Joola rally tl – professional mdf indoor table tennis desk w/ short clamp ping pong net & publish set – 10 minute smooth assembly – nook ball holders – ping pong table w/ playback mode

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  • ensure this suits through getting into your version range.
  • event first-rate at home: competition-grade 9×5 foot regulation length indoor table tennis desk and internet set perfect for your property, office or community center. Desk pinnacle fabric- wood surface. Leg material- steel
  • no problem, brief set-up: comes 95% pre-assembled. Assembly time: 15 mins and you’re geared up to play! Truly connect the legs with simplest eight bolts total. Tournament grade net is a easy clamp design for easy attachment.
  • dependable/stage play: long lasting 5/8 inch (15 mm) thick medium-density fiberboard (mdf) multi-layer painted surface for a consistent and dependable ball leap. The desk sits on thick metal legs with leg peak adjusters to ensure a stage playing floor.
  • separate halves for playback mode & compact garage: folding halves sit on separate 4-wheel trolley systems for mobility when alone or nested collectively. Utilising the automated anti-tilting locks, without problems spread one desk 1/2 for solo playback mode
  • corner ball holders and abacus scorer: similarly to the glossy, black pinnacle, the table features four ball holders and two magnetic abacus scorers making it a first rate, stylish addition to any home. Each ball holder holds 3 40mm joola table tennis balls.
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desk features

the two halves of the joola rally tl three hundred may be utilized in playback role for solo exercise or can be used as absolutely separate multi-purposeful tables.

the joola rally tl three hundred comes with a clamp-style net with tension adjustments it really is smooth enough to gather and fix in seconds.

the joola rally tl three hundred capabilities 4 corner ball holders and magnetic abacus scorers making it a exquisite, stylish addition to any home. Each ball holder holds 3 40mm joola table tennis balls.

the joola rally tl three hundred is supported by means of robust powder-lined metal legs with rubber leg levelers that maintain your floors scratch-loose and permit custom height modifications for a completely level gambling surface.

five/8 inch (15 mm) charcoal desk top

presenting tremendous soar and durability, this five/8 inch tabletop is perfect for gamers of all talent stages. The charcoal tabletop features silk-screened white striping this is published directly at the tabletop to create a regular and durable gambling floor.

3 inch locking casters

three-inch caster wheels go with the flow easily to make shifting the table easy. Every half of of the table has 4 wheels, so you can pass the table as an entire or while separated. This permits for clean and compact garage whilst the table is folded. Every caster wheel also capabilities locking gadgets to ensure balance even as gambling and safety when storing.

safety latch

for brought protection and to prevent your desk from starting suddenly, the protection latch gadget on the bottom of the desk secures the table pinnacle into the upright position.

1. Five inch tube aprons

the 1. 5 inch apron facilitates to offer an excellent bounce across the entire table surface.

5/8 inch (15 mm) charcoal desk pinnacle

three inch locking casters

protection latch

1. 5 inch tube aprons


15mm(5/8in) Top & 30x30mm Frame, 18mm(3/4in) Top & 40x40mm Frame, 25mm(1in) Top & 50x50mm Frame

5 reviews for Joola rally tl – professional mdf indoor table tennis desk w/ short clamp ping pong net & publish set – 10 minute smooth assembly – nook ball holders – ping pong table w/ playback mode

  1. Robby

    Edit: the table is great, but the customer support/service from JOOLA is the worst I’ve ever experienced (not exaggerating). First of all, my original inquiry regarding the missing pieces took 8 days, and that was after a follow up email from me. The missing parts then took another 40 (yes, forty) days to arrive and were partially defective when received, which I was able to fix at home, but it wasn’t well received after waiting nearly 2 months to get all of the ordered product. The original package included a coupon to get free balls if submitting a review online, which I did (below). I never received the balls, and when inquiring with customer service, they said the order was being filled. I’ve followed up twice now, with no response. Table = 5 stars, less 1 for the incomplete package and painful/timely process to get all the pieces. Service = 0 starts Net Score = 2 stars Original: I’ve been contemplating getting a table tennis set for a while now, and am glad to have spent the extra dollars for a great quality one! The build quality of this table is fabulous. Assembly was SO simple and only took 15 minutes. Folding it up for minimal space storage is wonderful, and folding it down and putting it into place for play is absolutely pleasing. The product was missing the ball holder plates and the abacus scorer pieces, which JOOLA promptly sent out as soon as I was able to reach them. Those pieces are en route, but I’m sure they will be of excellent quality as the rest of the table is. Family and friends have been enjoying the table with me for the couple weeks that I’ve had it so far. Excellent Product! Read more

  2. A D HSV

    I received my table today and feel quiet disappointed with quality of the table (especially from things that are not depended on delivery, but due to lack of initial quality control). Package did get wet and damaged on one corner, which resulted in damages to two corners (one on each table halves). What I am more disappointed are the other things that could not have happen due poor delivery. There are several holes drilled by mistake on the underside of both table halves (example one near the latch). The net arrived dirt in some kind of oily yellow stains (visible on one of my photos). There are portions of top side of table that definitely had damages, but damages were simply painted over and patched by white paint or primer (two images – one on corner, another closer to middle of the table). Baskets for balls are poor quality and two arrived very deformed, one has latching piece almost really ready to break off. Lastly, one of the wheels keep bending under table pressure unless I position it in a certain way. Because of this, one table half also failes to roll properly, bad L keeps getting locked. I strongly suspect it might break off, unless I just leave table in unfolded position. I will need to contact JOOLA if they can at least replace one of the legs with the defective wheel and oil stained net. Otherwise, I will mostly return it. The quality that is not depended on deliver is very poor. JOOLA has also a promo to get free balls and asked to review several categories. NoHere are summary of each: Assembly: Overall good. All parts and screws were included. Everything predrilled correctly. Assembly was relatively easy. Required two people be left table on the ground. Storage: Could been good if not for defect. Problems arrive from table mobility (due to defective wheel) Table mobility: Not good due to defective wheel. One table half pretty much can not be moved around. I expect the wheel to break off if I will keep moving it, so most likely option will be to leave this table permenantly in unfolded position. How table plays: Table playing surface is fairly good. There are several scratches in few places. There are also larger defects (especially on edges or corners) which have been painted over with white paint or a primer (paint doesn’t match 100% to the base color of the white stripes, making it very obvious). Read more

  3. S. Mazzuca

    Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table with Corner Ball Holders and Magnetic Scorers After reading many reviews for all brands of tables. We decided to choose this one based on product descriptions, features, and reviews. We are very satisfied with our choice and play every day. The table was delivered earlier than scheduled which made us happy. The table is very easy to set up and came with great instructions; easy to read and follow. The craftsmanship is awesome. The table is easy to level and maneuver with a good solid playing surface and nice painted lines. The ball holders on all four corners are extremely convenient. I love the volume of the ping as the ball strikes the table. Read more

  4. Valerie Crow

    I looked and looked for a table. When I settled on the Joola Rally TL 300 I knew I had the one. It came in one large box. We had to assemble it when we got it in but that was easy. It is heavy. It was a very heavy box but two men can move it. We did, downstairs. When we opened the box it had two parts. You put the legs down and put two castor legs on each half with 2 bolts, washers and nuts each. 8 total bolts. We then slid it together and put the net on it. The net is really cool because it is a like a very strong clothes pin but it pinches and levels both halves of the table. We have played so much in one night. We love it. Build solid. Ball holders are cool too. I like it a lot. I for sure would buy this one again. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I just received it today and have played about 6 games. Everything works well except possibly the bounce. It could be the balls, b ut I suspect it was because we were playing on a hardwood table, which had excellent bounce, and this one, which has little bounce. Perhaps this is unfair to compare. I’ll updated after I’ve gotten used to it. UPDATE: Now that I have had it for a few days and played on it more, I’ve gotten used to the bounce. It is otherwise well made, very easy to assemble and a lot of fun. Read more

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