water-resistant and fogproof no matter the conditions you use them in.

    durable light-weight carbon fiber construction shrouded in a rubber armor coating, scratch resistant lens mixed with prism-less folded light direction design make those spotters as hard as they’re clear.

    product description

    the gold ring compact spotting scope lightens your load while turning in performance and features that rival large fashions. Carbon fiber creation continues it ultralight and notably tough, while our absolutely multi-lined lens machine guarantees most brightness for readability, contrast, and shade fidelity. Built round leupold’s superior optical system offers tried and actual light transmission for prolonged glassing classes, great in elegance glare reduction in harsh light, and the decision and readability that leisure sportsmen and sportswomen demand. Like several leupold® recognizing scopes, it is fogproof, water resistant, and guranteed to perform for existence. It’s also designed, machined, and assembled within the united states of america.

    8 reviews for Leupold gr 15-30x50mm gold ring compact recognizing scope

    1. Bo

      This spotting scope has a good reputation. It is light, short, and comfortable to use. Real it’s perfect for what I intend it to be for. However… The glass is similar quality to spotting scopes at a quarter the price. Sure it’s pretty clear at 100yards. But not as clear as the scope on my rifle so I don’t need it at that range. At 200yds you can see impact and splash on steel. Holes in paper.. Maybe. Past 300 yards the details are gone. You can see dust fly but you would never catch bullet trail or witness impact angles and such. This was intended to replace an old Bushnell spacemaster I picked up at a swap meet for like $40. I’m glad I brought it along when this came to the range with me. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good spotting scope for big game hunting and you could easily pick out the biggest buck at 800yds, but you won’t be able to tell if the shooter even hit it. I can’t help but feel there are much better options at the price range. Read more

    2. Ryan

      My hunts consist of heavy loads and heavier loads. I’ve used two different scopes, this one and a Minox 11-33×50. Optic quality is superior as my Leupold 10×42’s. Minox was crap compared to this. This feels about 2/3rds the weight of the Minox. Haven’t used the vortex equivalent of this scope, however, in my experience with Vortex is that they put their money into marketing. Those who know, buy Leupold because they know that Leupold puts there bottom line on the product instead of the marketing of the product. Ive used Nikon, Vortex and Leupold optics, extensively. Purchase after purchase, I’ve never gone wrong with Leupold. This scope is light, easy to focus with a nice R hand knob on the side. Also, because the screw hole for the tripod is mounted forward you can screw your Bino adapter into this scope directly or use the included adapter to mount without on any tripod at a 90 deg. angle. Gives you options for weight savings. Price is better on this too, over Vortex. Read more

    3. Arjuna Perera

      Value for money! Good clear detailed view @ 200 yards. I live by a shipping lane. I could read ships’ name on the bow +1 mile away! Clear viewing during twilight hrs. Tripod is a must. Without a tripod (or a rest) it is very difficult to view objects at a distance. Zoom function is good and fine tuning dial is sensitive. Compact and light and easy to carry. It comes with a soft carry case. I purchased it for hunting but I have not yet used it for hunting. Leupold provides good customer service! Read more

    4. Tracy Leigh

      You always get what you pay for Read more

    5. ED

      Excellent optics, light weight for backpacking. Read more

    6. EasTexSteve

      I’ve owned and used some cheap spotting scopes, so I know what “cheap” is. This one doesn’t fit that category. It’s definitely not a high-end Zeiss, but it’s not a low-dollar Bushnell either. It’s probably the best scope for the money. And, it’s made in the USA. I like the light weight, and it mounts well to my tripod. You can unfold the rubber eye cup, or leave it down for use with eyeglasses. The focus is probably the one thing I wish was easier. It’s very abrupt. But, once you get it focused for your eye, it stays put. I found the glass to be very clear for a 400-500 dollar spotting scope. So far, I’ve used it for everything from long range rifle shooting to star gazing. And, its got that unbeatable Leupold warranty. It comes with a great padded soft case and carry strap. I didn’t get a $2,000 Zeiss for $450, but I’m satisfied that I easily got my money’s worth. Read more

    7. Alex

      It’s no 1 Read more

    8. Navy Guy

      Normally, I’ll wait for a few months experience before posting a review. In this case, I was frustrated researching this, as there’s little to go on. So here are some initial impressions, I’ll update as experience grows. The carton comes with the scope, a neck strap and tripod adapter in addition to a belt mountable carry bag. The scope is lightweight enough, you can use the strap and wear like a binocular. Subjectively, it feels about the same weight as 10×42 binocs as well. Lightweight enough, it’s practical to throw in a backpack when you need more than binoculars can provide. Even if you have concerns it’s not enough magnification, consider this is easy enough to carry, you likely will. I think there my be times you will be happy you did. For lower light tests, I like to look at tree silhouettes during the 30min +/- sunset or sunrise. When the scope brings out details in the trees, such as birds or bark, you know it’s probably good glass. (Bad glass you end up looking at a magnified view of the silhouette). For the size it’s doing a pretty good job. I will eventually get this to the range, but for now was looking around the neighborhood. Was able to see screw heads on the sides/roofs of homes at 300 yds during daylight. I wear glasses, along with contact lenses, this is acceptable eye relief regardless of zoom setting. One must fold down/up the eye cup for best results. Likely you may be wondering if there’s enough “x”es in the zoom. I think the answer is easily yes for a 30 cal round out to 400 yds, even with less than perfect eyesight. The clarity and resolving power does compensate. with more contrast and detail. I would think I could pick out a button buck at 100 yds reliably, for example. Add to that less “x” usually means less shake so even hand holding (braced up against a pack) is probably practical, if tripods are a problem. I feel I could employ this much quicker in a spot and stalk situation, where you might have to determine if the antlers are long enough, for example. I think this is a pragmatic choice for a highly mobile spot and stalk hunter, and should be fine for most sighting in tasks at the range. Read more

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