Laserlyte laser sight instructor with push button activation, auto-off feature and ambidextrous operation for competition, protective capturing and ccw

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  • ensure this suits by means of coming into your version range.
  • ease of use: laser is push activated, with ambidextrous buttons and can be used as a schooling laser for practising shot placement or as an aiming aid for flinch practice and hid deliver situations
  • feature: capabilities a consistent laser and flashing laser modes and one push activates laser mode, push and preserve one button for pulse mode, keep both buttons down for laser instructor mode (make certain the weapon is unloaded while the use of this mode)
  • dependable: laser functions an auto-power off function to make sure an extended battery life
  • versatility: available for numerous models which includes all hello-factor 9mm, 380 acp, 40 s&w, 45 acp, diamondback 380 and 9mm, ruger lcp, lc9, lc9s, lc380, sccy cpx-1, cpx-2, taurus tcp and slender

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from the producer

dry fire, ccw and accuracy improvement products

weapon lasers are constructed of heavy obligation fabric and make certain speedy acquisition in a those dire moments

laserlyte gives a wide kind of training gear such as laser cartridges and audible digital objectives for indoor dry fire exercise

sight in your guns with the bore sighting kits that include the entirety had to get on the right track

product description

it’s miles a laser sight, it’s far a laser teacher, it’s far all-in-one on your gun. The package comes with exclusive size housings for a custom suit to your particular gun. The laser unit speedy swaps among housings for the duration of installation. The laser gun sight will put you accurately on track and adjusts to the bullet effect. The steady dot mode or flashing dot mode is programmable to the shooter’s needs. The auto-off characteristic will robotically turn the laser off after 6 mins to shop battery life. The sound-activated laser instructor flashes the laser for 1/10th of a 2nd. If the laser is a dot, first rate shot. If the laser is a streak, awful method. Educate at domestic with the comfort of your favorite couch and aircon. Store time on trips to the variety. Store cash on ammo and gas. Power output: 650nm, 5mw, class iiia well suited firearms: hello-factor 380acp, 9mm, 40sw, and 45acp programmable: dual mode regular on and pulse, vehicle-off in 6 minutes built-in laser trainer mode for dry-hearth practice batteries: 3 x 392 battery lifestyles: actual usage 5 hours steady on, 10 hours pulse mode weight: . Seventy five oz/zero. 0213 kg fabric: fifty five% glass stuffed nylon and aircraft grade 6061 aluminum duration: 1. 52 inches/three. 86 cm width: . 76 inches/ 1. Ninety three cm peak: 1. 70 inches/four. 32 cm

8 reviews for Laserlyte laser sight instructor with push button activation, auto-off feature and ambidextrous operation for competition, protective capturing and ccw

  1. NRA Guy

    Bought the .45 acp at Cabela’s, primarily for home defense. Have a Ruger to conceal carry. Ordered the holster that holds an extra magazine & fits the laser as well. Not sure about anyone else, but when I got mine in the mail, it was ready to install for a 9mm. Not a big deal, just had to change the parts around to fit my 45. However, I have one HUGE complaint, but not by the fault of the manufacturer AT ALL !!! The 1/4″ long screw that holds the electronic module for the laser, the short Alan screws, the buttons to activate the laser, and the small round screw that holds the batteries in were WAY TOO SMALL for my liking. See, I have VERY large hands & fingers, and trying to grab such small hardware items were about enough to drive me crazy, even with tools to help me. It took me almost an hour to install it, but that’s the disadvantage of having big hands. For me, it was a clumsy experience, but I’m VERY happy with the way it turned out. It looks great, the laser looks like it’s integrated on the gun & not something that was bought aftermarket, and when pulled out, is a very intimidating weapon !!! It took me probably 25 rounds to zero it in to my liking, and after I zeroed it in, I’ve put about 500 more rounds through it. It has held zero since & I love it. Have bought 5 more magazines for it, a speed loader, and different grips for it. Looks pretty sick now. If you can’t find hi-point accessories here on Amazon, they are really easy to find & there’s a pretty good variety available. Final words…great laser for the price, some “installation difficulty,” (for those with big hands), variety of accessories available, looks nice, holds zero once zeroed in, and has a great holster that holds the gun (with laser on it), and room for a 2nd magazine. Glad I bought it, has been a great “addition to the family.” Read more

  2. Sheboygan

    Laughably bad instructions. I ordered for my .40 The housing for the .40 didn’t fit. The one marked .45 seemed like it would fit. I needed to swap the laser unit from the one that was supposed to fit, to the other one. Again… no instructions. I was never able to accomplish that. It felt like it had been superglued into the housing. No visible screws. I have no idea. After about 45 minutes I got tired of the BS. It is a piece of crap. Read more

  3. -a|ex

    works fine for training. you can really tell how shaky one’s aim is. unfortunately, that’s the only thing it’s good for. the button is too small to activate and doesn’t have a momentary setting. you have to click on it once to activate and click it again to deactivate. also has a useless strobe feature. the material is lightweight plastic. quality is not worth the price. it’s about the same quality of a $25 chinese airsoft laser. Read more

  4. Bill Henry

    This laser sight fits the Hi-Point pistol perfectly. I really liked that. It was sleek and small. The first one I received wouldn’t turn on. I pressed the buttons several times and only got the occasional flash. The light never stayed on. I sent it back and looked forward to getting a good one. The second one came. I tried the light and it came on! After mounting it, again, perfect fit, the spot was to far left. I adjusted it right and it moved right but it stopped a few inches left of center standing at about 8′ from the target. Not good. I wanted to try for the “third times the charm” but Amazon wouldn’t exchange it for some reason. I took the refund. Sorry it didn’t work. Read more

  5. CEO

    Looks good, actually the color is more of a charcoal gray than the light grey shown on the picture. Easy to install, but the short push button on the left side was missing and I had to cut and modify a spare long button included ( cut and sanded to fit). After installation the push buttons did not move and erratic functioning of the laser light made it useless. I took it apart and sanded the inside tips of the push buttons until they worked (feel the click) this was a trial and error process. The tolerances are way off. By the way, it was installed on Hi Point 380 ACP. Read more

  6. Peter S.

    works very good only reason 4 stars is after its installed and tight their is still a little play that can throw off the accuracy….. its minor but putting it in and out of a case or holster doses cause a slight movement you can easily move it back but still moves a little….It is very well made and good adjustments to move the dot. Read more

  7. Lee

    Arrived on time. I’ve looked at other lasers for my .40 HiPoint S&W & this one looks like a clear winner. I forgot this one fits around the trigger guard & it took me 10 min longer to install it because I was trying to attach it to the rail only lol. But it actually fits very snug to the rear part of the rail & the trigger guard. Matches gun color & fits very well. It comes with two sets of parts to fit all HiPoint pistols. So whichever set fits the left side of the trigger guard is the set you’ll use. I had to remove the laser housing from the set that didn’t fit & put it in the set that did fit..took about a minute. I noticed the laser already had batteries in it & it came with extra batteries! I continued to follow the directions & I had to re-align the button for the laser because one side didn’t work when I put both sides together. Don’t worry, it says in the directions to make sure both buttons, left & right, operate the laser when pressed. Once I got both buttons working & the housing was secure, I put the three screws in & began tightening them. Once tightened, it’s ready to go..well if you’re looking for accuracy, you should take your gun & the little sight adjuster to the gun range so you can zero the laser in. I’m sure the staff will be willing to help you do this if you don’t know how. So far it’s been great. I purchased this case for my gun since it is designed to hold a gun with laser attachment & it fits great. The laser doesn’t come on while in the carry case so you don’t have to worry about that. Read more

  8. JOANN

    The instruction for installation are almost worthless. Took an hour to figure it out. The problem is there are two housings that fit two different models of Hi Point pistols and you have to switch one out. There are extra pieces that don’t go anywhere to add to the confusion. once installed the sight is easy to adjust on target. Read more

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