Leupold bx-four pro manual hd 10x42mm binocular

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  • ensure this fits by way of getting into your version number.
  • version #172666 – bx-4 seasoned guide hd 10x42mm in shadow gray
  • elite optical device – leupold’s elite optical machine offers super dawn-to-nightfall light transmission for a vibrant picture while it subjects most, elite-degree glare reduction in harsh light, and the resolution and readability that diehard hunters call for
  • high definition absolutely multi-covered lens machine guarantees maximum brightness for clarity, assessment, and shade fidelity in any respect magnification ranges
  • easy precision vital focusing dial, twist up adjustable eyecups, tri-pod geared up adapter permit for all day glassing comfort
  • 100% water-resistant and fogproof and backed by using leupold’s mythical patron care
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from the manufacturer

wearing a effective magnification, extra low-dispersion glass, and their proprietary twilight max hd light management device, leupold 10×42 bx-4 pro guide hd binoculars deliver bright and sharp high-assessment pics with proper-to-lifestyles color and crisp clarity even when watching at medium to long-variety.

  • magnification: 10x
  • weight (ounces): 24
  • length (in): five. 60
  • eye relief (mm): 16
  • linear fov (ft/1000 yd): 326
  • leupold bx-four seasoned guide hd

    we are relentless due to the fact you’re relentless. You don’t backtrack. You don’t give in. You hold going when others prevent. Regardless of in which you are taking us, at the battlefield, in competition, or on the hunt, we gained’t will let you down.

  • superior low-light overall performance
  • premium side-to-side clarity
  • water resistant, fogproof, and built to carry out for lifestyles
  • twilight max hd mild control machine

    provides up to 30 minutes of extra glassing light at dawn & dusk.

    twist-up eye cups

    offers greater comfort for extending glassing sessions.

    precision focus modifications

    important awareness dial and diopter adjustment provide crystal clean image.

    subject geared up case

    hold your binoculars blanketed, however at the geared up with a top rate case that may open one-surpassed and worn over your shoulder or in your belt.

    twilight max hd mild control system

    twist-up eye cups

    precision awareness changes

    area geared up case

    rugged reliability

    affords top rate decision, depth, and coloration constancy with great clarity at all magnification ranges.

    leupold pioneered waterproofing generation, and nevertheless leads the manner with binoculars which are guaranteed to be surely water-resistant and fogproof regardless of the conditions you use them in.

    long lasting light-weight aluminum housing shrouded in a rubber armor coating that gives a high quality grasp in all conditions.


    Shadow Gray (172666)

    8 reviews for Leupold bx-four pro manual hd 10x42mm binocular

    1. G.S.F.

      I will update this review over the months as I gain hours behind the glass. I am a full purchasing consumer. This review is not based on a free review sample. I am not getting any compensation from the retailer or manufacturer for posting this review Early Impressions, [7/4/20] First off, the seller sent me an 8×42 model instead of the 10×42. Thats alright personally for me since the 8×42 turned out to be preferable for me. Had this actually been the 10×42, there’s a good chance I would have returned it anyways for the 8x. So take this for what its worth. There are several options in the ~$500 ball park. Several of the YT reviewers for all of these models mentioned how well these scale up with more $$ units. Hawke frontier ED Nikon monarch 7 Zeiss terra ED Vortex Viper HD Many Steiner models I eventually went with these leupold BX-4. What sold me was the locking diopter and eye relief. I will be using these actively as a trail hiker & backpacker. They will be slung around my neck/shoulder and no doubt getting bumped around a bit or at least swinging around. So I wanted something with no chance of getting bumped out of adjustment. I could set and forget. The archery / bow hunting forums and YT reviewers kept mentioning these. Several comments how quickly the operator could acquire a clear sight picture, identify game / foliage differences even in dark shadows, set the binos down, re-acquire sight picture, load, draw and fire. I am not into archery or hunting. I have range-shot archery, small caliber rifles and shotgun clays. I am experienced enough to know that sight picture is everything in shooting sports. So I think I was able to use that user feedback and find a product that fits my needs. A lot of reviews also mentioned how much better, brighter, clearer the BX-4 optics are over the BX-1/2/3. Basically $$ well spent without going hog wild on the $1000+ BX-5. Many positive comments on how the BX-4 fills the price-performance gap between the $250 and $1000. So far I am happy with my purchase. I am clearly seeing new things on my hikes. Everything from wildlfe to landscape, so bright, clear and vivid. Just like the archery forums said Its like looking deep INTO shadows and dark areas and seeing into them. Its like seeing into dark shadowy objects with with a good quality flashlight. I would not recommend a 42mm objective if you have size and weight limitations for your load out. Its ~1.5 pounds (663 grams) of glass, metal and plastic. IMHO its Perfectly OK for day hikes. For multi-day section, or through hikes I would go with a much smaller/lighter option…. something in the 8×26 range like a Nikon trailblazer. Read more

    2. S. Pichner

      My husband had these on his wishlist for his 40th birthday. I am super cheap, so the thought of spending this much on binoculars was hard to come to terms with. But my husband is an avid bird nerd, we live in an area that sees a fair amount of birds and wildlife and he only turns 40 once! My father-in-law is an ornithologist and knows a lot about high quality binoculars. I asked him to give his opinion on this gift before I purchased them. He said that the price was very reasonable and the quality is exceptional. I didn’t buy the extra warranty because he told me that the company was extremely reliable about covering their products. My husband is very happy with them and loves any opportunity to take them out. They are very crisp and clear to look through. I’m not finicky, but I will trust the opinion of those that are and say that these are very good quality. The price is still painful to me, but I’m told that you get what you pay for and these are worth it. Read more

    3. Mr. G

      I’m new to binoculars but wanted some nice one’s for hiking and after trying them out I can tell you there nicely made, well built, I could see for a great distance, there clear and the accessories are very nice. Qaulity control could be better and the front and rear caps are thin and flimsy. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to compare these binoculars to others. Yet, I wanted to try out this product as opposed to getting what everyone else got, Vortex, Nikon, etc. I’m glad I got these binoculars as they will be in use for a while. Hope my review was helpful. Read more

    4. Angelo

      The clarity of the glass is above the price point. The next step up is $1000 and I don’t see it as worth it-I would rather have two pairs of these. The optical clarity is on par with my leupold Mark 4 and VX3i scopes. I’ve used these at work for several months looking for and locating smokes while wildland firefighting. The pouch they come with offers good protection to live under the seat in my fire engine. The front lenses covers fall off easily and I’ve already lost them. I’m taking them to Montana this Saturday to hunt for two weeks and have no worries that they will perform. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      They seem ok. I have a 10yr old pair of Nikon ATBs and can’t tell much real difference in optical quality. Matter of fact, had the Monarch 7s came in camo, I would have bought them instead. I do like the center adjustment for the diopter. The eye cups are very hard and not comfortable against my face. The lens caps are terrible. They don’t snap closed good and are held in place with rubber bands. Thy both fell off first time in the field. Found one but not the other. Pretty good bios though. No issues that would make me want to return them. Read more

    6. Josh

      These are by far the best binoculars I have ever owned. The ability to use in low light conditions is amazing! I use these for mainly hunting whitetails and 3D archery shooting. The ability to identify nubs on a fawn bucks head at 100+ yards and rings on a target at 40 yards is very useful. I would definitely recommend these optics if you are on the market for a new pair! Read more

    7. Mark Brisson

      Took them out west on a week long hunt. Great clarity all around and under low light. Comfortable eye relief. My only complaint would be the case comes with two straps that are only attached with two snaps…for how much these cost, I wouldn’t trust that case haha. Do yourself a favor and order a nice bino harness when you buy these. Read more

    8. Happy Boater

      Absolutely phenomenal . I wasn’t sure if the price and value as these are quite expensive . However using them in Newfoundland on a recent moose hunt they were perfect . Great clarity and light. I was looking out over miles And had great detail! Read more

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