Hello-lux optics m73g4 rifle scopes m73g4 2. Five x 3/four” tube reproduction scope, black

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  • make certain this fits by way of entering your model variety.
  • 2. 5x magnification
  • 0. Five moa/click on adjustment
  • three/4″ steel predominant tube
  • high-quality move hair reticle
  • cmp vintage sniper in shape legal

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product description

while the u. S. Became pressured into ww ii in overdue 1941, the us’s infantry troops have been now not prepared for the size of fight they would come upon. The us of a became not organized to arm loads of thousands of latest riflemen with the today’s u. S. Military rifle – the semi-automatic m1 garand. Several hundred thousand ww i antique springfield version 1903 rifles had been pulled out of storage and despatched back into war – and both remington and smith-corona used changed original tooling to supply a slightly modernized version of the rifle, known as the m1903a3. A few have been fitted with a low-strength three/4-inch tube 2. 5x scope, to end up the reputable u. S. Army m1903a4 sniper rifle, at the same time as the marine corps mounted an 8x target scope on pick out ’03 rifles to create their model forty one sniper rifle. (hello-lux optics produces terrific reproductions of both scopes.) hello-lux optics has completely re-engineered this scope design from the interior out, to produce the clearest, brightest and maximum dependable scope of this type ever manufactured – and we’re proud to feature it to our lineup of wm. Malcolm antique riflescopes. Externally, this scope is the spitting photo of the unique. Internally, this scope is a long way advanced – and due to the substantial improvements hi-lux optics has made, we’re referring to the wm. Malcolm version because the m73g4. The ones upgrades include excessive pleasant multi-covered lenses for advanced light transmission and excellent clarity. The new m73g4 scope additionally gives greater wind age and elevation adjustment than the authentic. The wm. Malcolm model affords a complete of 60 moa for each wind age and elevation.

3 reviews for Hello-lux optics m73g4 rifle scopes m73g4 2. Five x 3/four” tube reproduction scope, black

  1. Mark Wood

    Excellent little scope. I have been restoring a 1903A3 06 and want to bring it up to WWll sniper configuration. This is perfect. Read more

  2. Ted

    the quality of the optics and the physical detail is “spot-on” but the historic review rightly recounts the primary history of the optic as it relates to the U.S. Army of WWII. i purchased to place on an original 1903A4 related to the optical inferiority of the original M73B scope but was perturbed by the presence of the USMC attribution laser inscribed on the ocular which was not presented in the Amazon product description at the time of purchase. in removing the USMC markings it ended up costing me an extra $130 to have it refinished. if not for that, would have given it 5 stars. Read more

  3. Rich Lawrence

    1. Meets CMP Vintage Sniper Table 7 specifications for use on a .30-06 cal. M1903A4 rifle. 2. The glass is clear. 3. The scope is fog free. 4. No parallax problems from 50-yards to 200-yards. (Only distances fired so far.) 5. Elevation and windage adjustments were 0.5 MOA. Actual results matched the manual data. 6. Clear, fine crosshair. 7. Requires specific M73G4 Scope Mount (typically $115.00.) 8. Good eye relief, and good exit pupil size. Read more

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