Firefield 20-60x60se recognizing scope package

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  • ensure this fits by way of entering your model wide variety.
  • bak-4 prism
  • nitrogen purged
  • long lasting production
  • nylon and difficult instances blanketed
  • huge absolutely adjustable tripod
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  • bak-4 prism
  • nitrogen purged
  • durable creation
  • multi-coated optics
  • firefield spotting scope
  • adjustable tripod
  • the firefield spotting scopes offer a sensible, but stylish design that provides a consumer pleasant enjoy. Versatility is the call of the sport, offering uses ranging from solo goal capturing to lengthy distance sport tracking. The recognizing scopes provide high magnification to view detailed gadgets at a distance, this is essential for use in stake outs, police surveillance or sniper spotters.

    whilst out searching or taking pictures long-distance objectives, your senses should be outstanding. Permit your eyes do the stalking with the firefield directly part recognizing scope. Presenting a practical, yet elegant, design, this spotting scope is anything however standard in excellent. Its absolutely multi-lined lenses and durable, rubber-armored body it is submergible in water up to 1 meter and one hundred percent weatherproof supports viewing, monitoring and capturing a ways-away items

    adjustable tripod

    all firefield recognizing scope kits include an adjustable tripod. While equipped to % it up, the optical device, along side its compact tripod, stows easily and securely into the long lasting nylon carrying case with shoulder strap. The included adjustable tripod is made especially for the firefield recognizing scope and suits immediately onto the tripod base incorporated into the scope’s design.


    the firefield spotting scope’s sunshade is designed to hold the glare of the solar away from the consumer’s eye and out of the sector of view. To extend the sunshade, discover the black plastic ring placed across the scope’s objective lens and lightly pull outward. To remove, push the plastic ring inward till it’s far flush with the scope’s frame.

    product description

    the firefield 20×50 is blazing a new path inside the recognizing scope category. A practical, yet elegant, design is the muse on which the firefield 20×50 spotting scope became constructed, enhancing upon in advance recognizing scope fashions, and making it the pleasant spotting scope for its fee in the marketplace. A comfortable rubber eyepiece geared up with a brief awareness machine allows zeroing in on brief or long distances, perfect for shooting on the variety. This spotter is whatever however fashionable in excellent, capabilities and covered accessories. Completely multicoated lenses and a durable body come general with the firefield 20×50, which helps observing, monitoring and capturing lengthy variety goals. A comfy rubber eyepiece, with the help of brief attention and zoom knobs, assist you zero in for your quarry at short or lengthy distances. When you’re prepared to percent it up, the firefield 20×50 spotting scope, in conjunction with its compact tripod, stows without difficulty and securely into the durable nylon wearing case with shoulder strap. The firefield 20×50 spotting scope is subsidized by firefield’s manufactures guarantee and the great that includes the firefield name. Firefield-victory justifies everything!


    12-36×50, 20-60×60, 20×50

    5 reviews for Firefield 20-60x60se recognizing scope package

    1. Ira Tigerbaum

      This scope seemed pretty good at 1st, I was so glad to get a scope, I was able to put up with the front and rear caps not staying on, no thread connection, and at least one of them would be already off, when I pulled it out of a padded bag. The box it came with is nice for something else, larger, one of those low-end ata cases with aluminum trim all around. The tripod was junk, but I’m a photographer, and I already had an assortment of small to tall “sticks.” After a fairly short time, the rubber sleeve that changes the magnification, slipped, and the worst thing about it is I would clean the lenses with a clean lens cloth, after spraying anti-fog/cleaner on it, and cleaning the outside lenses with a circular motion, the coating came off of the center 50% of the rear lens, so now when I look through it, it’s pretty fuzzy, and for some reason, it was clearer in the middle where the coating came off. It looks like (once again) you get what you pay for. I’m going to try the Redfield Rampage, 20-60 x 60, for $185. The one I really want is a Vortex. Besides all of the faults, I had fun with it for maybe 5 or 6 months, of almost daily usage. I could see babying it and look at some planets and stars, with the kids. Read more

    2. M20K Pilot

      No, this isn’t the best spotting scope that I have used. But I wanted something in my office to look at the pond wildlife and it is the most incredible value spotting scope I know of. It comes in a box, and a carry bag with a table top tripod and lens covers front and rear for the scope. The scope is very clear at 12X the exit pupil is large and allows you to wear glasses while using the scope. At the higher end, it is a little more distorted but still useable. I’m sure I will enjoy this on a per dollar basis far more than a history of spotting scopes, binoculars, 35mm and digital SLRs… We live in incredible times that you can get something this good at this price. Would I rather have a $1,000 scope? Sure with your money but I’m leaving this in a public place where someone will probably leave it pointing at the morning sun. So I’m very happy. 5 stars for an incredible value. Read more

    3. R.A.M.

      The good. This scope is reasonably compact although too large to fit in an average coat pocket, the image is bright and clear, better than I expected at this price. It came with a coated nylon case, nylon strap, cleaning cloth, mini tripod, lens caps, warranty card and instruction booklet. The tripod can be folded up and used as a handle. Tripod has rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around. The rear lens cap fit snugly but was not difficult to remove or replace. The bad. Unfortunately this scope is not remotely 20X. I have a pair of Simmons 8×25 and this scope is only a smidgen more powerful, I would estimate the Firefield at 10X [see update at bottom]. The instruction booklet was for an adjustable power spotting scope, in other words it was the wrong booklet for this model; not a big issue as I didn’t need instructions but it says something about quality control. The front lens cap is very loose fitting and I am 100% sure it would be lost in the field, if used. Update: I’ve spent more time with this scope and maybe was a bit harsh with my first remarks. The optics really are bright and clear. I still don’t believe the magnification is anywhere near 20X but it’s better than I first thought. Where I could really tell the difference was looking at the full moon. I could see so much more detail with the Firefield than with my Simmons binos. Read more

    4. Michael

      This is my first ever spotting scope and my objective for it is to use it at the outdoor range and be able to see .223cal rounds in plain target paper at 100 yards. I won’t be able to test that until next Spring, but I have tested it out through my homes back windows where there is a community pond out back and homes on the other side of the pond. Looking at fences well over 100 yards across the pond, and other objects on homes that have nails and screws holding them together, I can see these nails and screws, which would be close to .223 round hole sizes, quite clearly so I’m confident that this scope will perform the task I bought it for. I also got a great deal on this scope as a refurbished model through an Amazon vendor called TXFactoryOutlet who had it listed for $59 with promotional free shipping so it’s hard to beat that. Even though I don’t have experience with other spotting scopes IMO this looks like a great buy for this price point and I understand that the Bak-4 prism is a higher end prism that would normally be found in more expensive scopes. Perhaps the one small negative I might point out would be that the tripod is a bit on the thin side making it a bit unsteady, but still better than I expected. I tried the included tripod initially, which was a bit shaky, then tried my more hefty camera tripod and found the view through the scope became more steady and solid with the better tripod. I’m not taking any stars away for that though because this is really about the quality of the scope and the tripod needs to be smaller and less hefty to fit in the included box in the first place. Getting the tripod at all is in itself a nice bonus as a package deal. I really like the box too, very nice. Great deal overall! Read more

    5. E. Leclercq

      So with few reviews on this spotting scope I decided to try it out. Upon receiving this scope and trying it out at shooting ranges from 25 yards out to 300 yards, i’m really impressed! The optics are very sharp at any range and have no color tint like some cheap optics have. The focus knob is easy to use as well as the magnification adjustment. The rubber coated body and built in sunshade is a nice touch. The included bipod is a bench top steel leg unit that seems to work just fine. The only slight fault I can find with this scope is it has limited eye relief at higher magnifications, but works fine for my eyes. Overall I’m very impressed with this spotting scope especially at it’s low cost. If you need a spotting scope and don’t want to spend a fortune just buy this one. Read more

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