Frame champ piece set olympic weight bench with squat rack pro3900, gray

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  • ensure this fits by using coming into your version number.
  • two-piece set designed for versatility (includes 1 olympic weight bench, and, 1 squat rack)
  • unbiased 2-manner adjustable bench with excessive-density padding: 5-position settings for again-pad cushion, and, 2-function settings for seat cushion
  • stand-alone squat rack features double-deck protection with 2 sets of integrated catches (higher set: for standing/upright positions; lower set: for flat, incline, decline positions); 60×60 mm strong square tubing
  • smooth-elevate lever and a pair of built-in shipping wheels make garage and mobility an ergonomic revel in
  • no-pinch capture layout provides extra safety and prevents harm to fingers and grip at some stage in racking and un-racking; 2 locking safety hooks for brought safety at some point of relaxation or whilst not in use
  • sport kind: weightlifting

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8 reviews for Frame champ piece set olympic weight bench with squat rack pro3900, gray

  1. Eldin

    This bench is good for someone just starting out, there are two big problems I have with it. First problem is it’s not sturdy if you go heavy and you rack your weight the rack can tip over easily. I had to to put weights on the rack so it didn’t move as much. Second big issue is you can’t really go in a wide stance because your fingers will hit the sides when you go to rack the barbell. You can injure yourself really badly if you go to rack the barbell while benching and you hit the sides of the post. If you are planning on squatting on this rack forget it, it’s to low to the ground it is adjustable but it doesn’t go up that high. If you are tall this will be a big issue, maybe someone that’s under five foot nine this might not be a factor. The bench it comes with is ok, although mine came damaged. The material on the bench was torn. If you lift heavy you can hear the bench cracking, cause of the cheap box particle material it’s made from. You get what you pay for, but I’m sure you can get a better one at dicks sporting goods or another place for just a little more money. Read more

  2. Lynn

    At first I was super excited to use this bench and rack but after a few uses I realized its deficiencies. I am 5’9″ and the rack is a little too small for my body size. For bench press you cannot adjust where the barbell sits. There is one fixed position and its too low for my height/reach making it difficult to lift off a heavy weight from the rack when your arms are halfway bent. Its a perfect height for my 11 year old son. The highest setting for the squat rack again is a little too low I have to bend down too much to lift the weight off the top rack. I will try to resolve these issues by raising the entire rack by putting some concrete 1-2 inch supports under it but then the bench press is likely to be too high for my son. I wish the bench press rack was adjustable so it would better accommodate different heights and body types. I think its designed for short people, otherwise it seems to be good quality and fairly durable. Read more

  3. Flipper

    This is easy enough to assemble but a lot cheaper than I expected. This might be good for adolescents or people not lifting more than 225 lbs. The dimensions are terrible for adults over 5’10”. The squat rack is too low and the bench rack is so narrow that anyone using a standard grip is going to get their hands caught between the bar and rack. This is what happened to me the first day using it. Very poor engineering. Read more

  4. Hafsa

    I like it so far. It’s not bad for the price and somewhat is durable for light weight person under 200lb. However, the seat and back bench is slim if you are seated at edges you can hear wood cracks so be careful not to put too much pressure on the edges of the bench. It’s very compact good for a corner of a room like within office space. Took me an hr to build and you do need a socket tool set and a wrench. Read more

  5. Steph2003x

    I don’t write reviews often, but this one needs to be written, because nowhere did I read in the other reviews before purchasing this that you couldn’t adjust the height of the bench press. We bought this for bench press and back squats at home. I’m 5’ and my husband is 5’7”. I don’t think taller people could use it at all. I used it for the first time just now for bench press and it’s incredibly awkward. I did standard bench press with the bench flat and you CANNOT adjust the bar for bench press. When doing back squats you can adjust that part, but the bench press rack is fixed. (Which is an incredibly stupid design.) I will try the back squats another time, I think this thing will work for that, but I don’t see me using it again for bench press. I would not buy this again and I don’t recommend it. Read more

  6. Salamanderson

    Shipping / Packaging – The product arrived fast (within a week or so) and there was no damage to the box or product. Everything was packaged very nicely inside the box. Assembly – Overall, took maybe about an hour. Very straightforward and simple instructions. I’d recommend having someone there to help with assembly, as some of the steps become a bit more difficult unless you have four hands. There were no missing pieces and everything fit as intended. Quality – Fully assembled, this is a sturdy workout bench. I’ve stacked about 100 lbs. on a 6’ bar so far and have had no issues whatsoever. Very solid and sturdy bench. The seat to the bench is a bit loose / wobbly after a few weeks of usage, however this may just be due to the adjustability of the seat and the way it is designed. I’ve never felt compromised while lifting due to this issue, though. Overall – This is a fantastic bench for the price point. I have not exceeded the recommended weight limitations, however with the amount I am currently lifting it is a near-perfect product. I would recommend this bench. If I encounter any issues in the future 6 months I will revisit this review and amend accordingly. Read more

  7. Patrick S.

    The bench works good for my purpose . I can’t lift heavy weight anymore (two plates plus) so it works for me. When re-racking the weight from a bench press you can let it slam down you have to set it down. I like it cause it fits in the area I need it to. Happy customer. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Assembly was quick and easy. The price was reasonable for the quality of the rack and bench. The bench seat is a little wobbly but not that noticeable while pressing. The rack itself is moderately stable but may need to be weighed down for weight exceeding 135 lbs. One quick way to stabilize the rack is to place extra weight plates on the rack’s base feet. Being a broke student, I opted to use sandbags (~50lbs/bag). It’s cheap and effective (safety>looks). Putting pillow cases over the sandbags could make the setup more presentable. It’ll be interesting to hear some of your creative ideas to improve the setup. Thanks Read more

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