Glowcity light up led rim package with led basketball protected

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  • make sure this suits by getting into your model variety.
  • battery powered: led hoop lighting is powered by three aaa batteries (no longer protected). The led basketball has batteries which are pre-mounted prepared to be used with additional alternative batteries. Our led basketball is effect activated and lighting up while performed with and shuts off after use.
  • best for night parties & events: brilliant product to have at some point of a night time time get collectively or birthday party. Makes for a a laugh night of play.
  • durable: led’s are encased in thin shielding tubing to guard led’s from getting damaged in addition to secure from the factors of weather.
  • what you get: you will obtain one reputable size 7 glowcity mild up led basketball, 1 strand of led hoop lighting fixtures that will permit sufficient to light up your complete basketball rim, and 1 roll of extraordinary tape to lock the lighting to your basketball rim.
  • customer support assure: glowcity takes care in their clients and we offer a 60 day no hassle repair or replace assure if whatever goes incorrect or stops running together with your product.
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product description

the glowcity rim kit comes with (1) glowcity light-up basketball and (1) led light strand to mild up your basketball rim. The lighting are available 8 colorations: aqua, blue, green, multi, purple, white and yellow

your glowcity rim kit comes with:

(1) deflated basketball (sizes five,6,7)

(1) mild changing tool

(1) spare battery set

(1) mild restore training sheet

(1) mini rope led light strand (approx. 58in lengthy)

(1) hq clear tape to connect lighting fixtures to rim

(1) installation guide

glowcity light up basketball and rim lighting package

play night basketball like never earlier than with our new mild up basketball hoop package. You’ll receive mini rope led lights with our water-proof design. These lights are first-class and shiny and universally attach to any present basketball hoop. We assume you may be very satisfied with the fine of this product in particular with how shiny it’s miles! All of those light up basketball merchandise use very bright led lights and are an awful lot brighter than any glow within the dark basketball merchandise!

basketballs come in 3 extraordinary sizes

our top class light up basketballs are an absolute blast! You will be amazed how bright these basketball are. The truth that they look, feel, and play like a actual basketball is so cool! Each ball has led lighting on every side of the ball that illuminates the entire basketball. The lights are effect activated and will stay lit for forty seconds. Every rim kit comes with (1) light-up basketball. You have the selection of length 7 (29. Five in), size 6 (28. 5 in) or size 5 (27. 5 in). Every basketball comes with (2) led lighting mounted and spare batteries. Be aware: basketballs come deflated, purchaser ought to inflate

hit the courtroom as soon as the lighting exit!

the amusing is just getting commenced as soon as the sun is going down! Choose from multiple colorations of our time-honored mini rope lighting to illuminate your basketball hoop. You may get hold of enough lights to mild up your rim.

meeting best takes mins. You’ll acquire led mini rope mild connected to a water-resistant battery p. C. That runs off of three aa batteries. The battery returned attaches to the basketball hoop with protected adhesive fastener. The lights without problems attaches the usage of a protected roll of strong clear tape.

changing batteries on the entirety is a breeze. Your basketball comes with a tool that allows you to put off rubber caps and pull out the led lighting to trade batteries. The basketball hoop lighting kit comes with a portable battery % that attaches to your hoop with adhesive fastener. The basketball hoop lights runs on three aa batteries

the rim lighting are smooth to use. Once attached, all you need to do is positioned three aa’s in the battery % and press the on/off button.


Size 7 Basketball (Official Size)


Aqua Teal, Blue, Green, Multi Color, Pink, RED, White, Yellow

8 reviews for Glowcity light up led rim package with led basketball protected

  1. Carl Hesse / Sandra Schmid

    We bought this for our two boys last December, about 6 months ago. They were very excited because they can’t get enough basketball time in. Installed it on our hoop. There is exactly enough length of lights to wrap the rim. The chord to the battery pack and on/off button is barely long enough to reach from the back of the rim to the back of the backboard where it had to be mounted. So the only way to turn it on and off is with the use of the step ladder. I thought that I read that the chord was long enough to be located within arms reach, on the pole, but that is not the case with the one that we received. So right from the beginning the functionality diminished because it was impractical to lug a ladder out to the hoop every time they wanted to use it. Within about 3.5 months the “high quality tape” (its basically just clear packaging tape) started pealing off the rim and the lights began to come loose and droop. Within about 4.5 months the tape failed and the lights fell off as did the battery pack that comes with double stick tape. So $45.00 (plus the cost of the basketball) and 5 months later the hoop lights are laying on the garage floor. It is a great concept and it would be a great product to further refine and develop but the quality of the version we received is very poor and a waste of money. It took me a while to get around to writing a review but the kids and myself are so disappointed I felt that I needed to describe our experience so others can make an educated decision. Read more

  2. Diana Marlow

    This product is super cool and my 3 boys love it! They have hours of endless nighttime fun now in our court with each other and their friends . It’s way better than I expected ! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something similar Read more

  3. San Fran Parents

    This kept 20 young teen boys happy for 3 hours at a party. The ball REALLY glows, and the hoop looked super (and stood up to repeated attack). It was about 30 mins of work to get it on the hoop and get it all set up, but well worth it. Everyone loved it! Read more

  4. Carlos

    Read previous reviews about this product and company. Based on good reviews I purchased ball and rim light. My son was very excited, but ball had trouble lighting consistently. Due to work schedules it took me a few months to contact seller, I must say, I kept checking my email for a response and today when I got home, there was not 1 replacement light but not even a week after contacting seller! Very impressed with this seller and product as well! Read more

  5. Bradley Coy

    The LED’s for the hoop when up very easily. I added a few zip ties here but mainly for wire management. Right now, I’m very disappointed with the ball. It worked great for a few days, using it for no more than 30 minutes each time. But once we started using if for a few hours at a time, on the third night the lights started to visibley dim and even began to shut off after one or two seconds. It comes with 6 extra batteries (they’re watch batteries and not AAA as in the description) so I changed out both lights. This did not correct the problem so I’ve ordered some more batteries and hopefully that resolves the issue. Update to follow… UPDATE… I replaced the batteries with brand new ones and the ball does not work at all. Very disappointed. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    The LED light is great and can be taped around the rim (with provided Gorilla tape) as advertised. The unit we received only allowed for 12 inches from the actual light to the on/off switch. This means you have to use a ladder to reach it and it will not work on an adjustable hoop. I can’t imagine they actually designed it this way and other reviewers have stated the cord from light to on/off switch was 10 ft. and long enough to touch the ground. It is either bad design or bad quality control with this unit. Read more

  7. danica

    My boys love this! Big hit! The ball still lights up after a week and it came with several replacement batteries to replace when it runs out so we expect it to last a long while! Rim lights have held up to rain, the batteries are in a waterproof case. The basketball itself is of good quality Read more

  8. Kerry

    This is SOOOO cool! I was really struggling with what to get a teenage boy and this was a huge hit! The items are quality and come with everything you need to install. I was pleasantly surprised tape was included with the rim kit–maybe I didn’t read the description but it was a whole roll of quality tape. Read more

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