Innova itx9900 inversion desk with air lumbar support

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  • make certain this suits via getting into your version range.
  • presenting an air lumbar help that allows you to control the amount of aid is wanted for your lower back
  • six (6) position perspective adjustable pin with brought shielding cover for smooth positioning and safer inverting over strap system
  • real stability gadget for clean inverting with ergonomical ankle keeping system
  • progressed ergonomic ankle protecting device with huge front holder and smaller rear holder, to relieve the pressures at the ankle whilst inverting
  • comprises users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in with a 300 lbs. Weight potential
  • assembled product dimensions (l x w x h): 5. 50 x 22. 50 x fifty one. 00 inches
  • recreation kind: fitness & yoga

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heavy responsibility deluxe inversion table with air lumbar help

the innova itx9900 is a heavy duty inversion table that includes many new features that set it apart from different inversion tables. Beginning with it’s air lumbar pad that lets in customers to control the quantity of guide wanted of their lumbar pad.

this model additionally functions a massive backrest pad and soft touch foam handlebars to provide a relaxed, easy inversion. However those functions are just the fundamentals. The itx9900’s authentic stability device lets in each person to find their own unique middle of gravity. The six attitude pin device allows customers to accept as true with that the itx9900 will effortlessly, correctly, and consistently deliver at the greatest inversion experience

the itx9900’s genuine balance gadget features two adjustable capabilities, to assist every person person form the smoothest and most cozy inversion experience for them. The genuine balance shape can regulate the headrest pad and the height to micromanage the center of gravity.

the itx9900 capabilities a patented defensive cowl for the six angle pin gadget and is easy to alter. Just position the pin in the preferred angle and know that your inversion function could be secure, at ease and steady every time. Vintage tether strap structures require the consumer to dismount totally and climb underneath the desk to modify and can loosen after repeated use.

  • 300 lb consumer weight capacity
  • meeting required
  • air support lumbar pad
  • longer ankle protecting knob for less difficult launch
  • true stability device for easy inverting
  • 6-pin angle choice device with gentle foam handlebars
  • massive, secure backrest pad with adjustable headrest pad
  • ergonomical ankle conserving device
  • innova fitness & fitness

    to allow customers to decide how a great deal aid they need in the lumbar pad.

    for a more secure and extra regular inversion.

    clean to regulate to house every man or woman’s body type (peak/weight distribution).

    functions a longer ankle locking device with the front and rear u-shaped holders for a relaxed, cozy inversion.

    person settings: four’10” to six’6″.

    weight ability: 300 lb.

    headrest: three positions to assist find a greater relaxing inversion.

    backrest: padded for consolation and big to accommodate all frame sizes.

    for a more comfy grip.

    for easy inversion.

    product description

    our contemporary innova fitness itx9900 heavy obligation deluxe inversion desk with air lumbar aid brings inverting to a whole new level. The air lumbar guide allows you to control the quantity of support needed for your lower back, providing a more relaxed inversion enjoy. This unit functions our specific 6-position inversion pin that replaces the old style strap and without problems adjusts, making varying stages of inversion simple. Our 2-way adjustment machine allows you to regulate both the headrest and the peak adjustment to locate your ideal middle of gravity for an simpler, smoother inversion. The padded backrest support additionally offers greater comfort. This unit is product of heavy gauge steel tubing and boasts a consumer weight capability of 300 lbs and contains users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in. Order with self belief as this unit consists of a three hundred and sixty five days . Protection information: seek advice from a certified health practitioner earlier than the use of this inversion desk. Some clinical situations might not be suitable to be used with this product. Disclaimer: although we attempt to make sure all product information and information is correct, there may be slight variations by means of the manufacturer. Real product packaging and substances may also range and may include exclusive data than proven on our product web page or internet site. Please do not depend solely at the information supplied and make sure to read all labels, warnings, and instructions before using the product. For extra information at the product, please do not hesitate to touch the producer.

    3 reviews for Innova itx9900 inversion desk with air lumbar support

    1. jeffree

      Glad I spent some time researching makes and models–and which helpful features are typical of higher-end models, most beyond my price limit. My search eventually led me to this well priced model because of these particular traits: (1) better safety features like the security pin, rod, and cover, (2) a comfortable board, and roomy/long enough for a 6′ guy like me, (3) double ankle clamps rather than less comfortable/secure rollers, (4) adjustable lumbar support, and (5) a significantly longer lock-release lever for feet, eliminating the need to bend way down after a session. This new model includes them all, a welcome surprise for me given the relatively low cost. Assembly was easy to follow and complete although certainly time-consuming (~2 hours for me at a slow pace), but everything works well and seems solid. Fit and finish are not perfect but seem reasonable for the price. Very satisfied overall with this particular model all the way from initial unpacking to assembly to performance. Turns out that the upscale features suggested by many reviewers, regardless of brand or model, are helpful for me as well. If any of these features work for you, keep them in mind as you compare your options. This table’s hard to beat at this price point, at least at the time of this review. Read more

    2. Courtney

      The Innova ITX9900 has given me much relief although it’s not being used in the traditional sense. I had been experiencing back and debilitating radiating pain down my leg for 9 months. I had been through PT, a few different prescriptions, taken bottles of motrin within a month or two and nothing was helping. Well, pills covered up the symptoms but were not curing the underlying problem. I was scheduled for 2 MRIs when this table was delivered. Unfortunately, using it the “correct” way caused some problems. For one, clamping my ankles in was not good support. As I inverted I slid about 4 inches. I almost can wiggle my foot out if I try. My ankles are only slightly larger than my wrists. My husbands ankles are not small and he also slid 4 inches as well. Sliding 4 inches also messed up the tables balance. I then had to pull myself up which caused much strain and back pain. I really wish the feet locked in like most other inversion tables. Clamping down the feet, not holding onto the ankles. Sliding 4 inches felt like my feet were gonna RIP off and also was causing more pain to my sciatic nerve through my foot. Also getting on and off the table, since it doesn’t completely straighten, puts pressure on my lower back which is where my pain is at. I thought the lumbar support would be awesome but that too added to more pain creating a bigger arch in my back and more pressure on my lower back as I inverted. It made sense to me to lay on my stomach instead of my back. I researched to see if this was ok. Sure enough I came across the Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table for $800. I’ve even seen it selling for $1,200 on other sites. This is a table which some PT offices use. With that in mind I tried laying on my stomach. I would lock in the good leg and keep the other loose. Then I stopped locking in both and let my legs just lay on the supports. What I discovered was AMAZING!!! I keep the table locked at the 30 mark but control the inversion with my arms. I follow what my back is telling me. I may stay at one spot for a while and then change as needed. Sometimes I rock back and forth slowly which also helps. I’m usually at a pretty flat level. You really don’t need too much of an incline to recieve relief. I find if I go down more it pulls a little on my back causing discomfort. Also, sometimes I may feel some discomfort on the table, but once I’m off I feel really good. One other thing I do is I put my elbows on the cushion lifting my upper body. Kind of like a surfer on a surfboard waiting for a wave. Using my body I can make the table move up and down slowly. This also feels great on my back. Then I found out my MRI results. I have a 2.1 CM herniated disc at my L5 & S1. I was grateful to finally know the cause of my debilitating pain and excited to have gotten relief from the table. I had stopped using motrin a month before using the table due to bad side effects of chronic use. I was suffering in pain tremendously. Then I got the table and I’ve been using it for a month now. I use it as needed throughout the day. If I’ve been sitting too long and I’m starting to hurt I hop onto the table for relief. It’s wonderful! I’m still debating on minimally invasive surgery or not. I’m just grateful this table has been the one clear choice I’ve made that’s given me positive results and gotten me almost pain free, which was not possible before without medication of some kind. I apologize for such a lengthy review. I just hope if there’s people out there like me who bought this table and they find it’s hurting them using it the traditional way, I don’t want them to think they’ve wasted their money. It can work even better if you try using it in the unconventional way. Use at your own risk and listen to your body. I myself found it safer laying on my stomach than my back. I no longer strain to use it by myself and finally have relief which has been a GODSEND!!! I’m not healed but functioning better than before. Only time will tell how much better I get. I hope this helped and good luck to you! Read more

    3. Nojo

      I am 72 years old, 6ft. 1in. And weigh 203 lbs. I have only had this table for a few days but I don’t see anything about it that can go wrong. It is well made. I could say well made for the price but I don’t know how it could be made better. I guess they could use even heavier material but then you couldn’t move it. After getting it unpacked it took probably 1 1/2 hrs to put together. I wouldn’t want to use the tools that came with it. If you don’t have a ratchet wrench and sockets then you are probably not very mechanical and better get help. The only mistake I made was putting the table on backwards the first time. Watch out for that. They suggest starting out cautiously and working your way up to more time and steeper inclines. That is good advice. I kind of learned that the first day. I really over stretched myself. I am loving this table . I don’t know about the cheaper tables but I don’t see why I would want anything better than this table. If you put it on the right setting for your body you can just raise your arms and it will start moving back and down. When you’re ready to go back up, a slight pull and away you go. Read more

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