Leupold deltapoint pro reflex sight

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  • ensure this fits by way of entering your model range.
  • model #119688 – deltapoint seasoned with 2. 5 moa dot reticle and matte end
  • battery saving motion sensor generation – routinely deactivates illumination after 5 minutes of inactiveness but reacts immediately when motion is detected.
  • diamondcoat aspheric lens increases the usable subject of view via up to 56% and provides a scratch resistant crystal clean photo.
  • tool-much less pinnacle loading battery get right of entry to and true 1 moa click on changes offer remarkable ease of use.
  • rugged 100% water-proof creation makes it equally at domestic in looking or tactical environments.
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from the manufacturer

  • magnification variety: 1x
  • weight: nine. 5 oz..
  • period: 3,6 in.
  • maintube diameter: lco
  • eye alleviation (in) – low: limitless
  • eye relief (in) – excessive: unlimited
  • linear fov (toes/one hundred yd) – low: n/a
  • linear fov (feet/100 yd) – high: n/a
  • leupold delta factor

    the deltapoint pro is evidence that you don’t ought to compromise overall performance, even on a small sight. Its highly wide discipline-of-view and crystal-clear glass dominates the opposition, even as its rugged aluminum housing and steel sheath make sure it will carry out inside the harshest situations. Ease-of-use become also a focus when designing this elite crimson dot sight, that’s why we put an smooth get right of entry to battery compartment on pinnacle and gave it click-adjustments for extra precision.

  • light-weight, rugged overall performance
  • extraordinary low light overall performance
  • designed, machined, & assembled inside the usa
  • twighlight crimson dot mild management device

    see greater in less light with twilight purple dot system way to top class lens clarity and widespread shade consistency.

    designed, machined, & assembled within the united states

    irrespective of in which you take us, at the battlefield, competition, or on the hunt, we may not assist you to down.

    so be formidable. Be tenacious. Be relentless.

    twilight crimson dot mild control machine

    designed, machined, & assembled within the united states

    rugged reliability

    product description

    the deltapoint pro is evidence which you don’t must compromise performance, even on a small sight. And now it helps cutting-edge nv gadgets with brightness settings that first-class tune the crimson dot to healthy the sensitivity of your equipment. Its quite wide discipline-of-view and crystal-clear glass dominates the opposition, whilst its rugged aluminum housing and steel sheath make sure it’s going to perform inside the cruelest situations. Ease-of-use became additionally a focal point when designing this elite crimson dot sight, that’s why we put an easy get right of entry to battery compartment on pinnacle and gave it click-modifications for extra precision. And this isn’t just a pistol sight both; the dp pro is simply as at domestic on gun, and pretty lots anything else that goes bang.


    Matte (119688)

    8 reviews for Leupold deltapoint pro reflex sight

    1. Krissy Ham

      This is a complete counterfeit!! After not being able to mount this onto my gun, I talked to a Gun Shop who then verified with Leupold that the serial number is counterfeit!! Read more

    2. cfeied

      Fake scope. This one doesn’t even have the embossed markings to make it *look* real. Does not match the photo. Fake serial number. Poor quality optics. Shipped by Amazon — I returned it after calling the manufacturer. Read more

    3. Rick 2416

      I purchased this Leupold Delta Point Pro to install on a Glock 17 MOS. I could not be happier with the performance of this RDS. I waited for a couple months to write this review until I have approximately 600 rounds through the gun with the red dot installed. I have a Trijicon RMR that I have also been very pleased with on an offset mount on a rifle. I almost went with another RMR for the Glock 17 MOS, however, after handling the Delta Point Pro and comparing the field of view between the two it was a no brainer for me. The Delta Point is very rugged as I have dropped it on several occasions and it has not lost its zero. I paired the RDS with Leupold’s rear iron sight and have been satisfied with that as well. After 600 rounds it has a few nicks and scratches from brass and general abuse and it has simply held up beautifully. I could not be more pleased with the Delta Point Pro for this application. Highly recommend. Read more

    4. Joey Heck

      Honestly this sight is trash. First one I ordered didn’t fit so must have been fake. Second one fit and I checked the serial number with leupold to see that it was legit. First off, the dot itself is extremely dull and difficult to even find. You have to play with the on/off a few time to get it on. Trying to regain a sight picture with this dot after firing is very difficult. Lastly, yesterday I went to move the little wedge that holds the battery down and it just came right off. Buddy of mine also has had to return his 3 times for 3 different reasons. Only good thing was it was actually accurate when you could actually line up a sight picture. Definitely switching to the Romeo1 Read more

    5. jkmfromla

      I’ve had 2 on my Glocks (G3 19 & G4 41 MOS) for over a year and they work. I did notice minor zero shift on the one on G19, but it only happened one time and hasn’t occurred since. I have an RMR on G3 34 and it also functions very well, but I prefer the view window on the DPP because it’s much bigger and easier/quicker to get on target. I probably have over 2,000 rounds on the G19 and only had the one minor issue mentioned above so it gets 5 stars. Add Trijicon suppressor sights and you’re good to go (though, it does sit a bit higher on G41 MOS). Read more

    6. Vixx

      I purchased one of these sights for a carry pistol in March of 2017, it has sat on that pistol for more than three years, has never lost zero, and has a battery life that lasts about 10 months of continuous use. However, since I purchased the optic it has displayed a halo effect caused by reflections from the protective panel in front of the emitter, as well as a double dot effect from a partial reflection of the emitter, this issue is present on every brightness setting. I recently sent the optic in for repair of this issue with printouts of the pictures included in the review and an explanation of the issue. I received the optic back from a service center today with the externals of the optic cleaned and the halo effect and double dot still present, indicating that this is how the optic is supposed to function. To me this is unacceptable, to have a premium grade optic that has an issue that is not present in even airsoft quality optics costing a twentieth of the price is ludicrous. I will never be buying another Leupold product and encourage others to do the same. Read more

    7. David L. Staples

      I can’t think of any reason to subtract stars. I have two of these, one on a Glock 34 MOS, the other on a Smith & Wesson Performance Center R8 .357. Installation on the Glock was as simple as could be, as the MOS-series guns are made for mounting several popular dot sights and include hardware for that purpose. On the Smith revolver, which comes with an attachable mounting rail for an optic, a cross-slot adapter was required. (The specific product is the “Leupold Deltapoint Pro Cross Slot Mount.”) The Deltapoint’s controls are simple, and you only have to read through the manual once to get it. The off/on button doubles as the intensity adjustment, and adjustment of dot brightness through several levels is quick and easy, though I have found that a medium intensity works in any conditions from darkness to daylight. The up/down and left/right adjustments are just like a scope’s, so getting the rig sighted in after mounting is similarly easy. The button-cell battery is accessed from the top without dismounting the sight. Neither the reciprocation of the Glock’s slide nor the jolting of full-throttle .357s in the Smith have altered points of impact. On the Smith, which is my at-home defense, the motion-sensed activation feature is convenient, as the sight is turned off while in the drawer but comes on instantly when the piece is picked up. The only cautionary notes I can think of would apply to all dot sights used on handguns. First, if you haven’t tried one before, expect to spend a bit of time building the muscle memory needed to present the piece in the right place (lower than you’re used to) and aligned well enough that you can see the dot in the window. Second, understand that at first you’ll probably shoot slower, for the same reason that people initially tend to shoot slower with lasers: The visual feedback of the bright, sharp dot on the target is extremely clear, so much so that there is a tendency to keep trying to put that wobblin’ dot *perfectly* on the target; you “chase the dot” instead of breaking the shot. Read more

    8. Eric

      This sight works great. It was easily mounted on my Glock 40 MOS with no additional parts needed. With 180 grain Hornady Customs I was making 2 inch groups at 30 yards when I got it sighted in. The selling point versus the Trijicon RMR was the battery port being on top and doesn’t require removal for replacement. Mounted it in November and it’s still on the original battery. Dot is adjustable and sharp! Read more

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