Glock suppressor low set (tg13gl4a)

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  • make sure this fits by getting into your model wide variety.
  • unmatched visibility in all capturing situations, night time or day; glows in the darkish—no batteries or light exposure required
  • the front sight attention-lock ring for even faster awareness
  • tfx sealed tablet design presents maximum safety and sturdiness; citadel finish offers a permanent protecting coating; impervious to oils, chemicals, cleaning solvents, and ultra-sonic cleansing methods
  • hid fiber can not be seen with the aid of target; snag resistant layout suits popular holsters
  • suppressor peak; fits glock 17, 17l, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35, 38 and 39

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from the producer

truglo tfx tritium + fiber-optic xtreme handgun points of interest

sparkling shiny each day and night, tfx attractions are continually prepared. Tfx takes our continuously shiny and accurate tritium + fiber-optic era even similarly with additional features.

a compact snag-free layout, longer sight radius, and amazingly durable creation make sure tfx points of interest are constructed to address just about whatever.

illuminating elements are encased interior a honestly indestructible chemical and shock-resistant tablet and the cnc-machined steel is blanketed with a rust-resistant castle end.

product description

the tfx glock sup low set handgun sight gives an extended sight radius for tighter groupings. The aiming factors are encased inner a genuinely indestructible chemical and shock resistant capsule. All of the cnc-machined metallic is covered with a rust proof citadel end. There’s even a relatively seen white ring surrounding the front fiber to make it even more visible.

8 reviews for Glock suppressor low set (tg13gl4a)

  1. Guns4all

    Wow where do I begin. I was looking at these sights very seriously. And for 120 they are a good deal. But Dreme Corp was basically giving them away. They had a set that I’m assuming was returned and they were listed as blemished. Literally combed the set of sights over and only has literally a needle sized spot gone. I won’t the post the price but it was amazing. Good enough to call your friends and brag a little. As for the tfx sights they are amazing. They are basically gen 2 tfos. The tfos had issues with the fiber optic tubes from the sight under high fire rates. Truglo took the feedback and discontinued the TFO series and made the TFX. They are basically the same sight without the risk of the tubes falling out. For those who have never used these sights. In day light bright these sights look like something nuclear from the cartoons. The bright green pops. And under night settings these sights are brighter than my old favorite trijicon. These suppressor height sight are tall. While they say low they are what I would consider high. They clear an Osprey silencer no problem. Read more

  2. g d y

    this is my 4th pair of Truglo TFX/TFO’s that I had installed on my 1911 45’s and my 2 glocks, 21 and 41. These are the best night sights that I’ve ever purchased. Day time is fine BUT when the sun goes down and inside a dark room, these are really bright and easy for me to see. I also have my concealed carry permit and with these, I am very confident I’ll be able to see where I’m shooting and improve my point of impact. I just bought a Sig P320 40 cal compact that I’m carrying with Sig night sights and it’s ok but nowhere close to these Truglo TFO/TFX. I will be looking to replace the sigs with TFO’s/TFX’s soon…..These will be the only night sights that I will purchase from now on. Read more

  3. rmortonjr

    Approximately 7/16’s of an inch tall. Low or high is about which model of handguns it will fit, not about how tall the sights are. Great visibility from the fiber optic! Tritium is good but doesn’t seem brighter than other brands of tritium sights I’ve used. Read more

  4. Frank Wilson

    Do not order the Suppressor sight as they stick up to much and you cannot holster the weapon. Looks ridiculous like a lazer gun. Read more

  5. sulley

    A+ Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great product fits the gun exactly would recommend these to a friend. Read more

  7. William

    This was for a Glock 19 MOS althou the sights work fine like other tru glow producs they are to long to work with either a RMR cut slide from Zev or Glock MOS with the RMR sight I wanted a true Co witness system and the hight was perfect but because of the lenth I got stuck with them the dimension should be presented in the specification section Read more

  8. J. Davis

    These are much taller than they look in the picture. I searched high and low on the web before ordering and couldn’t find any actual dimensions of the sights. I guess Truglo feels this is not important information. The only description of the height (at least what I could find) was suppressor “low” and suppressor “high”. I ordered the “low” set and upon receiving them my first reaction was I thought they sent me a “high” set by mistake but later confirmed the order was fulfilled correctly. The sights are nearly 1/2″ tall and the front sight looks like a boat paddle. These are a good 1/8″ taller than the AmeriGlo suppressor sights I have which are plenty tall to see over a Liberty 9mm suppressor on a G17. I can’t imagine how absurd the “high” sights would look. If you have a very large diameter suppressor or you like very tall sights, these are for you. As for me, I sent them back and ordered another set of the AmeriGlo’s. Read more

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