Gymenist pair of ankle weights may be adjusted as much as 5. Five lb each set of two x weight wraps (total 11-lb)

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  • ensure this suits via getting into your version wide variety.
  • soft and comfortable 5-lb weights to place on around your ankles and wrists for exercise
  • smooth to alter the tightness of the weights for your legs and arms and greater importantly you may alter how a good deal you need to use
  • high satisfactory, non-poisonous, best for endurance training, jogging, workout, hiking and all type of aerobic physical activities
  • package encompass: 2 x ankle wraps & 20 x 0. Fifty five-lb metallic sticks, each wrap has 10 slots for the steel sticks
  • can be used for walking running and all sorts of exercising for hand legs
  • covered additives: 2 x ankle weights
  • game kind: exercise & health
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gymenist pair of ankle weights can be adjusted up to 5. Five lb every set of two x weight wraps

smooth to modify: you may effortlessly adjust the tightness of the weights on your legs and hands extra importantly you could alter how plenty weight you need to apply. Comes with 20 x metal sticks to adjust the weights, all you have to do is take out or upload the metallic sticks from the wrap. Package deal includes: 2 x ankle wraps, 20 x 0. 55-lb metallic sticks. Each wrap has 10 slots for the metal sticks, and may be adjusted 0. Fifty five lb at a time best set that can be used for all children of physical activities that wishes ankle or wrist weights in the variety of 0. 55 lb up to 5. Five lb. The weights are the first-rate desire for people who need to get terrific effects in calf, ankles, thigh, this can enhance and workout each a part of your leg or palms. Dont have time to workout? By getting this weight set, you will have time to get a exercising in whenever. You could get a workout in via carrying this whilst going to work, or during the day at paintings, or even even as going shopping. Ideal system for strolling and all children of cardio education


  • gentle and comfortable weights to put on round your ankles and wrists
  • smooth to alter the tightness of the weights on your legs and arms and greater importantly you could regulate how a good deal you want to apply
  • high best, non-toxic, perfect for persistence education, strolling, workout, trekking and all sort of cardio physical games
  • even distribution of weight across the ankle for convenient moves
  • package deal include: 2 x ankle wraps & 20 x 0. Fifty five-lb metallic sticks, each wrap has 10 slots for the steel sticks
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    8 reviews for Gymenist pair of ankle weights may be adjusted as much as 5. Five lb each set of two x weight wraps (total 11-lb)

    1. SoCal CL

      I am torn between rating this 4 or 5 stars. Compared to other ankle weights, these have a lot of positives. I like to wear these when walking and hiking. I love the fact I can adjust the weight in 1/2 pound increments. My other 5 pound weights are very thick bags of sand that dig into my ankle and do not stay tight when jogging. However, the metal bars do dig into my leg. I can minimize this if I wear thick hiking socks and double them over. So improvement #1 would be to simply round the edges of the weights so there is not a sharp edge. The other issue is I use these when exercising – like leg lifts. If I raise my leg past horizontal, the bars start to slide out. So improvement #2 would be to make the bars a little thicker and shorter and have some velcro at the top of each pouch. So when you slide a weight in you can push the pouch closed. These two changes would make it perfect. Wish I could rate it 4.5 stars. I am still happy with purchase. Photo shows how the weights start to slide out and how the sharp edges can dig into your leg. Read more

    2. Consistent Customer

      These weights are nearly perfect. I’ll give them 4.5 stars and round up since they’re so much better than the competition (which I have also tried). First of all, I love being able to adjust the weight in such small increments. I use these when weightlifting for targeting smaller muscles like shoulders, since my dumbbells only go up in 5 pound increments. For example I’m currently doing a shoulder exercise at 18.85 pounds (15 pound dumbbells plus these weights at 3.85 pounds). For certain exercises a change in as little as 0.55 pounds (one of the bars in these) can make a significant difference. The thing to understand about these weights is that the actual weight is provided by metal bars, unlike most wrist/ankle weights which use sand bags for weight. As a result, these weights are MUCH easier to adjust and MUCH more durable, which justifies the higher cost in my opinion. With a normal wrist/ankle weight, it can be hard to get the sand bags back in after you’ve taken them out, whereas these bars slide easily back in, which is key if you change the weight several times in a session. I also found these weights to be MUCH better/tighter/smaller fitting than the other weights I tried. The other weights I tried were loose at certain points and it was hard to get a consistent thickness around my wrist. By contrast these fit snugly around my wrist (I am an average size male, but the size is adjustable). There are no straps, you just wrap it around and it attaches using a long piece of velcro. The lack of straps also make these quicker to put on and take off. It’s also easy to roll these up tightly for transportation or storage. Last night I packed them up in my suitcase to take them with me for Thanksgiving and they didn’t take up much space at all. Note that while some of the reviews complain about the metal ends sticking out and rubbing against one’s skin, this has been fixed in the newer model (as you can see in the photo). The bars are now fully covered with a new flap that also attaches using velcro. I have two minor criticisms which is why I rated 4.5 instead of 5: 1. When I first received the package, I couldn’t remove any of the bars from one of the two pieces. They were basically stuck inside… maybe the piece had been in storage too long. I shook the piece up and down for about 5 minutes and was eventually able to dislodge the pieces one by one. Now I can insert/remove the pieces easily. 2. I think it’s a bit strange that the weights are 0.55 pounds each, not a round number like 0.5 pounds. It’s not a big deal but my preference would have been 0.5. Maybe they do that so they can get it up to 5.5 pounds each instead of only 5, which might be better for other people. It’s not a big deal at all, though. Get these! Read more

    3. Georgette E Mobley

      I bought a simular set 10 yrs ago but weights filled w/sand;I still have them.But LOVE these more;They feel more comfortable on my legs & fit better (I believe it is bcause metal wts r round).I use them when I ride my pedal bike.I’m 72 yrs & started10,000 steps a day on my 🚲 bike the last 3 months,with no resistance on wheel .I was doing 15 minutes 3 Xs a week (but this is not enough)for last 10 yrs.I still use no resistance on the bike wheel,only wts to strengthen my muscles.Just start low and work up very slowly.Your body will let u know to increase.Stay on wts for a month then increase a pound.Yes it’s slow but u want to avoid harm. Read more

    4. Paul Kyzivat

      This was my first experience with this sort of product. I looked at many alternatives that came up in searches. Many seemed to be junk. Others were not adjustable. Of the alternatives these appeared to be the best, but I wasn’t certain. I asked my physical therapist and she confirmed that these are what she had and are good. The key to these is that the weights are iron – compact and easy to insert/remove. A velcro cover keeps the weights from falling out. (Another review implied otherwise.) They easily attach with velcro when wrapped around the ankle. (No bothersome straps.) Read more

    5. John

      My physical therapist recommended I purchase arm and ankle weight as part of my exercise equipment as I attempt to regain my strength after an encounter with proximal myopathy. After reviewing the specs for several options I decided these wights with metal bars to increase the weight up or down were probably the ones for me. They have proven to be so for me. They are easy to use, to adjust the weight, and are clearly helping me regain my strength. Highly recommended. Read more

    6. Paul L Marshall

      So far, I like these. I got these to replace a pair filled with sand that were not adjustable. A few reviews mentioned that the rods were cut off flat and had sharp edges. I thought Inwas going to have to grind the edges down. I am happy to report that the manufacturer listened to these complaints and the ends of the rods are now tapered. The taper also makes them easier to get them in and out of the slots. I use these indoors for rehabbing my knees so I don’t walk or run with them on. The Velcro seems to hold them ok, but I think they may come loose if you were running. For that, I would want a strap and buckle. Read more

    7. layami usman

      I liked the metal rod design, but the fabric used is not durable. It ripped on day 2 after a 4.5mile walk. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      Horrible. Painful to wear horrible design very bulky. Rods dig into your leg if you can get them on tight enough not to slide all over the place. If your looking for leg walking weights dont get these they don’t work. Read more

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