Hiviz rhlw01 ruger interchangeable litewave front handgun sight

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  • ensure this fits through getting into your model number.
  • litewave interchangeable front sight
  • diagonal-wave layout for improved sturdiness and brightest sight
  • skeletonized sight frame
  • suits first rate blackhawk hunter
  • sport type: tactical & army

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from the manufacturer

why hiviz?

  • ensures rapid sight acquisition and a vivid sight image day or night.
  • our points of interest fall underneath 4 primary classes:

  • litewaveh3—combines tritium with our litepipe generation for twenty-four-hour illumination
  • litewave–features a modern-day exoskeleton frame allowing an unprecedented amount of light to go into the litepipe, consists of additional litepipes that can be interchanged
  • overmolded sights–capabilities an optical-grade resin injection molded via the steel base of the sight and across the litepipe, does not permit for the converting of litepipes
  • adjustable rifle sights: front and rear sight units are available with elevation and windage adjustability and our interchangeable litepipes
  • easy changeable litepipes for wellknown litewave points of interest to suit any situation and any shooter
  • we offer the biggest breadth of skus to suit a large array of handguns, shotguns and rifles on the market today. We offer some thing for all of us!
  • all hiviz attractions are constructed to inflexible requirements using simplest the best best substances, then shooter-tested to make certain they’ll withstand the take a look at of time. Litepipes are product of a chemical-resistant material and injection molded to obtain most brightness and a consistent sight photo.

    optically green

    recessed litepipe removes halo and well-knownshows a crisp, clear dot.


  • sights are cut away within the center to permit most light accumulating from any attitude at the same time as keeping strength
  • our litepipe era is the brightest in the marketplace making sure a vibrant sight photo whilst you need it
  • particular

    square sight profile for precision rear sight alignment.

    made in the united states of america!

    we proudly make our merchandise in the u. S.!

    optically green



    made in the america!

    long lasting

    all sight bases are strong metallic production.

    well suited

    dovetails are designed to healthy authentic producer’s dimensions.


    ramped and serrated to reduce glare.

    holster pleasant

    we pay strict attention to contouring all our handgun sights to be as clean and snag unfastened as possible.




    holster friendly

    product description

    rhlw01 ruger interchangeable the front handgun sight. Hiviz ruger interchangeable litewave the front sight – skeletonized sight body. Suits extremely good blackhawk hunter, purple fiber optic family lite pipe hawk and fantastic red fiber optic circle of relatives litepipehawk with spring plunger retained the front sight. Consists of three lite pipes in red fiber optic circle of relatives lite pipe, inexperienced and white and key to alternate lite pipes. The new litewave sight design from hiviz capabilities an innovative, diagonal-wave layout that increases durability to the protective exoskeleton and permits for greater exposed surface location for the litepipe to gather light from all angles, for the brightest sight to be had. Specifications: – producer: hi-viz – version: litewave – kind: sight – in shape: ruger redhawk – end/shade: purple & green – producer part #: rhlw01

    8 reviews for Hiviz rhlw01 ruger interchangeable litewave front handgun sight

    1. Ryan E Lewis

      Does NOT FIT RUGER ALASKAN (or SUPER REDHAWK models). Overall, the product itself seems fine. It is very solid, and it comes with a white, green, and red fiber optic cable. However, there was one major drawback. For many pistols, there is a “pin” that goes through the gun/sight, and anchors the sight to the gun. This sight requires a pin….however, there is no hole. So, you cannot install this sight without drilling a 1/16” hole at PRECISELY the right point, and PRECISELY the right angle. Otherwise, it wont fit right. So, if you know how to do that and have the tools, great. I do not. So, I have to pay a gunsmith $60-$75 to install it, or I try to find another sight that is pre-drilled! Good luck 🙂 Read more

    2. Gene Arlook

      I can’t stress enough how easy this is to install. It took longer to get it out of the package. Makes sight acquisition on my Redhawk .44 mag much faster. This is a must have for anyone who owns a Redhawk that they shoot regularly. Read more

    3. Rjp

      Its ugly to say the least , but it provides a good sight picture in adverse lighting. Sight purchased after OEM sight totally failed in situation where shooting from shade into bright sunlight, OEM totally washed out . This has alleviated that situation very well Read more

    4. Mark Wood

      The sight is great, but Ruger is greater…. I think it took a total of 7 seconds to take the old sight off and put this one on. Love it when a plan comes together. Now that it’s on, you see how nice the green dot works when you’re shooting. Love this sight. Read more

    5. Robert N Rountree

      I got this for my .44 Redhawk to replace the red ramp front sight. It’s really a great upgrade and takes about 10 seconds to install if you have a Redhawk with a spring loaded front sight plunger. It makes the front sight much more visible in either daylight or low light conditions. Read more

    6. Nor Cal

      Fit perfectly on my Ruger Redhawk 45 ACP/45 Colt revolver. Same exact height as the original sight. Only minor change in point of impact. I also like that this sight is slightly thinner than the original making it easier in my eyes to get a good target picture. I highly recommend this sight. Read more


      Installation was a breeze for me but that could be my enthusiasm talking. It is a game changer where ever there is a decent source of light. Read more

    8. Traci Reimer

      I have Hiviz Litewave sights on several of my guns and they really help with fast sighting. Read more

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