Frame recreation neoprene dumbbell(charcoal colour)

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  • make certain this suits by using coming into your version wide variety.
  • neoprene-covered steel dumbbells with hexagonal ends and colour-coding for identity.
  • tone and fortify muscle tissues. Build stamina and speed up metabolic rate.
  • long lasting, long lasting and immune to rust. Solid steel production.
  • latex-free.
  • offered through every.
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product description

neoprene dumbbell, 2 lbs., latex-free. Body recreation neoprene dumbbells are safe, long lasting and comfortable in your palms. The neoprene cover manner they may be safe to leave in your ground and could not rust like steel dumbbells or make loud clanking noises. Their hexagonal ends mean they might not roll away either. Is available in black and are genuinely classified with the suitable weight size on every cease. Available in 1lb., 2lb., 3lb., 4 lb., five lb., 6 lb., 7 lb., eight lb., 9 lb., 10 lb., 12 lb. And 15 lb. Weights, neoprene dumbbells via frame recreation permit you to build up your frame, as opposed to bulk up your system.


Black 2-Pound

8 reviews for Frame recreation neoprene dumbbell(charcoal colour)

  1. Chenell

    Theses jackasses forget to mention that there is only one dumbbell, as if there are people looking to workout one arm at a time. Read more

  2. Michelle Decaire

    This is a pretty nice dumbbell and I was happy to find a heavier weight coated in Neoprene but you need to be aware of what you are paying for. I paid over $20 for one dumbbell and I think that is high. I am ordering the other one to complete the pair because I don’t want the hassle of returning something as heavy as this and risk it being damaged (as my order was in transit). Bottom Line: Buyer Be Aware! Read more

  3. Ann Opinion

    Weight is a nice quality but the hand grip length seems a bit narrow compared to other weights I own. Im a 5’5″ woman with average to small size hands and the grip length fits snug between the two end weights. 1# weight = 3″ and 2# weight =3 1/4″ Consider checking the width of your hand across your knuckles before ordering. Also, as others have already stated these weights are sold individually so you need to buy two if you want a pair. Read more

  4. minnesota reader

    I bought them for use in a strength / aerobics conditioning program where I would not need to change weights, and I did not want the hassle of constantly re-tightening the weights on a bar. The no slip neoprene coating is ideal when you’re trying to keep a grip with tired, sweaty hands. I don’t need to hold these in a tightly clenched grip like I did conventional dumbbells. The weight rating is accurate. I bought 4 pound dumbbells. I then weighed each on a postal scale, and both were within 2 ounces of the rated weight. These were exactly what I was shopping for and ideal for the exercise I am using them for. Read more

  5. KT

    I just started a barre blend program and needed 1 pound weights. These are legit the cutest tiniest weights I have ever seen. They may be small, but they get the job done. Read more

  6. Douglas & Sharon

    I got this so my kids can join me while I work out. Its soft and comfortable in the hands. It also fits my weight stand which I got on Amazon. Read more

  7. Eliza Doolittle

    This item does not match the photo. It’s a black hand weight, but the logo / brand is different. Read more

  8. Roy Blank

    It was made well, and had a nice grip. I had to send mine back because the handle was to wide for me. So if you have grip issues, or elbow stuff going on, avoid this bar. To everyone else, its just fine. Buy it with confidence. Read more

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