Konus – konushot 7235 – 3x-12x40mm zoom riflescope

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  • make certain this suits by using coming into your model number.
  • dependable: the konushot three-12×40 has steel creation designed to resist the most severe environments. Even altitude adjustments will not purpose your konushot to fog, leak, or lose alignment.
  • coated optics: the konushot has covered optics, imparting awesome luminosity, and a wide area of view.
  • 4-times zoom ratio: the 3x-12×40 gives a “four-instances” zoom ratio no longer usually determined on scopes at this price, making it the best model for marksmanship as well as hunting.
  • lens caps and cleaning fabric: the konushot 3x-12×40 includes lens caps and a cleaning material.
  • nitrogen purged: as with every konus scopes, they may be nitrogen purged for authentic water-proof & fogproof integrity, in addition to being shockproof.

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7 reviews for Konus – konushot 7235 – 3x-12x40mm zoom riflescope

  1. Steve T.

    What an absolute piece of Junk. I know it’s a low end scope but you expect to be able to see through it. If you zoom past 6x it is completely blurry. Don’t buy this scope. Read more

  2. Gregory Flynn

    very good product and service Read more

  3. doug

    installed on a new savage b-mag 17 win.super mag…perfect for the caliber…good glass..good repeatability with turrets.. hard to find fault at these prices.. Read more

  4. JB

    Konus has yet to disappoint me. Clear, crisp image, accurate adjustments. I’ve pulled off some shots that were just as great with $500+ optics. Sometimes, these cheapies actually hold zero better. Read more

  5. nicholas

    Clear lenses, cheap as dirt, and on a .22 lr it couldn’t be better. Read more

  6. John Crossland

    I had a Nikko Sterling 4×32 fixed scope with 3/8 rings fitted and found it fine, and I now have this Konushot 3-12×40 scope with 3/8 rings fitted and find it a real upgrade. The 3-12 instead of a 3-9 gives a 4x not a 3x zoom range. The turrets open to adjusters with finger grips, so you don’t need to use a coin to adjust them. The Konus is nicely made from alloy including turret caps that have rubber bases for sealing. The eye relief is 3-4″ and the 30/30 plex reticle is very clear. I was expecting a dimmer variable scope than my fixed scope, but its brighter with a bigger 40mm objective. Just mounted this on my Crosman Copperhead and found the eye relief is perfect for me at about 3″ when mounted at the back of the rail so I don’t have to lean forward when I shoulder it. Reticle is very clear and crisp. Glad I got this instead of a Nikko Sterling Mountmaster that has a HMD (Half Mil Dot) reticle that I find isn’t as clear as a 30/30 plex reticle as fitted to the Konus Konushot. Read more

  7. nom de plume

    Update: I had a local shop put new rings on it a few months ago. At the time there were no problems with the clarity at 12x. I took it back out last weekend and at 12x the image was blurry. 10x was bright, clear and sharp. Not sure if the local shop damaged the scope or if some sort of defect manifested. For 100 & 200 yard ranges it is still great. 300 yards, I think I’ll be looking at just getting on black. =================== I just purchased one of these from my local store for use on my .308 rifle. Looking at the glass the image at 3x all the way up to 12x is bright, clear and crisp. I have read some reviews that the recoil from a .308 has caused the reticle to change position internally causing problems with zeroing the scope to the rifle. I have not noticed that problem. As a basic, no frills scope this seems to work perfectly well. If the more advanced Konus Pro scopes are “better” than the Shot series I should think I would be very pleased with such a good quality scope at such a competitive price point. Read more

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