Laserlyte laser sight instructor for sccy cpx 1 2 black tan red. Laser dot for instant intention. Laser instructor for firearm schooling. Push button activation for easy use. Vehicle-off to keep battery lifestyles

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  • ensure this fits by way of coming into your model quantity.
  • laser gun sight: when hooked up regulate the laser to bullet effect. Use the laser to speedy purpose at your target. Use the laser to rapidly goal after the gun recoils. Use the laser to train new or challenged shooters
  • laser teacher: the sound activated laser fires a purple dot for 1/10 of a 2d simulating bullet impact. Use the teacher for trigger manage exercise. Use the teacher for educating new or newbie shooters
  • push button activation: simple and speedy push button activation. Use either facet to show the laser on or off, this machine is fully ambidextrous custom match: this system will comprise one laser unit and 3 sets of laser our bodies
  • this gun sight is the brightest and most effective laser we’re legally allowed to provide. The intense laser dot can be seen over 100 yards away at night time. Strength output: 630 – 670nm, < 5mw, elegance: iiia
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dry fire, ccw and accuracy improvement products

weapon lasers are built of heavy obligation material and make sure rapid acquisition in a the ones dire moments

laserlyte gives a wide type of training gear which includes laser cartridges and audible digital targets for indoor dry hearth exercise

sight on your weapons with the bore sighting kits that encompass the entirety needed to get on track

product description

it’s miles a laser sight, it’s far a laser instructor, it’s far all-in-one for your gun. The package comes with three unique colored housings for a custom suit and look in your unique gun. The laser unit quick swaps among housings all through installation. The laser gun sight will put you correctly on track and adjusts to the bullet impact. The constant dot mode or flashing dot mode is programmable to the shooter’s needs. The automobile-off feature will routinely flip the laser off after 6 minutes to keep battery lifestyles. The sound-activated laser instructor flashes the laser for 1/tenth of a 2nd. If the laser is a dot, splendid shot. If the laser is a streak, terrible method. Train at home with the comfort of your favored couch and aircon. Shop time on journeys to the variety. Keep cash on ammo and gasoline. Strength output: 650nm, 5mw, magnificence iiiacompatible firearms: sccy cpx-1 and cpx-2 fashions-programmable: dual mode consistent on and pulse, car off in 6 minutes-integrated laser teacher mode for dry-fireplace practice-batteries: 3 x 392-battery existence: actual usage five hours regular on, 10 hours pulse mode-weight: . Seventy five oz/zero. 0213 kg-cloth: 55% glass filled nylon and plane grade 6061 aluminum-length: 2. 40 inches/6. 096 cm-width: . Seventy four inches/ 1. 87 cm-top: 1. 25 inches/three. 175 cm



7 reviews for Laserlyte laser sight instructor for sccy cpx 1 2 black tan red. Laser dot for instant intention. Laser instructor for firearm schooling. Push button activation for easy use. Vehicle-off to keep battery lifestyles

  1. Hooligun

    Perfect for what it is made for. Installs and becomes a part of the gun not an ugly add on Really like the training function : EMPTY GUN FIRST- Hold both buttons down for 5 sec to activate training laser and now it will fire the laser briefly with the trigger pull to see where your shots hit and will work with laserlyte training targets so you can set up your own indoor course on those wet boring winter days. Hold both buttons down again for 5 seconds to go back to normal mode. COOL FUNCTION! Wanted somthing the wife could handle on her gun to train with and also be able to aim quickly in panic situations if needed. LASER is BRIGHT I read some reviews that said it was not but I could not expect any better. The button does turn on when putting in or out of her kydex holster but the auto off feature does not wear down much battery and She likes it because it comes on when She draws so I do not consider that a bad thing. Got an Amazon wherehouse deal making this a steal. Upgrades the gun completely and statistics show women tend to use thier guns more for self defense in dark situations which makes this almost an essential component . Purchase now if you own an SCCY Read more

  2. Kindle Customer-x

    Ignore the original review that appears to have been the result of a third party. LaserLyte contacted me for more information and apparently the unit I was sent had missing assembly screws and an extraneous one. At LaserLyte’s INSISTENCE they are replacing the unit with a new one. Totally unexpected response!!!! Also the laser turns off after 5 minutes if accidentally turned on to save batteries. Kudos to LaserLyte. IGNORE the remainder as it reflects a problem introduced in the distribution process. LaserLyte is making good on someone else’s problem. Don’t buy, this and expect it to work properly. Shipped with wrong screws that broke off when trying to seat them. Screws are too short to engage the other half of housing. Also heads of screws too large to go into recess in plastic. One brass and one steel. No info on which went were and unfortunately I tried the brass one first. As to design, the engineer drawing plans needs retraining; as the two halves will not join completely together, the surfaces that meet are curved by design and leave a 1/8 inch gap at the slide. The internal housing is a bit too large such that the laser module is loose and required shimming to get it near to alignment. Have not tried it on range to see if it cowitnesses enough to be accurate. Additionally the designer placed the laser on buttons in the perfect location to turn on the laser as you holster the firearm. Oh and if you try turning them on so that the holstering process turns them off, no luck, the laser stays on. All in all a relatively expensive lesson, the only good point is I got it on sale so I didn’t pay full price. The bad part is trying to get the broken screw out I damaged the shell and can’t return the censored product. WARNING, the SCCY trigger lock won’t go on with this or any trigger guard mount laser. Also the viability of my after market clamp on lock is marginal due to the smaller size of the trigger guard. So in my opinion if you live in a jurisdiction requiring one make sure you find a lock that works with an after market laser for your SCCY. Read more

  3. K. miller

    purchased this for the daughter’s SCCY2, allowing more confident daily carry use. the good… the price is great, the fit is good, and the color match is very good. tools to install the laser are included. the bad… instructions show putting 2 fixative screws through the right side of the laser. Done. First trip to the range the left panel kept coming off. Cannot put screws through both sides as the screw goes through more than half way. Have TEMPORARILY addressed this with one screw through left and one through right. Worse… I contacted the company… the opposing screws are not a lasting fix. NO RESPONSE after 2 weeks. I include an image showing the match, and 3 exemplars of the laser… the most dim is (sadly) the LaserLyte. But the batteries are smaller than either the crimson trace (red) or Q laser (green) that are on other firearms. So it is dim… it is also visible. And the training function is very nice. Is it worth the cost? If LaserLyte responds with a means of fixing the laser without a jury rigged system, yes. But you get what you pay for, too. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    Received item quick and installed easy. Unfortunately the laser refused to adjust, so it would not zero. I called Laserlyte several times and they never answered the phone. Only a B.S. recording that says “We are helping other callers, please leave your name, number, etc.” Needless to say, they never contacted me. Poor Quality, Poor customer service. Read more

  5. Faye Neldon

    It fit the pistol perfectly; the complaint of not being able to keep the button in place while assembling was solved with a small piece of tape. However the laser is pitifully dim. I doubt it is actually 5 mw as advertised. I have other 5 mw lasers that are much brighter than this one. The laser diode may also be poorly aligned with the hole in the housing. This item is also one of the older models that does not have the audio sensor that fires the laser when the hammer is clicked to allow it to be used as a training laser. Read more

  6. TJ

    LOOKS RATHER FLIMSY,,,BUT,,,Once on the gun,,it’s perfect fit makes it strong and looks like a part of the gun,,,,works good too and accurate adjustment screws are great Read more

  7. Hardriver

    Looks great on the gun and works good with my laser sensitive target. Save $$$$ practicing your trigger control and sight picture in your living room. Now like most pistol lasers, the laser dot will wash out in bright sunlight. This is not a substitute for learning to use your factory dot sights. Read more

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