Ideal fitness multi-gymnasium doorway pull up bar and transportable health club machine

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  • portable gymnasium that may be used as a doorway pull up bar or became over to carry out situps, push-ups, and dips; three hundred pound weight ability
  • huge grip curved ergonomic handles offer three grip options for huge, near, and hammer grip pullups; padded handles make certain consolation for take a seat-ups, push-ups, and dips
  • turn over and vicinity on the floor for sit down-ups, pushups and dips; padded handles make sure correct form, and offer consolation
  • patented door body protect and adjustable design securely suits door frames up to 33 inches extensive and up to six inches deep
  • assembled dimensions: 15 x 38 x 14 inches, weight: eight pounds; producer’s twelve months assurance
  • best health
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the correct health multi-gymnasium is a portable fitness center machine that may be used as a doorway pull up bar or at the floor for sit down-ups, pushups and dips. All best health multi-gyms target palms, chest, center and back muscle mass with exercises that ensure most muscle engagement. Offering padded handles that offer 3 grip positions to carry out normal grip, wide grip, and hammer grip pull-ups (compact game version has grip positions for normal or hammer grip pull-ups), the bar has a 300-pound ability making it secure to apply with a weight vest. While grew to become over, the multi-gymnasium may be used at the floor to perform sit-ups, pushups and dips; padded handles offer comfort and help to make certain correct form. Multi-gymnasium game, seasoned, and elite function patented door body guards that use a completely unique flat design with thick foam pads to help guard doorframes. All multi-gyms are easy to put in and do now not require any drilling. Width is adjustable (pro version also adjusts for top): multi-gymnasium elite and pro securely suits door frames up to 33 inches wide and up to six inches deep; multi-fitness center game securely fits door frames 27 – 35 inches wide. Assembled dimensions: recreation measures 11 x 36. Five x 12 inches, weighs four. 8 pounds; pro measures 15 x 38 x 14 inches, weighs 6. 2 kilos; elite measures 15 x 38 x 14 inches, weighs eight kilos. Producer’s one-year guarantee.


Elite – Ergonomic Wide Grip, Pro – Wide Grip Handles, Sport – Compact

5 reviews for Ideal fitness multi-gymnasium doorway pull up bar and transportable health club machine

  1. Lulu

    I bought this because I figured my 5-year-old Iron Gym could use a replacement. Not that I felt unsafe using it, but just for good measure. I purchased and assembled the “Pro” model of this product. I had to adjust the connections a couple times to get the right fit, with the horizontal bars horizontal to fit my wall thickness and molding thickness, which was fine. A combination of bolt hole options did end up working for my frame/wall situation. So I put some weight on it but saw that the right side would slide down the frame but the left side was relatively firm. I looked closer and the part that rests above the molding was not making contact on one side. So when I put weight on it the part would flex in to touch the wall above the molding, while the handle would lower. Take the weight off, and the part above the molding flexes away on one side while the handle raises back up. I double checked all the connections which were good but I noticed that the 4 “members” were not “square” with each other. I pulled it apart to check the J-bars and it turns out one was bent more than the other one, keeping the whole thing from fitting together square/plumb. Certainly this would not distribute the weight evenly across the door frame and likely either the frame or the pull up bar would end up breaking. The side with the smaller-angle J bar would be taking disproportionate load, over and over and the side with the larger-angle J bar would be flopping around, even with the tinfoil (minor exaggeration) “safety clip”. The flexing back and forth demonstrably loosens the bolted connections after only a few loading cycles. I am returning this item because my 5-year-old Iron Gym is of better manufactured quality and is more safe and secure. Perfect Fitness: Please implement some kind of QA/QC program. It looks like several users of your product have already injured themselves. I am not taking the risk. Amazon: Please be careful about the products you recommend or send to the top of the list. The product is rated for 300 lbs but many people are reporting failures of the hardware (which is cheap) or the door frames (which is surely caused by the uneven distribution of forces when the thing is not symmetrical due to inconsistent manufacturing as I have described above). Hopefully this review is useful to Amazon, the vendor and prospective customers alike. Read more

  2. Slim

    PROS: • No holds to drill and damage door frame • Skeptical to hang body weight off ground for first time, but it held up just fine • Feels solid and sturdy • Assembly was fairly easy, requiring only 4 allen screws and 2 allen tools, albeit the instruction guide process was lacking • Support foam grip pads are sweat absorbent, providing a text soft texture to grip and prevent callous build-up • Different positioning of support foam grip pads allow different pull-up variety, i.e. wide-grip and close-grip, targeting different muscle groups • Can target triceps by placing bar on ground to do dips • Provided safety clip prevents bar from accidentally slipping off top of door frame, causing serious body damage • Fairly easy to assemble and disassemble (after initial assemble) CONS: • Mine came with foam pad on left curved bar slightly dented in • Instruction manual contains unhelpfully small pictures, making assembly process a bit cumbersome • Parts are not labeled, therefore adding to the difficulty of following the instruction guide • Support foam grip pads feel flimsy and thin, and will likely wear out with heavy usage • Rubber side door frame support leaves marking and peeled off some paint from door frame due to pressure of holding weight • Did experience some play/movement at where the u-bar meets the straight-bar as other reviewers have mentioned, even after tightening the 2 allen screws securely, which indicates a poor design, and will likely need to be re-tighten frequently with heavy usage Read more

  3. tuesday coren

    Easy to assemble and I attached the photo I wished I found when I was shopping. I have the massive molding and was worried it wouldn’t work. But it has some holes to adjust for the molding and I’m happily lifting away! Read more

  4. Katie

    Super easy to put together – just four screws, tightened with the provided allen wrench. Just make sure you have several inches on either side of the doorway to accommodate the handles. Added bonus: if you have a border collie mix, he’ll find the instructions delicious. Read more

  5. Rick

    Really creazy, I bought it for my son and he was really excited, we started to attach all pieces together, wow incredible the screws which we need to attach two parts were short!!!! Can you believe it both screw was short and it was big hassle, so frustrating, my son start nagging because it was his birthday gift and now he couldn’t use it, then we came to lows and bought 2 fit screws to attach all together, he loved it but i never forget this brand do not have any QC in their product Read more

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