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  • ensure this fits by using entering your version quantity.
  • 2 piece mount with a protracted-lasting 100-hr. Battery life
  • 1. 5-5x variable magnification
  • crimson/inexperienced reticle illumination
  • precision windage and elevation modifications
  • dependable ipx4 waterproof layout
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firefield barrage riflescope

designed for precision placement at various distances, firefield barrage riflescopes bridge the distance between rugged reliability and consistent overall performance. Available in 1. 5-5×32 and a pair of. 5-10×40 magnifications in addition to crimson laser, inexperienced laser or no laser versions, the barrage circle of relatives boasts ipx4 water-proof, fogproof and shockproof overall performance. An effective mil-dot illuminated reticle ensures your barrage remains on the right track in low-mild conditions, whilst absolutely multi-lined optics growth standard mild transmission. Created from 6061-t6 plane-grade aluminum and supplying a 100-hr. Battery lifestyles, firefield barrage riflescopes are ideal for something from near sector missions to attractive mid-variety targets.

  • pink or green illuminated mil-dot reticle
  • precision windage and elevation adjustments
  • ipx4 water resistant/fogproof/shockproof
  • consists of batteries and cleaning material
  • all firefield barrage 2. 5-10×40 riflescopes are prepared with a bullet drop compensator dial. The bullet drop reimbursement dial permits for brief adjustments of the reticle for taking pictures targets at unique distances. This compensator changed into designed for a . 223 caliber fifty five grain bullet. The bullet drop compensation dial has distances of one (100yds), 2 (200yds), three (300yds), four (400yds) and 5 (500yds) marked immediately on the dial. By means of the usage of the mil-dot reticle to determine the distance, the bullet drop reimbursement dial is adjusted to that distance to gather an correct shot.

    firefield barrage riflescopes come geared up with variable magnification alternatives. Through rotating the magnification ring to the preferred putting, customers can modify to the most appropriate magnification their shooting situation.

    firefield barrage riflescopes feature a mil-dot reticle. Mil stands for milliradian (also known as mrad). A milliradian is 1/6283. 2th of a circle or 3. 438 moa. The milliradian represents one unit at a thousand yards. Positioned actually, a 1-backyard-tall goal at 1000 yards is equal to one milliradian.

    the diopter is the measurement of the attention’s curvature. Each eye is curved otherwise. Firefield barrage riflescopes have a diopter adjustment to assist the shooter reap a clean, crisp sight picture. If the picture does now not appear clear and crisp, rotate the diopter adjustment clockwise or counterclockwise till a sharp sight image and reticle are carried out, then tighten the eyepiece lock ring. This adjustment need to live the equal unless the riflescope’s operator changes.


    1.5-5X32, 2.5-10×40


    No laser, Red Laser

    8 reviews for Firefield

    1. David D

      If mounted properly it will hold zero. I put it on my Windham 5.56 ar15 and it looks great. I had to order a replacement due to a faulty laser on/off switch. The switch and laser both screw into the mount, if it’s not threaded correctly it won’t connect the circuit. The laser is solid if it comes with a good switch. Also I’ve contacted firefield about the issue and they are sending a couple extra switches my way just in case. The only reason I have this scope a 4 is because they need to have a stricter guidelines on their laser switches and light placement for the reticle. My reticle was prefect but my buddies was extremely dim so he ordered a replacement too. His replacement was perfect. Read more

    2. tg

      Let’s keep our expectations real here, it’s a Chinese made scope so don’t expect Leupold clarity. Does it work? Sure, it’s clear enough to use and is better than some I’ve looked through. My only complaint is the illumination lights up the inside of the scope not just The reticle which “blinds” your eye in low light situations basically making the illumination useless. Works fine for what I’m doing with it just don’t expect $1000 quality! Read more

    3. TacticalDingus

      Seems pretty good so far, adjustment clicks seem pretty positive. I think the elevation turret is a good idea, you can remove the cap to dial it in at 100 yards. Then when you are shooting longer ranges you can spin the whole turret to preset yardage marks, this is almost as quick as having a bdc Reticle but allows for a standard mil Reticle for the easy ranging. I think the trajectory is set for 20″ 55 grain. The illumination is just an led inside the scope that shines on the wire Reticle, it lights up the entire inside but is usable if you set eye relief back far enough to not light the rim of Reticle. I’ll update on if it holds zero or not. Quality is above expected for $65 Read more

    4. Jacob A. landis

      I really wanted to like this scope. I had to give it two stars because the first one I received had a canted reticle, so I returned it and received a replacement which had the exact same issue. Since the base/mount is fixed to the scope, there’s no way to level it out. It’s too bad, because I really liked everything else about the scope and it looked great on my AR. Read more

    5. zack

      I’m only giving this a 3* for now. The scope itself is great. But the laser housing came in with what looks like plier marks on it. And even with a new battery it won’t turn on. I’ve contacted both Amazon and the manufacturer about this and am currently waiting for a response. Will update depending on outcome. Read more

    6. T Smith

      This optic provided a stable platform for use with the AR platform. Illuminated reticles are a nice touch, but unlike some other optics, there are permanent reticles that do not require battery power. I had a small parts issue due to my own handling and customer service/ quality assurance took care of me with unexpected speed and thoughtfulness. Read more

    7. timothy stephens

      Great clarity I have this mounted on 2 of my AR15s and love them hitting gongs at 450 yards consistently with them hold zero good on my 300aac blackout and 5.56 Read more

    8. Devon

      Not just for the money but in general this scope is great. got it for 80 and have been rocking it with no issues. Even made a few friends jealous with there 200+ dollar scopes. Read more

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