Joola interior – professional mdf indoor table tennis desk with quick clamp ping pong internet and submit set – 10 minute easy meeting – ping pong table with single player playback mode

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  • make sure this suits by way of getting into your model wide variety.
  • joola – an olympic desk tennis logo depended on for 60+ years: launched inside the nineteen fifties, joola has been the proud sponsor of the largest tournaments inside the world, such as the olympics, international championships, and us open. Gadget designed for all stages.
  • 15mm mdf floor event pleasant at domestic: the joola inside table tennis table is a competition grade, law length indoor ping pong desk, best for playing in your house, office, or endeavor center.
  • easy and quick meeting: set up this pinnacle-performing table tennis desk in about 10 mins out of the field. The match-grade regulation length seventy two” ping pong net set has a handy clamp machine for fast attaching and getting rid of from the table.
  • secure, mobile, compact storage: the two halves and three” lockable wheels and casters makes this ping pong table easy to roll and move around while no longer in use. May be used as an outdoor ping pong desk on a clean, sunny day. Does now not encompass ping pong paddles.
  • one hundred% pleasure guarantee: joola listens and learns from your remarks to create top of the line best table tennis system for children & adults. In case you’re not 100% glad or have product pointers our customer service crew is available to assist.
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table functions

the joola inside 15 functions a completely unique -halves design in which every table half of may be completely separated and used personally as multi-use tables. The joola interior 15’s maximum popular secondary use is the playback role pictured above.

every separate half of the joola internal desk capabilities a strong undercarriage that consists of foldable 1. Five-inch metallic legs and three-inch locking caster wheels. The unique, unbiased layout of the inside desk lets in the table halves to nest into one another for convenient, compact garage. The table weighs 149 lbs and is made from top-excellent materials allowing it to withstand excessive play and long-time period use.

the joola internal 15 comes with a clamp-fashion, heavy-responsibility internet with tension modifications that is smooth sufficient to gather and fix in seconds. The premium high-quality and durability of the joola inside net set makes it an excellent match for our internal desk.

the joola interior 15 is supported by 1. Five inch sturdy black powder-covered metal legs with rubber leg levelers that preserve your floors scratch-loose and enable custom top modifications for a completely stage gambling floor.

desk features

three-inch caster wheels float effortlessly to make transferring the inner desk easy. Every half of the desk has four wheels, so that you can move the desk as a whole or whilst separated. This permits for smooth and compact storage whilst the desk is folded. Each caster wheel also capabilities locking devices to make certain balance at the same time as gambling and safety when storing.

the joola interior table capabilities a spring loaded safety latch machine on the bottom of the table. This device locks the desk top into the upright role, presenting you with delivered protection and stopping your table from unfolding unexpectedly.

the 1. Five inch metallic tube aprons help the match-fine desk pinnacle to provide our champions with an excellent bounce across the whole floor of the desk. Our aprons also provide additional help to ensure the table pinnacle stays flat and steady for years yet to come. The joola inside 15 apron capabilities black matte powder coating and silkscreen joola trademarks increasing sturdiness and allowing you to expose off that joola aptitude.

product description

the joola inside table tennis table with internet set has been joola’s excellent-promoting table year after year this is the proper desk for each person seeking out a a laugh-crammed sport of table tennis at an low cost price. This superb desk tennis desk comes 95% pre-assembled and is prepared to play in only 10 mins! A sleek frame and separable nesting halves make this table ideal for compact storage. The expert-grade wood composite surface creates a constant ball bounce and sturdiness. Additionally, the apron and robust steel legs are used to create a durable table that lasts for years. The desk legs characteristic adjustable peak levelers to make sure a degree gambling surface and locking caster wheels for added balance. The joola internal desk functions twin safety anti-tilting locking gadgets to make sure protection when the desk is in each gambling and storage positions. The covered internet and publish set capabilities a simple, detachable clamp put up and an adjustable internet anxiety system. Begin playing like a champion with gadget evolved for champions


13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm

6 reviews for Joola interior – professional mdf indoor table tennis desk with quick clamp ping pong internet and submit set – 10 minute easy meeting – ping pong table with single player playback mode

  1. Tanner

    The surface of the table began to bubble after about 10 months despite being kept inside where the humidity was kept between 40-50% at all times. When I contacted JOOLA, they told me that they wouldn’t honor their one year warranty on the table and that the damage was caused by me. After a lot of back and forth, I settled for their offer of a couple of free paddles to close the claim. I didn’t have the time to go on arguing with them any longer. Next time I will choose a different brand. Beware. Read more

  2. Ekstein

    We are loving this table. It was super easy to assemble, although i would recommend having two people, due to the weight of the pieces. I was a little surprised that the pieces are completely separate, but upon reviewing the product description, it states it pretty clearly. The pieces do NOT attach together at all. You have to place them together and attach the net to play. Once i got used to this, it was no big deal, and my son and i play every day. Putting up one side for practice is a little awkward if your table is on carpet (like mine) as you have to separate the pieces, fold it up (super easy), and then put the pieces back together. As long as you don’t plan to do this often, it is no big deal. For the price, i would definitely recommend this table for a first time purchase. I also want to state clearly and upfront that Joola has a program where they give away a free 6 pack of balls to people who give positive reviews. I wouldn’t post a review unless i meant it, and I may not receive the balls because of this caveat. I would rather not get the balls than compromise my integrity in posting this review. Read more

  3. IDiC

    If you are considering price, quality in construction and careful/packing & shipping, then this is the table you want. After getting everything unpacked and started playing, it was fantastic. The quality of the construction is amazing, as well as it’s overall appearance. When they say it is a 20 minute setup, it is! Search on u-tube, or go to Joola web site and view their install video. It will prove just how easy the table is to assemble. I do recommend having 2 people to be able to lift as it is bulky. Once upright after the wheels are attached both halves of the table are very easy to move around to wherever you want to put it. The net installs in minutes as well! That said, there are no UNPACKING instructions. Remember, this box is 197 pounds when delivered by common carrier! I will comment on each picture on what I did to simply the process to get everything out of the shipping container and ready to go. Hope it helps! 1. Picture of box when delivered. Make sure it is facing up as shown. Trying to unpack everything with the box up side down will make things a lot more difficult. 2. I used the three tools below. (A) a box cutter. I went around all 4 sides and cut the tape first. (B) Slotted screwdriver. (C) Set of pliers 3. Picture of the staples which I again removed from all 4 sides before attempting to take off the top cover. I used the screwdriver to pry them off far enough to grab them with the pliers and pull them the rest of the way out. May seem tedious (about 10-12 staples total), however trying to rip the cardboard open is not an easy task as they are really stapled in. 4. Picture once you get the top cover off. If all the staples are removed and the tape cut, the cover will come right off. 5. Will need box cutter or scissors to cut the nylon strapping. 6. To provide extra protection, there is a strong thin layer of particle board that is glued to the inside of the top cover, as well as 4 wooden boards wrapped in cardboard to prevent any of the product from shifting during shipment. There was some damage to the box in several areas on the top, but that extra layer of protection really did a great job. 7. Also, find 4 rubber protectors in each corner as well. 8. The two halves of the table will be the last you need to remove. Again, due to bulk and weight, recommend two people get it to its final destination for assembly. 9. Included documentation. EXTRA NOTE: be sure the table is as level as possible, and be sure to lock the 8 wheels in place using the lever on each wheel. It really helped steady the table in place very securely to prevent the table from moving during play! For a quality, well built, professional ping pong table for your home this is a must purchase. There are other options of enjoyment for 1 person that may want to practice as well. Hope this helps, and you enjoy your table as much as we do! Read more

  4. Guitar Traveler

    Where to begin? Table arrived encased in very protective box. Delivery was right on time. As we opened up the legs on the first half of the table 4 screws that were stripped fell out of one of the attachments. I had to find 4 screws to replace them that were slightly larger. Found 6 more screws that were not screwed in at all. Screwed them in. After setting up the table I found 4 bolts that were not tightened sufficiently and tightened them. Each of the tables halves has a locking mechanism and one of the locking mechanisms does not release correctly. So I have to get a large screw driver and pry it out each time we want to use the table. For the price we paid I expected a much, much better product. Read more

  5. Scotty

    Returning it because of so many issues before I even got to use it. To preface, the shipping box was fine. The issues: 1. There was damage to one of the casters where the locking mechanism is broken. 2. One of the wheels doesn’t rotate and ends up dragging the wheel. 3. The crappy plastic wheels each has a pointy piece of plastic that scratched up the floor. Cost me $500 to have the floor pulled up and the gouged pieces removed. Ugh 4. Part of the apron was bent out. 5. There was rust on some of the metal pieces. 6. The net didn’t come with clamps but screw on mounts. 7. Let them know by email and they said oh well, return it. I’m pretty disappointed that I bought the expensive table and got garbage. I recommend avoiding Joola. Read more

  6. Fredonyer it is!

    This is a quality table, and for what I consider a value price. The risk is with receiving a damaged table due to handling/shipping. If you consider that it weighs ~200lb, and has 90 degree corners, it’s quite a shipping feat to deliver… Free prime shipping blows my mind! (they shipped it to my twice… with this expense in mind, not sure how they make money on it?!?!) . Anyway, I rejected the first table I received due to a table edge being damaged, so I suggest a thorough review of the table surface (specifically the corners/edges). Luckily, the second table I received in good condition. This table is very solid, and well engineered. I expect my family/friends to get a lot of use out of it. My middle school daughters are able to convert it so that it stores, or set up half so that they can practice on their own. For those with space limitation, this ability to transform paired with ease of conversion, is an appealing feature. Thanks for reading my review–good luck! Read more

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