Franklin sports pickleball court docket marker kit

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  • make sure this fits by using getting into your model quantity.
  • remodel: any court docket place into a pickleball court docket with the franklin sports courtroom marker kit. This kit consists of all you want to quickly lay out the boundary areas for the sport of pickleball in mins
  • consists of: (4) l-fashion pieces and (eight) t-style portions
  • easy care: material may be wiped smooth after court docket use
  • vibrant: smooth to look markers highlight courtroom barriers
  • portable: this set is simple to take with you from courtroom to court

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8 reviews for Franklin sports pickleball court docket marker kit

  1. Fred Smythe

    The ones I received were far from square, about 80 degrees instead of the preferred 90. I’m returning them and will update this review if the next ones are good. Update: I received a replacement set, which was much better. Still not perfectly square, but workable. To lay out a pickleball court on a tennis court, I bought one set of these and one set of the Wilson lines, which have straight pieces that are nice to put between the corners and T’s. The Wilson set is of better quality, as the material is more rubbery and flexible and less slippery and has beveled edges, but doesn’t have T-shaped pieces. The combination of the two sets works great, and the slightly lesser quality of the Franklin lines does not affect play. Read more

  2. Kelly H.

    Bought these as indoor pickleball boundary markers, mainly to lay on wooden gym floor. Thought these would be thinner rubber, like a sturdy decal so that they would cling to a wooden floor and not interfere with the ball if the ball hit the marker. These are thick, durable rubber, not cut at square angles, and do not really lay on the floor flush or stay in place if stepped on. I promptly returned these. Gave 5 stars for durability and sturdiness, because they are thick rubber. 5 stars for easy to assembly, because there is no assembly. Overall, did not work for pickleball. Read more

  3. JR

    These absolutely stink. I have tried so many things to get rid of the horrid smell and nothing works. The off-gases are horrid. I wished I’d returned them right away but I kept thinking that surely the smell would leave with time. I’ve tried a variety of strategies. I soaked them in vinegar for a month (read the suggestion online); soaked them in a baking soda & water mix for a month; kept them in a closed plastic container with essential oils of orange and lemon for a month; left them outside in a remote corner of the yard. Nope the raccoons wouldn’t go near them either. No one who plays pickleball with me ever wants to play if we use these markers. Once, I left them in the car trunk ( in the closed plastic container) and the next morning the whole car stunk. Made us gag. It’s been 7 months and everyone tells me to throw them out. But I want to mark out pickleball boundaries on tennis courts and kept hoping the smell would leave. Franklin, will you take them back? They’re so gross. I can’t believe you’d want your name on this product. Read more

  4. Dale M. Schultz

    While the pieces are in fact bright yellow, (we’ll see how that color brightness holds up in the sun) they are not in fact cut at square angles or 90-degree angles. That would seem to me to be a pretty basic assumption I should be able to make about this product. A few of them also will not lay flat on a perfectly flat surface and can easily be accidentally moved with a foot. This produces pieces moving out of position, which is pretty important as well. in addition, the pieces are substantially wider (3″) than regulation pickleball lines are supposed to be at 2″. Made in China. Read more

  5. Jennifer Smith-Sattison

    Exactly what we wanted for the church gym. Read more

  6. Le McD

    Perfect you don’t have to put tape on your floor and rip up all this seal and it just Mark best spot you don’t have to put lines down for people to trip on and it’s really nice to have it cuz you can go outdoors and indoors Read more

  7. Dave D

    Easy to set up, great visibility and great price. They do tend to slide when stepped on or run over going for a shot, even with the nubby side down. Would be nice to have a cloth tape measure with marks for kitchen, side and back court placement. Read more

  8. S. Tone

    They can’t be used by themselves if you at all serious about pickleball. They give a very rough outline of the dimensions of the court. The biggest problem is that they move all over the place. They don’t adhere to the floor at all. It’s more practical for us to just lay down tape. Read more

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