Izod guys’s nine. Five” instantly fit swingflex golf short

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  • one hundred% polyester
  • device wash
  • solar-manipulate with upf-15 uv protective technology, so you can look sharp with out traumatic approximately the sun’s dangerous rays
  • moisture wicking houses pull moisture faraway from the frame preserving you dry and feeling cool
  • swing flex four-way stretch material stretches both crosswise and lengthwise, allowing for max consolation in all guidelines
  • clean care: device cleanable so you can put on it instantly from the dryer
  • pair those classic golf shorts with considered one of our golf performance polos to complete your look on the path
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product description

hit the hyperlinks in style with these smooth 9. Five” immediately match golfing shorts. These shorts feature swingflex stretch that is four-manner stretch cloth that stretches each crosswise and lengthwise to permit for maximum comfort and motion in all directions. Moisture wicking properties preserve you dry via pulling away moisture from the frame, an vital for the course. Plus, you’ll be covered with upf-15 protecting era so you can appearance sharp with out stressful about the sun’s rays. This straight fit sits decrease at the waist and stays straight through the leg.


29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44


Caviar, Khaki, Midnight, Nickel, Stonedust

8 reviews for Izod guys’s nine. Five” instantly fit swingflex golf short

  1. CountryLane

    OK, by “full range of sizes”, I don’t mean that it fits everyone from 3 year olds to NFL lineman. Rather, IZOD is one of the few firms that offers waist sizes in other than even numbers. If you hate choosing between too tight and too loose, IZOD has you covered. The waistband has a siliconized strip for holding your shirt tail in and while the pockets are mesh at the top they are full fabric in the bottom 4″. This makes them a little cooler while reducing damage from keys, tees and other pointy objects that love tearing holes in mesh linings. At the price point, it’s a real winner! Read more

  2. Jason

    I bought these in a blue with a 31 waist and at the time they were $6.27, with all the other colors and waste being listed between $24 and $30 each so I thought this was too good to be true. I ordered two pairs because at this price, why not? I figured this was too good to be true and something must be wrong with them. Both pairs back pockets were sewn shut just like other users experienced but I could care less. If you have a pair of scissors and understand how thread works you can fix both back pockets in under a minute. A stitch was put in near the top incorrectly closing the pockets so simply remove it and they’re like nothing happened. The easiest way for me was to put my hand inside the pocket with the pants inside out all the way to the top to find the stitching and remove it. Honestly, I will do this all day on golf apparel for an 80% discount! Read more

  3. Jonathan Goode

    These are the perfect golf shorts. These are my fourth pair. Great price for quality golf shorts. Waist band has a tacky strip tonkeep your shirt tucked in. Very breathable. The inside of the front pockets have mesh to help keep cool. The pockets are not too deep, which I find more comfortable when storing tees, pitch mark too, etc. They don’t wrinkle like lesser quality shorts made of lesser quality material. These are top notch shorts. As good or better than FJ, Under Armor, Adidas, Puma shorts I’ve worn but half the price. They fit true to size. All four pairs that I have for the exact same. Not too long, not too short. Sharp, clean look. Read more

  4. Boilermaker

    These shorts are tight through the seat and thighs. I am 6 feet tall and 170 lbs. I wear a 31-inch waist and am slim. The waist fit just fine, the shorts were snug through the seat and thighs while standing, sitting was difficult as they became very tight. I am returning these to try to find a pair which is cut more generously through the seat and thighs. If you have super skinny legs these will work for you, but if you have normal or muscular legs then the fit will be too tight. Read more

  5. Kitty

    These shorts are comfortable and lightweight. They are excellent summer shorts. These are the rare golf shorts that come in a size 35, and for me, the fit is perfect. They are not narrow and tight through the hips. The front pockets are mesh, which I like. The pockets are also shallow, which for a golf short is good because you don’t have to reach in all the way up to your elbow to get something out, and then turn your pocket inside out trying to pull your sweaty hand out. There is no ‘tech’ pocket for your iPhone or whatever yardage gadget you like to use. That’s a disappointment. In my opinion, these shorts are a little over priced as the quality of workmanship is marginal at best. Stitching is not that good and looks kind of ragged. If you play a lot of golf like I do, I would not expect these to last more than one year. I also noticed, and this is a little weird, that the fly seems a little small. Oh yeah, the back pockets are sewn shut so you have to break the threads to open them up. Not a big deal. The best golf shorts, IMO, are the Greg Norman shorts with the tech pocket. Unfortunately for me, the size 36 is too big and the size 34 is too small. These IZOD shorts at size 35 fit perfectly. I give them a recommendation rating of four stars. Read more

  6. M

    This represents the worst part about buying clothes online. I have three pairs of shorts that are IZOD Golf Classic Fit, size 36, purchased at Macy’s for $25/ea. I bought these pair for $10, listed as exactly the same shorts: IZOD Golf Classic Fit, size 36. The material is less than impressive, but not terrible. The cut is different, the banding around the waist is thinner, and the size is way too small, by a lot, even though it say 36,like my other Izod shorts. I am not going to question if this is genuinely a IZOD pair of shorts. I will take it at face value that it is, but it is nothing of the quality of the IZOD Golf Classic Fit, size 36, shorts I buy at the store. Hmmm. Avoid. Read more

  7. Russell S.

    I bought the midnight (blue) pair because I like the grey pair so much, especially the 9″ inseam, but it turns out the blue has a 9 1/2″ inseam for the same size waist (34″), and they are really two different pairs of shorts, which you can see in the pictures. I haven’t worn the blue yet because I’m considering sending them back due to the inseam difference, so I’ll leave my original comment about the grey shorts that I posted a few months ago…. These are some of the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever owned, and the silicone strip in the waist band keeps my shirt in place the entire golf round. Extremely soft and cool, but great quality. The only problem I have is with the size of the belt loops. I have a woven belt with a leather end that isn’t huge by any means but BARELY fits in the loops, and these are the only shorts I have that problem with. If you use a wide belt, these shorts probably aren’t for you. Read more

  8. Brad

    Product quality is very good but the sizing (as in all IZOD) is smaller that stated. I would bump it a size up as you would in their polos. Read more

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