Leading edge endeavor xf angled eyepiece spotting scope

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  • make sure this fits via coming into your model quantity.
  • bak4 phase-coated prism, completely multi-covered lenses and first-rate light transmission even in low light conditions
  • rubber armored magnesium frame with constructed in sunshield
  • large and secure angled eyepiece with lengthy eye remedy. Short adjustment recognition wheel
  • a hundred% water resistant and fogproof
  • zoom magnification: 20-60x, goal lens diameter: 80mm, discipline of view: 110 ~ 52 ft/a thousand yards, view angle: 2. 1 ~ 1. 0 levels, near awareness: 19. 7 ~ 21. 33 toes, eye comfort: 19 ~ 20 mm, weight: 59. Three oz.
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the endeavor xf recognizing scope boasts exceptional optical viewing for nature enthusiasts and hunters. It functions a rubber armored magnesium frame and is water resistant submersible, nitrogen stuffed and fog proof. The lenses are completely multi-covered to ensure most fulfilling light transmission and characteristic a segment-coated bak4 roof prism. It capabilities an extendable rubber included eyecup and boasts brilliant eye alleviation even at the highest zoom settings. It also gives a totally stunning discipline of view. A built-in sunshield is protected to put off glare in direct daylight and it includes a padded raincoat with sling for bring and protection. Undertaking xf is prepared with a huge easy focusing wheel for short focusing modifications. The enterprise xf mounts at once to forefront tripod heads (and others) which are prepared with the widespread mounting plate with out using a quick shoe. The tripod mount at the angled scope rotates to present most excellent viewing angles in a selection of conditions together with bench shooting and use with a window mount.


Endeavor XF 60A (15-45×60 mm), Endeavor XF 80A (20-60×80 mm)

6 reviews for Leading edge endeavor xf angled eyepiece spotting scope

  1. Robert Parker

    I’m really happy with this scope for my purpose. I bought it for the rifle range out to 500 yards. I used it on a nice clear day with a lightweight camera tripod. The pros: it is well built. The controls have a satisfying smoothness but feel tight. There was no wobble or noticeable difficulty setting magnification or focus. Most importantly, it was quite clear all the way out to 500 yards. We were shooting heavy .45-70 and .30-06 rounds at steel gongs. On a clear day (70 degrees, sunny, targets shaded), there was NO trouble seeing impact on steel or surrounding dirt anywhere between 200 and 500 yards. It maybe harder on cloudy days or if there isnlits of glare, but we’ll see. At full magnification (45x), it was still quite clear enough FOR THIS PURPOSE. Last, the canvas cover is very useful, making it easy to access the controls but protecting them from dirt and light rain. The cons: Let’s be clear here; this is NOT a Swarovski, Zeiss, Leupold, etc. Therefore, I do not think it is fair to get totally worked up about how it compares to a $1000+ scope. That being said, there was a little purplish tint at the 45x setting and the very slightest amount of fuzziness ar the edges here and there. I was not surprised by this; I expected it, and it was just about exactly the amount I expected. It did not have any significant negative effect on our ability to see bullet impacts at the farthest distances. But it probably would become a bigger issue as you go out toward 1000 yds. My only big gripe is the eye relief. I had to have my eye right up on the viewer to get a full view. It would have been nice to get a bit more space between my eye and the eyepiece. In conclusion, I’m very happy with this scope and would absolutely buy it again. I strongly recommend it for hobby-level viewing at ar least 300-500 yards. It’s exactly what I need, especially for the price, for my needs. I wouldn’t recommend it for that once-in-a-lifetime elk or moose hunting trip; for that I’d want something physically smaller and probably better glass for low-light and crappy weather conditions. But for the range, this thing is awesome. I wanted to give it 5 stars, but the slight issues with clarity at 45x (while expected) and the eye relief were just enough for me to believe 4 stars is the most appropriate rating. Read more

  2. Tand M Ricks

    I just purchased this scope and had some time with it in daylight. Im impressed with the durability and quality of the scope for its price range. I had a Flicker in view from 100 yrds @ 30x. Could make out plummage details easily. Like others have posted, the focus knob is smooth and the zoom eyepiece is a bit tight.but not horribly so. The eye relief is good and the sunshield is helpful. The optics wont match a zeiss or similar high end instrument for quality, but the XF 60A delivers nice crisp views and seems to have sweet spot around 30 or 35x. It will do the full 45x but exit pupil is small and the image does dim. But hey, thats true of most scopes with this aperature, I got this scope for other reasons and frankly wouldnt use the 45x setting very often. So I am quite satisfied with the scopes quality . As an owner of a astronmical telescope (Meade 8″ Schmitt-Cass) which will show me just about anything I want in the night time. But I needed something for daytime. I needed 3 things in purchasing a spotter. Portability, price and the best quality I can get. I wanted a scope for daytime use that I can take anywhere and a small tripod to go with it and have it all fit in a backpack. This scope fits the bill and it will be quite useful for digiscoping with my wife’s Nikon D5200 and the Vanguard PA202 adapter. I also purchased a MeFoto Daytrip tripod that works great as a table top tripod. Im really looking forward to hikes and roadtrips with this compact and well built scope. Being able to view and digiscope wildlife from a great distance is a real cool thing to enhance the great outdoors. This scope is very portable, good quality and at a good price. Read more

  3. Curtis Breuer

    I have had this product for a few months now and have a chance to test it on numerous outings. Primarily, I use this product for bird watching, especially on lakes where the binoculars do not have enough reach. I chose this particular model because I bought the Vanguard Endeavor 8×42 binoculars and was extremely impressed with the build quality as well as the fantastic clarity. While I must admit this scope isn’t quite as clear as the bins, I am pleased with the construction and value for the optics. You could spend much more on a spotting scope (and I do recommend that you do if you have the budget as well as a known interest) however, for a first spotting scope, this is definitely an excellent buy. I did a lot of research on other brands and more expensive models, but I kept coming back to this one, and for good reason. The clarity is good up for most of the focal range and the color abbreviation is decent. The overall build quality is fantastic and it does not feel like a cheap piece of equipment. If you are new to birding or wildlife viewing and this will be your first scope, don’t forget that a good spotting scope experience is only fun and enjoyable IF you have a solid stand. Consider the cost of a solid tripod in your budget because hand-holding a scope is a nightmare. I have done a small amount of digiscoping simply with a cell phone camera and the results are fine for my purposes. Overall, I would recommend this scope for the beginner or the wildlife enthusiast on a budget. Read more

  4. Nathan Hillenbrand

    I bought it to hunt with it. It’s nice and light for a spotting scope but I found that it’s not worth packing around that weight. I found it easier to spot with my binoculars. If you zoom in much with this spotting scope it’s not clear and therefore hard to see the animal clearly. It’s better at close range but if you have binoculars then why buy this too? Read more

  5. Pete Machen

    I bought this scope for the rifle range. I haven’t tested it beyond 200 yards, but I can see the shots on target at 200 yards even at the 15x setting. The 30x setting at 200 yards is equivalent to 15x at 100 yards. A great scope for my needs. Read more

  6. Craig V

    Initial use very nice. Solid piece of equipment Read more

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