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  • ensure this suits via getting into your model wide variety.
  • halo laser rangefinders, take the guesswork out of the equation
  • halo cl300 rangefinder gives you quick and accurate yardages when you need them most of ranges out to 300 yards on a non-reflective goal – brief and accurate rangefinder for bowhunters to get the process executed
  • test mode locks in more than one objectives at specific yardages
  • auto acquisition acquires exact variety almost right now, 5x magnification
  • water resistant variety finder built to face up to the factors with ergonomic layout, includes cr2 battery
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  • would every body suggest this for bowhunting?
  • question: could everybody recommend this for bowhunting? Solution: yes i exploit it every trip, once you variety something factor it at a mild coloured object, just like the sky, to peer the virtual numbers… By way of adam d. On january 15, 2020 did not get solutions. See extra solutions (2) fall apart all answers

  • how does this rangefinder evaluate to the simmons lrf six hundred tilt intelligence or the simmons 801600t volt 600 laser?
  • question: how does this rangefinder compare to the simmons lrf six hundred tilt intelligence or the simmons 801600t volt six hundred laser? Answer: simmons is higher….. The halo xl50 is not a good long distance rangefinder. Even on brief distances it will now not select up a golfing hole flag…. Halo will measure whatever large that is in the back of your intended target. The halo is a fair bow looking rangefinder through amazon customer on april 30, 2017 did not get answers. See more answers (2) crumble all solutions

  • does this read through brush when deer hunting
  • query: does this study thru brush when deer hunting solution: now not truly it has to be a clear view through trushing on december 6, 2016 collapse all solutions

  • is that this rechargeable or take batteries and if batteries do they come with or do u need to shop for seperatly
  • query: is that this rechargeable or take batteries and if batteries do they arrive with or do u need to shop for seperatly answer: it takes a battery (cr2) and one comes with the range finder. By way of leineboy69 on august 30, 2016 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (four) crumble all solutions


    2000 Yard Range Finder, 300 Yard Range, XL450 450 Yard Range, XL600 – 600 Yard Range, XR700 – 700 Yard Range

    7 reviews for Halo range finder hunting laser variety finder

    1. K.C.

      Compact size, accurate readings at realistic hunting ranges, comes with a battery. Easy to use. Fast “On”. Bow and .22 Long Rifle shooter’s delight for zero, ranging and hunting. Bests estimating ranges by steps. Some users mentioned having problems using this device wearing glasses. I was able to use it wearing glasses, although I did have to press them close to my face. I tried it out at dusk to simulate ranging near the end of legal hunting hours. No problems. Yes, the aiming box was sometimes hard to see, but not enough to downgrade my rating. One reviewer suggested tilting the device towards a brighter background to read results and this worked great for low light conditions. I was able to range livestock and tree trunks well past 100 yds easily. 450 yds was no problem with a large enough object to reflect the laser light back to the unit. Suggest ranging known landmarks in advance if low light/range is an issue. My first laser rangefinder purchase after much research. Would highly recommend this item/brand and will consider it as a future gift purchase! Read more

    2. C. Hanson

      I purchased the XL450-7 for $77 after seeing some reviews on YOUTUBE that were favorable as I didn’t want to pay the big brand price for same functionality and I have an older Halo Interceptor. Ergonomically, this is a nice rangefinder, has the much needed scan feature. I am not sure if defective or not but even with a new battery the display is very dim. So dim that even though I considered price…..dim enough that I think I’d forget price and wish I had a better rangefinder when I am out hunting. Item was returned an I went with Vortex Impact 850 when was on sale. Read more

    3. Cord Blumenstock

      So far so good. I was concerned with buying this as other reviews said the lcd display was hard to see as my last wild game rangefinder display was nearly unreadable. I took the chance and bought one. ($50) I took it out this morning and was impressed. The LCD display is plenty bright and in tries to get a decent picture of that as you can see. It does have the angle but does not do the math for you. Feels heavy and sturdy. If something changes I’ll update this review. This is a great little range finder for any bowhunter. Read more

    4. Megan

      I got this range finder while it was on sale for less than 70 bucks. I had been using a Nikon prostaff range finder, but lost it. This rangefinder is good for the price. You only have to press the button once, instead of 2x like the Nikon. It does NOT autofocus like the nicer rangefinders which is major for me. I had this rangefinder on a cow elk at about 40 yards and had to try and focus the thing before it would give me a reading. It was crucial seconds that inevitably cost me the elk. It was incredibly frustrating and I returned the range finder the minute I got back. The yardage reading is also pretty small. Pros: Small, and very lightweight Fast one button use Cons: cheap feeling odd shape, hard to fit in side pocket of pants not sleek not autofocus/zoom very small reading Read more

    5. John C

      First if you are a long time eyeglass wearer, you will easily find the right eye relief. The pic is me using iPhone trying to demonstrate its ability to calculate range & angle from treestand. I read somewhere it won’t calc the distance, but it did within a yard. I was hunting a new area and had very little time to prescout the area. I wanted to range up to 70 yards to 100 yards. I shopped around, looked at some of the other more expensive manufacturers and models, I wasn’t feeling putting down that kind of money. I saw the camo model go on sale in some of the sporting goods stores but for about 30% more than this one. They appeared to have all the same features, except color. I figured I take the risk through Amazon on this model and it was not a budget buster being less than $100. And even though it’s not camo, really does that matter? I took it with me the last couple of weeks of archery season here in Florida. It worked well in both low light and in the bright Florida mid-day sunshine. I had some pre-measured range distances from the ground and this calculated the distance and angle from the stand. I had a young turkey and small bobcat that I used this to try measurements of moving targets (not running) and this worked fine. My opinion this is worth the money and worked as well or better than the $300-$500 models out there. Read more

    6. tinyhousebuilder

      I bought this not for long distances, but to sight in my 22 caliber air rifle . For what I bought it for, Perfect. 100 yards is maximum ‘accurate’ range for my gun, so why buy a range finder that you can range to 1000 yards, even though this one will range to 500 yards. I have used this probably 20 times and it has always lived up to what was demanded of it. Sure I could have spent more, but why? If you are shooting in the back yard or out in the field, this is just what you need. But, don’t expect the clarity you would get in a $300-$500 range finder. But for I need it for, like I said, Perfect. The only thing I wish is that the company would add a case. I bought one on Amazon, so maybe that’s why, huh.’ Happy shooting! Read more

    7. J. Lambert

      I read the reviews and decided to give it a try, I’m sorry I did. This has a couple issues first off it is not that accurate. I woudl get 20 yards then 21 yards seems to be about a yard off when I am in the same spot. Second I needed feet this only does yards and meters. Horrible for bow hunting when HHA sites and others use feet. Probably because of the lack of accuracy they only want to use yards 😉 Third had it one month used once and bough it out and it is not working doesn’t want to turn on all the time switch feels cheap. Also it appears I can’t return it on Amazon. I didn’t want to spend a lot but now I can through my $80 in the trash as I can’t even find a warrantee. Read more

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