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800 pounds weight capacity

800 lbs actual weight capability with strong powder-coated tubular metal frame construction and precise triangular aid shape gives this bench incredible electricity

wide backrest and seat

upgraded 2019 backrest with 2” wider (12” w x 33. Five” l) for better returned support while exercise. Upgraded 2019 large seat (15. Three” w x 14. 5” l) with 2” wider on the lower back width

incline, flat, and decline positions

12 positions adjustable backrest by using making use of 2 positions front leg adjustment. Backrest adjusts to -20 diploma decline to +eighty degree incline angles. Detachable 3 function adjustable leg keep-down bar.

easy storage and transportation

may be folded for storage. Folded size: fifty one inch l x 23. Five inch w x 9 inch h. Transportation wheels covered for smooth relocation.


12-Position Adjustment, 14 Position Bench W/ Upgraded Seat and Ankle Holders

8 reviews for Fitness reality bench

  1. Steve in Michigan

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Beware. Received bench as a gift for Christmas for my new gym. Did not set up the weight bench until February. After two weeks the corner broke when my 140 lb son sat on the bench. The manufacturer woulda not replace or cover the broken part because it was after warranty even though the bench had not been used. The bench material is cheap and the brackets on the bottom are too short to cover the width of the bench. Poor quality and worse customer service. Read more

  2. C. Pilot

    Disregard all the reviews about the seat or back being to narrow — this newer version is plenty wide. I wouldn’t want it any wider or it will start interfering with full arm motion during workouts. I’m 6’3″, 250lbs, and I have zero problems (at least so far) with it’s build quality, stability, size, etc. I also don’t know why some reviewers mentioned it won’t lay flat — it most definitely does. You just have to extend the leg under the seat part properly and then the whole bench is horizontal/flat. Definitely seems to be good enough quality, and it’s a great price. Read more

  3. Dan

    Its a nice sturdy bench, the kind you would want supporting you; however mine came with some ugly damage done to it as you can see in the pic. Not sure how this happened but i do know the box arrived undamaged so it mustve happened before it was packaged. Poor inspection standards. Read more

  4. nyran20

    I picked this bench after review several others. After using it consistently for the past few weeks, the part of the bench your back goes on feels very narrow and I feel like I’m going to fall off the sides. I’m an average size, 5’9″, 170 so it’s not me. I would not buy this bench again. Read more

  5. DoFe

    I could not be happier with this product. First, the price was ridiculously good ($89); Second, the packaging was excellent, it came with zero issues inside; Third, the total time to unpackage, put together and cleanup is about 20 minutes (4 carriage bolts for the two leg stands and a bolt for the foot peg, that is it; no tools required because they are part of the packaging; Fourth, the bench is solidly constructed, and very easy to use and move around. The wheels on the “head” end of the bench are weak but better than not having any. I have carpeting so maybe they work better on hardwood. One of my main user issues for buying this particular bench is the fact that the backrest has a 90 degree position, a requirement from my wife for some of the exercises that she does. As far as the common three or four slightly negative things that I read from reviews before I bought this; many people complained about a blemish on the seat that had to be cleaned with WD-40; (if it existed) was not present on my product; and second,there is a spot/bracket on the incline that seems to be missing. I am not sure why……one more bracket ($5) would have prevented this. See my last picture and it shows the incline brackets; there is an obviously bigger gap between the two bottom brackets and the top three. It is not a big deal but the position that cannot be obtained might be the one that the user wants, as another reviewer mentioned. He/She solved the issue using a hand made block of wood and placed it in the lower bracket where the gap is and it solved his issue . Do not let this prevent you from buying this bench. I just wanted to mention it because it is there, and can be dealt with. The bench is capable of six positions, one in decline, flat, and four inclined (7 positions if you make the wooden block mentioned above). Another complaint that I read was that the bench was not exactly level in the flat position, that it has a slight decline. This is true to an extent. The front of the bench has an adjustment pin to place the height of the fixed seat in a slightly different position. The position that lifts the seat up about 1-2 inches, causes the flat bench position to be slightly declined. The seat positioned that is the lower position allows for a perfectly level flat bench. I checked this with a carpenter level like many other reviews did. Those reviews unfairly represented this issue (in my humble opinion) because they did not mention the ability to change the angle of the front leg (see video on Amazon website) which lowers the front slightly, providing a perfectly level flat bench. Another plus, this bench is 2 inches lower (18″ from the floor) than the one that I am replacing (20″). This makes it easier to pick up dumbbells off the floor while sitting on the bench. The only other minor issue is the lack of thick padding on the foot peg, which can be easily fixed (as another reviewer stated) by adding some black foam pipe insulation that can bought at Lowes or Home Depot. I hope you all enjoyed this review. I spent this time because I am very satisfied will all aspect of this product and I recommend you buy it. Look no further for an inclined weight bench for medium duty workouts. Heavy duty being over 500 lbs, in my opinion. Read more

  6. HP#1

    Just opened the box and the bench seat was ripped and sliced in multiple areas… Read more

  7. M

    I researched dozens of adjustable weight benches on Amazon until I was sick of them. I ultimately decided to purchase this one. So should you! It arrived in professional packaging with instructions and tools, etc. I am not handy at all, and I assembled this bench in about 30 minutes without any help! I’ve used it for several workouts, and it is everything that a proper weigh bench should be. It is comfortable, it is durable, and it is high quality. When you rest heavy dumbbells on it for a few minutes then remove them, it does not leave marks on the soft material. I love it, and I urge you to buy this one now!!! Read more

  8. Barbers

    I just received this in the mail moments ago and put it together, there is a large (paint?) stain on the seat as well as some on the back rest. And the hardware is rusty. I’m so frustrated because I know I’m going to have to take this apart, repackage it and return it through ups. I wish the quality control was better, this had good reviews so maybe I just got the lemon. I will update my review once I get this figured out. Read more

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