Lasermax centerfire laser (pink) cf-lcp for use on ruger lcp

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  • make sure this fits by using coming into your version number.
  • introducing our new laser centerfire mild (red) that’s tough bolstered nylon design supplying advanced integration with firearm frame.
  • this gun laser is easily programmable for consistent or high-vis pulsed beam making it extra versatile therefore increasing its usage.
  • long lasting and durable, one of the foremost feature of this first-class laser is that it’s far observed with 10 minutes’ automated time-out prevents inadvertent battery drain.
  • laser coloration is ambidextrous with faucet on/tap off switch reinforcing safe firearm managing functions.
  • this energy complete laser is absolutely adjustable for wind age and elevation; magnificence iiia laser product: <5mw strength output.
  • magnificence iiia laser, <5mw energy output

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lasermax – a worldwide leader in superior laser sighting generation and answers

a legacy of innovation – smooth to imitate, hard to suit. Correct, rugged, demonstrated.

past sheer ruggedness, constructing merchandise for the arena’s hardest clients calls for originality. After all, what customers need and what customers want is continuously converting. At lasermax, research and development has always been the dominant thrust of our paintings. This cognizance has resulted in greater recreation-converting technological innovation than every other laser sight producer. Whilst you absolutely care approximately your clients as a good deal as we do, “right sufficient” is truely now not good enough. We have a look at matters in another way. Right down to the most subtle components of form, feature, fit, end: no small element escapes the awareness of lasermax inventors and technicians. Your lasermax sight has this legacy of innovation built in.

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product description

why laser max? Laser max merchandise have grown to come to be a international leader in hardened and miniaturized laser structures, supplying a complete line of premium laser points of interest for home protection, personal safety and education use. The organization’s business commercial enterprise provides laser sighting answers and tactical lights to the firearm oem and retail channels. Laser max has evolved huge highbrow assets in laser generation, ensuing in a complete ip portfolio. Laser max’s business commercial enterprise became lately acquired by crossman business enterprise which become founded in 1923; crossman has been driven by using the steadfast pursuit of satisfactory and innovation. Crossman’s records is rooted inside the air gun industry, where nowadays crossman stays the marketplace leader in air guns, air gun ammunition, and consumables. Similarly to air guns, crossman has a diversified product lineup within the outdoor carrying items industry that includes airsoft as well as firearms optics and archery products underneath the centerpoint logo. Crossman is a subsidiary of compass various holdings inc. An critical sighting device for training, hid bring, domestic defense, and backup use, the cf-lcp initiatives a brilliant purple aiming factor downrange – the right supplement to ruger’s small and without problems concealed lcp pistol. Rounded and blended to ensure a smooth draw, the cf-lcp mounts to the body without permanent alteration and offers ambidextrous switching to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters. Maximum operators document instantaneous development to hit ratios after installing a middle fire laser sight. Extra capabilities: • tough strengthened nylon design offers advanced integration with firearm frame • easily programmable for regular or high-vis pulsed beam • 10-minute automatic time-out prevents inadvertent battery drain • ambidextrous faucet on/tap off switch reinforces safe firearm coping with • fully adjustable for wind age and elevation. Battery life – 4+ hours.

3 reviews for Lasermax centerfire laser (pink) cf-lcp for use on ruger lcp

  1. The Review

    Another addition to my Ruger LCP. $75.00 rounded up, well spent for something that’s more precious “life.” I purchased this product because I wanted to have accuracy at 20 yards, and now that is achievable. Most people are curious as to why I would want to zero my laser at 20 yards, for a .380 pocket pistol, please allow me to elaborate. I do not use my laser unless the distance is 20 yards, on occasion I will train using the laser at 15 yards, but that is it. Anything closer I will use my fixed sights. I simply have the laser just because in a real world scenario I must be proficient with my CCW at any distance, or at least to max effect range. If I needed to achieve distance I possess a tool that will accommodate such distances. In my case 20 yards being my lasers zero. *I would like to mention that the laser will have some difficulty being seated if you have a Hogue LCP Handall Grip, simply because of the small contact it has under the trigger guard. Just pull the sleeve down to clear the install process, then let it mold around your laser. Read more

  2. Silver City Slim

    After reading the reviews posted for this item and comparing local prices to Amazon’s, I decided to give it a shot, as it were. The laser sight arrived in good shape, exterior and interior packaging intact. It was very easy to install on the Ruger LCP. I used a sandbag rest to “zero” it at about 30 feet, comparing the dot to where the iron sights were registering. Took it to the range and it was dead on at the 30 yard line, and it still is after having put another 150 rounds through the pistol with and without using the laser. Read the instructions before installing it, especially re: the self-tapping screws – care must be used to assure that they go in straight. Time will tell if the Lasermax sight holds up, but so far it’s doing great, so – 5 stars. Update – 4/13/16: After about 200 – 300 rounds, the laser started turning itself off and on – sometimes a shot would turn it off, other times a shot would turn it on. The switch wouldn’t turn it off or on, but a shot or racking the slide to chamber a new round might. When it WAS on, the light was intermittently either very bright or so dim it could not be seen on the target paper at 7 yards. I went on LaserMax’s website and filled out a comment form detailing the problems and noting that I had registered the sight for warranty purposes online subsequent to its purchase. To my great surprise and delight, I got a note back within 48 hours (it might have come in sooner – that’s just how long I waited to re-check my email inbox) from LaserMax apologizing for the problem and stating that they had already shipped me a replacement by USPS 2nd-day service, along with a pre-paid return label so I could send the defective unit back to them! They even included a tracking number for the replacement. The new sight arrived on the evening of the 3rd day – which was no big deal in the big-picture view of things. I registered the new unit for warranty purposes online right away, and then I followed their return instructions and took the package up to the post office the following day. The new unit installed easily, adjusted easily, and now, after about 150 rounds downrange – is still holding true and shining brightly, both on pulsed and constant-on settings. It does admirably well out at 10 yards and even beyond that. Kudos to LaserMax for making a great product and for standing behind it with awesome customer service. I’m in the market for a guide rod laser, and as soon as I save the bucks for that, it’ll be a LaserMax. Read more

  3. Thomaswde

    I waited til I had owned this product for about a month to write a review so that I would have some experience with it. I’ll be detailed but brief. Pros: * Looks awesome! I believe IMO that this is the aesthetically best laser option for this BUG. Perfectly compliments the natural lines of the pistol. * Reflexive activation. The button bar which can be actuated from either side is in just the right place for easy activation during draw. I find that in a natural draw motion I am able to switch it on without any added effort or thought. * Battery life. I’ve operated the laser dozens of times over the past month and the laser is still on the first battery no problem at all. I’ll probably replace it soon before it goes out just to be safe since this is a EDC weapon for me. * Brightness. Very adequate, in mid to low light there is no issue spotting the dot whatsoever, in darkness the range is hundreds of yards. * Zero. I simply zeroed the laser to be in “co witness” with the iron sights and then headed to the range. I was able to effortlessly ring a 12″ steel target at 40 Yards from the hip. Zero was still dead on after a whole range session. Enough said. * Durability. I wish I hadn’t had to test this but I did. While out shooting it was a rainy day and I was not under cover. The pistol got fairly wet and then insult to injury I went to sit the unloaded gun down while I loaded a mag and dropped it directly into a mud puddle. Not a shining moment. When I retrieved the weapon the laser was still on but had mud caked on the lens to the point where it wouldn’t shine thru. I was able to use a Q-Tip and alcohol to clean it off and finish my range session. Got home, stripped and cleaned everything including the laser and it is still perfectly zero, bright, and functional. Very happy with that. Cons: NONE! I literally can’t think of one thing I would change. I carry my pistol with a versacarry which is an open style holster clip and it has come on while on me before but that had everything to do with my clothing and carry configuration coupled with an open holster design and not any flaw in the lasermax design. Just be mindful of how you carry and how that may or may not work with the addition of an apparatus like a laser. I was easily able to slightly alter my carry position and keep the versacarry with no problems. Overall I highly recommend. It is a great addition to this quality 380 Ruger and dramatically improves reflexive shooting accuracy over the built in irons. Statistically most defensive shootings happen at around 3 yards and at that range a laser or even sights are not necessary but if you want to remain effective at 10 yards or more adding a laser dramatically improves the weapon’s combat effective range under stress. Read more

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