Health tools itm5500 advanced era inversion desk with vibro rub down & heat – heavy obligation up to three hundred lbs.

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  • make certain this suits by way of coming into your model quantity.
  • ergonomically designed four inch memory-style foam backrest with contour match for extra comfort and help
  • removable, far off managed multifunction healing complete back warmness and vibrating rub down pad
  • sur-lock easy in/out ankle guide system with 4 adjustable outsized excessive density foam leg rollers to save you calf pinching
  • extra lengthy locking arm to minmize again bending when entering and exiting the table
  • smooth peak adjustor and 4 role (20/forty/60/ninety) aspect inversion pin system
  • contains customers five’1” to six’5” with a three hundred lb. Weight ability
  • foldable area saving design with constructed in transport wheels for convenient storage and portability
  • heavy obligation metallic body construction with non-marring ground caps
  • all fitness gear products are examined to a 50 point overall performance and safety popular

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fitness gear itm5500 superior inversion era with vibrating rubdown & warmness

severe products group, makers of health gear and body vision inversion tables, is one of the leaders amongst countrywide shops inside the fitness and well being industry. All devices are tested and approved to 50 point safety and performance standards.

experience the benefits of superior inversion generation whilst taking part in the soothing results of vibrating rubdown & remoted warmness remedy.

the itm5500 capabilities ergonomically designed 4 inch reminiscence-style foam backrest with contour in shape for extra comfort and support. The adjustable vibrating message pad is likewise removable & ideal for enjoyable for your favorite living room chair or even in bed.

the handy four role facet inversion pin, lets in for quick & secure selection of either the 20/forty/60/90 degree inversion positions with out the use of a decrease strap. Sur-lock clean in/out ankle support system with four adjustable outsized excessive density foam leg rollers to prevent calf pinching a& keeps you comfortable for secure inverting. Foldable area saving layout with constructed in transport wheels.

  • ergonomically designed four” memory-fashion foam backrest with contour fit for extra comfort and guide
  • removable, faraway controlled multifunction therapeutic heat and vibrating massage pad
  • sur-lock smooth in/out ankle aid system with 4 adjustable outsized high density foam leg rollers
  • 4 function (20/40/60/90) aspect inversion pin system
  • easy peak adjustor rod
  • contains users five’1” to six’5” with a three hundred lb. Weight potential
  • foldable area saving layout with built in shipping wheels for handy garage and portability
  • final guide & heavy obligation metallic body production and on-marring ground caps
  • first-rate, comfort and adjustability

    itm5500 features considered one of the largest and maximum comfortable pads inside the enterprise. Four” foam ergonomically designed backrest with contour healthy pad gives the final in consolation and help.

    extra long locking arm, so you do not should bend when coming into and exiting the desk. Our adjustable, high density foam rollers are designed to conveniently secure your legs at the same time as inverting. The outsized padding insures the back of the calf might not feel a harsh pinch.

    tailor the inversion desk on your height and weight with the smooth to regulate top adjustor rod.

    the handy 4 role facet inversion pin, allows for quick and safe selection of both the 20/40/60/90 degree inversion positions without the use of a lower strap and while not having to exit the unit completely.

    treat yourself to a entire healing inversion enjoy with our deluxe vibrating massage pad. This removable, deluxe pad gives invigorating rub down paired with a relaxing warmness option.

    the vibrating rub down pad is light weight and transportable and can be used even as attached to the inversion desk or eliminated for relaxing in your favorite living room chair or maybe in mattress.

    equipped with an easy to apply, incorporated hand controller which allows you to personalize your rub down by adjusting heat, time, and depth, even as you’re on and rancid the inversion table. Integrated garage pouch for far flung.

    foldable area saving layout with constructed in transport wheels for convenient storage and portability. Smooth meeting.

    product description

    revel in the advantages of superior inversion technology while taking part in the soothing consequences of vibrating rubdown, and isolated heat remedy. The itm5500 functions ergonomically designed four inch memory-fashion foam backrest with contour fit for extra consolation and help and makes this inversion table one of the maximum complete therapeutic units in the marketplace today. The adjustable vibrating message pad is also removable and ideal for enjoyable on your favorite recliner even as watching the brand new movie. The 300 lb. Ability inversion table comprises customers from 5’1″ to six’five” and is designed with a completely strong heavy gauge steel tube frame and finished with a scratch resistant powder coat paint to offer years of uninterrupted use and alleviation. The handy 4 position aspect inversion pin, lets in for short and safe choice of both the 20/40/60/ninety diploma inversion positions with out the use of a lower strap. The middle rotational bar is encased to save you the possibility of pinch points all through the inversion rotation. Sur-lock clean in/out ankle aid gadget with four adjustable outsized excessive density foam leg rollers to save you calf pinching and continues you comfy for safe inverting. Itm5500 has a foldable area saving layout with constructed in delivery wheels for convenient storage and portability.

    7 reviews for Health tools itm5500 advanced era inversion desk with vibro rub down & heat – heavy obligation up to three hundred lbs.

    1. Jorge Dominguez

      so i bought this item for my back pain. the table works great for the pain however the sturdiness is not. I’ve had the table for 2 weeks using it 1-2 times a day, only to have put myself in a bad situation. so i’m inverted in the 60 degree position when the table starts to shift. the whole back support shifted in between the a frame supports…. i was stuck! so i have back pain , upside down unable to move, luckily my wife was in the next room and was able to set me free. if you see the photos the back part welds broke, no weight limit was exceeded, its rated for 300 pounds i’m 240. i tried to call the manufacturer and not luck no answers. i had to return it back to amazon. Read more

    2. Dominique Devereux

      I had back surgery 12 years ago and my back was hurting so bad I could barely stand let alone walk. I hate drugs and my lidocaine patches were not working anymore to many late nights of studying hunched over the computer caused inflammation in discs L4 & L5 which in turn was pressing on nerves that caused me spastic pain that was as bad as labor pains. As much as I despise drugs and needles, I actually started considering trigger point injections because the pain was unbearable. Speaking to my orthopedic surgeon I realized I had to take the anti-inflammatory medication. I refused to take those strong pain meds he gave me percocets because I have to drive to work and put my child in the car. I also knew people became highly addicted so that was not a option. I considered a second surgery but then after research I looked up inversion and purchased this table. My husband installed for me and helped in the first time I only stayed in for 6 minutes but my prayers were answered. I continued with the anti-inflammatory medication and daily inversion by the middle of the week the pain was gone. Hallelujah!! I would definitely recommend this just make sure you have space for it cheaper than being out of work from surgery!! Read more

    3. Edward Blain

      The stand is well built and straight forward to assemble. It does require some time to assemble and tighten the bolts that hold the structure together even using mechanics wrenches. The sales data indicates that it fits a person to 6′ 5″ and 300 Lbs, In adjusting the foot support height level to balance the tilting mechanism to a “balanced” condition for table rotation, it was required to set the heighth to 6′ 0″ instead of my 6′ 4″ heighth and 250 Lbs. The balance was acceptabe (rotation worked by raising arms above head), but now the head rest area of the bed pad area was too low to support the head when the the table is rotated up to horizontal! The bed area is not adjustable to extend the support for the head of a tall person!. Modification to the design is required is required to meet the sales data. The oval bar to stand on while starting rotation is small and hard on the feet in soft shoes, flat surface would be much more comfortable! Read more

    4. Tigger’s are made for bouncing

      Assembled easily in 30 minutes or less using 13mm wrench & ratchet, I didn’t use the supplied tools. Packaged well with easily followed instructions, bolts-nuts labeled with the Step #1-4 and corresponding #1-40 in exploded diagram. Well thought out by manufacturer. Construction appears to be good, quality materials and craftsmanship. Strongly suggest re-torqueing all nuts and bolts after first use, and again after first week, with periodic inspection thereafter. Read more

    5. Erin K. Darling

      This is the best couple-hundred bucks I have EVER spent. I’ve been carrying DD breasts around for more than 30 years, which has taken its toll on my lower back. Too, I am a computer geek by trade and by hobby, so I spend a lot of time sitting. The stretch I get from this inversion table is perfect. It took about 20-25 minutes to put together alone, and I use it at least once a day – sometimes several times per day. It’s very comfortable, and, provided the height adjustment is correct, incredibly easy to move from upright to lowered and back again. There are four settings – the first is a barely noticeable decline at 20 degrees. 40 degrees is more noticeable, and I usually hang out at 60 degrees. 60 seems to be the sweet spot for giving my heart enough wiggle room to keep things from pooling entirely in my head – if I go full vertical, I can only hang for a few minutes before I start feeling a bit too clogged in the face. The device is sturdy and the ankle holds are comfortable. I don’t use the pad on the machine itself – it creates a bump on my spine I don’t care for. However, I *do* use it as a heated massage pad when working in my office chair sometimes. All in all, just a fantastic product, worth every penny. Read more

    6. DeDe

      After a fall I had continuous hip and lower back pain. Use this twice a day and I am pain free. Love this. Read more

    7. Michele Johnson

      I am only but a hundred and 20 lb and my son that uses this as well is 250 lb. This inversion table has definitely exceeded my expectations, extremely sturdy this will definitely be around for years to come and can still pass it around to other family members later if needed. It is pretty heavy, take two people to lift and carry to move it. Although, I’m able to slide it around with no problem, should remember I’m only a hundred and twenty pounds oh, I wouldn’t dare lift this thing by myself but I could slide it around easily if I needed to move it somewhere else in the house. I would definitely recommend this did anyone in need of back and neck relief I love the Heat and the massage it gives me while laying on the table that allows me to invert at any angle as needed. I had a paid someone to come and have Assembled. He did a truly awesome job he himself was pretty impressed at this item he had put together he said this was the third one he actually had put together but he found it to be one of the best ones and sturdy he was truly impressed himself he actually was thinking of getting one himself. The guy who I paid to come in a symbol was very pleasant truly awesome timely manner and very professional. I highly recommend if anyone needs their items assembled that it is definitely safe I’ve had a great experience with all of this thank you. Read more

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