Jfit dumbbell pairs and sets – eight vinyl dumbbell pairs alternatives or five neoprene dumbbell rack set options – top rate non-slip, colour coded hex fashioned hand weights – health club, pilates, strength training workout routines

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  • make certain this suits through coming into your version number.
  • 18 lb set with rack: set consists of 4lb, 3lb, & 2lb neoprene pairs and durable plastic stand, easy to collect with screwdriver
  • neoprene covered weights: pump up your ordinary with those neoprene coated hand dumbbell pairs from jfit with a purpose to by no means rust or damage your flooring, and with their anti-rolling hex layout, your free weights received’t roll away making them easy to stack
  • neoprene covered weights: pump up your ordinary with these neoprene lined hand dumbbell pairs from jfit so one can in no way rust or harm your flooring, and with their anti-rolling hex layout, your free weights received’t roll away making them smooth to stack
  • attain your goals: perfect for basic fitness, stability, and weight control, dumbbells also are terrific for aerobics, cardio, yoga, and power-constructing, helping in sporting activities that burn calories and improve stamina
  • construct your depth: sold in pairs, our long lasting neoprene covered dumbbells characteristic vivid colorations and easy-to-study numbers, imparting a comfortable grip and protection against calluses as you push via your workout
  • compact and handy: presenting a hexagon design, those anti-rolling unfastened weights are clean on the wrists and perfect for home use, travel, outdoors, or at the health club, allowing you to take your workout anyplace you pass
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vinyl covered hex dumbbell pairs

  • each weight is marked with the weight on the quit of the dumbbell
  • each pair is indexed as what every character weight is (no longer the overall weight of the 2)
  • vinyl coated with colourful colors to easily become aware of one of a kind weights
  • packed with long lasting solid iron
  • notable manner to sculpt and tone your body, upload to aerobic, use for remedy
  • neoprene dumbbell sets – available in a couple of weights

  • 18 lb set (2, 3, and four lb pairs), 20 lb set (2, three, and 5 lb pairs), 24 lb set (2, 4, and six lb pairs), 32 lb set (3, five, and eight lb pairs)
  • 46 lb set (five, 8, and 10 lb pairs), 60 lb set (eight, 10, and 12 lb pairs), 74 lb set (10, 12, and 15 lb pairs)
  • durable plastic dumbbell rack

  • shop up to 3 sets of dumbbells
  • holds as much as forty pounds of general weight
  • blend and fit your preferred neoprene or vinyl covered weights
  • easy to bring together with only a screwdriver
  • defend your dumbbells and ground by retaining them smartly in a rack
  • now not all weights are identical

    we take unique pride in ensuring our weights are made with natural iron and double dipped to lessen flaking and chipping.

    vinyl or neoprene

    our phthalate free vinyl dumbbells come as unmarried pairs and feature a softer finish. The neoprene dumbbells are in sets of three and a pleasing grip.

    hex design

    the specific hex layout permits the load to stay in area and no longer roll far from you at the same time as acting ground sporting events (such as planks).

    positioned in montana

    we are here inside the states to answer questions!


    c) 4 Pound Pair – Silver, k) 18 lb Set – 4, 3 & 2 lb Pairs, l) 20 lb Set – 5, 3 & 2 lb Pairs, m) 24 lb Set – 6, 4 & 2 lb Pairs, n) 32 lb Set – 8, 5 & 3 lb Pairs, o) 46 lb Set – 10, 8 & 5 lb Pairs, p) 60 lb Set – 12, 10 & 8 lb Pairs, q) 74 lb Set – 15, 12 & 10 lb Pairs, r) Black – Holds up to 40 lbs


    Vinyl Dumbbell Pair, Dumbbell Set with Rack, 60 lb Set – 12, 10 & 8 lb Pairs, Rack ONLY

    8 reviews for Jfit dumbbell pairs and sets – eight vinyl dumbbell pairs alternatives or five neoprene dumbbell rack set options – top rate non-slip, colour coded hex fashioned hand weights – health club, pilates, strength training workout routines

    1. Amazon Customer

      I like the coating on these weights, but each set is not the same weight. I noticed that the middle part of the 5 and 3 pound sets were not the same – one was definitely thicker than the other. I thought maybe, for some weird reason, two different molds were used for the same weight dumbbell, but eventually I weighed both of the 3 lb weights on my food scale. Turns out one is 2.5 lbs and the other is 3.7. This is super disappointing and annoying. So I assume the 5 and 8 pound weights are not even between sets either. Now I have to try to switch the dumbbells between hands after each set so that both sides even out. Super frustrating. Read more

    2. Sean R. Burns

      One of the 8 lb dumbbells arrived damaged. The coating is cut and pealing off handle. Trying to find out if I can get replacement for just 8 lb dumbbell or if entire set needs to be returned? Unfortunately there is not an option I can see for this in returns/exchanges. Please see pictures. Read more

    3. Customer

      This item comes with a very cheaply made holder that is in no way shape or form made to hold the weights. The color was also slightly off from the picture. I expected better quality for the price. I have made several attempts to get a refund and it has been very difficult. I DO NOT recommend this company for purchases, be cautious they may not want to refund you even if it is not what they claim!!! Read more

    4. lp-TN-001

      I got the 3-5-8 lb set of weights and have been using them to begin strength training. The comments others have made about the plastic rack are true. Don’t waste your time putting it together. Any number of people probably want a tidy storage place for everything and the vendor has tried to oblige. In this instance it’s just not necessary. The weights are good and I now have them stacked neatly in a living room corner. Stacked together they take up much less space than they did when they were placed in the rack. Besides, as each weight has its own color it’s easy to differentiate the 3 from the 5 from the 8-lb weight. They don’t need their own special rack “address”. And, because of the hexagonal ends they certainly don’t roll around. I’m glad to have found this set at a good price and look forward to working my way up to the higher weights. Read more

    5. JLW (lance)

      The weights arrived and are suitable for my needs. However, the weights were mailed without a box. It appears they took the salvageable pieces and taped them around the weights; then they put some caution tape and a label on them and mailed the dumbbells. All of that would be fine, except for the fact that there is no stand/rack included—which was the main reason I purchased this compact set. The delivery system would just be unattractive and not an issue if the rack had been included. Amazon will refund if returned by 9/5, which is more than an issue because the weight set is 74 pounds. As a New Yorker without a car, there is no way to get these weights to a UPS store without the total process becoming a burdensome nightmare. And there is no way listed to contact the seller. If the rack could be sent, the issue would be resolved, but there is no system in place to have this done. Read more

    6. SCOOTER42

      Weights are just right for my purpose, well-made and I like the stands small footprint. But the advertised product as being of all steel design is VERY MISLEADING, as the stand is just plastic. Nowhere else in the product description does it advise as to the stands material. With the weights in place, the stand easily wobbles from side-to-side like a San Francisco high-rise in an earthquake. You just need to be careful with the stand. The stand could have been easily made out of a couple pieces of stamped steel with very little extra cost. I checked Amazon and other sites for a similar size and designed steel stand w/o luck. Read more

    7. kevin young

      got a good deal for the dumbells and they are a decent set, the stand is a joke…cheap thin plastic that cracked the 1st time one side was emptied and to much weight for the plastic connectors to take. so now they sit on a wood shelf i built to replace. i would buy for the weights, but expect the stand to break. i wouldn’t even mess with putting it together. Read more

    8. Healthy Tips

      I purchased the 3-5-8 lb set of weights to use for strength training. The plastic rack is durable and easy to put together with a Philips-head screwdriver (despite previous testimonies – perhaps they have improved it). The weights are good quality, and the hexagonal ends are very useful to prevent them from rolling. The weights arrived well packaged and the manufacturer (JFit) included a note in the package assuring me that if I had any issues with the product that they would be there to take care of it. They provided an email and phone number. I could not be more pleased! Read more

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