Eschenbach sektor f 8×25 water resistant compact binoculars for bird looking

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  • make certain this suits via coming into your version quantity.
  • bak-four segment corrected prisms and full multi-coating: whilst with different binoculars the pictures are darkish or doubtful, our binoculars provide sharper details and a brighter photograph with excessive shade fidelity
  • water proof & fogproof: the sektor are nitrogen crammed and the case is surely watertight, for that reason appropriate for any type of weather. Carry it with you when tenting!
  • excessive electricity 8×42 superzoom binoculars: effective, lightweight and foldable binoculars for birdwatching, safari, recreation, hiking and every out of doors hobby. Ideal for eagle watcher and mountain excursion
  • fairly sturdy and with anti-slip rubber coating. Ideal binoculars for adults and youngsters
  • evolved in germany: eschenbach’s tale started out over a hundred years in the past with an concept: precision. This is a guiding principle that we observe as a developer of excellent optical products. We follow traditional values like experience, talent and vision
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eschenbach optik

the tale of eschenbach optik begins at the start of the 20th century in nuremberg. Considering that 1913 our business enterprise has been dedicated to extending its knowledge in the subject of optics. Nowadays, thank you to modern manufacturing techniques, we’re market chief inside the subject of optics. Eschenbach optik is a conventional corporation which locations the focal point firmly on precision, high-quality, practicality and design.

complete multi-layer coating

the coating is one of the crucial capabilities for optimising the optical performance.

in correspondence with the kind and exceptional of the coating, light transmission, that is to say photo brightness, assessment and brilliance are notably elevated.

section correction

using complex technology, the segment shifts of the mild rays are corrected in roof prisms. This means that brilliance of picture, decision and comparison are optimised via the prevention of any overexposure in the prism set.


the binoculars are rather light-weight and compact, which means that they’re best, for instance, as trekking and enjoyment binoculars.

eschenbach optik

full multi-layer coating

phase correction


sektor d 8×32 and 8×42 compact+ binoculars are appropriate for all styles of terrain and are practical to use. They offer an appropriate mixture of weight, size and vision comfort. Whether or not you’re on vacation or gambling game, if you prefer binoculars which might be as light as feasible, we advise a pair of sektor binoculars with 8x magnification and the smallest objective lens, for example, the sektor f 8×25 compact+. If you want a few remarkable binoculars for the mountains with a purpose to get you as close as viable to the item you’re viewing, you have to pick a sektor with 10x magnification. In bad light conditions (bad weather or twilight), we propose a maximum 8x magnification and the biggest feasible goal diameter: which includes the sektor d 8×56 b compact+.

segment correction is featured exclusively on roof prisms. Within the case of porro prisms, section correction does not provide any benefits due to the placement of the prisms. By way of complex technology, the segment shifts of the light rays are corrected in roof prisms. Phase correction improves the decision and the assessment of the photos reproduced.

the sektor models have full multi-layer coating. Inside the case of complete multi-layer coating, all lenses have a complete floor anti-reflection coating. This technology permits the light to pass via the binoculars even in terrible mild conditions. Magnesium fluoride (‘magenta full coating’) is used for the standard coating. In the case of high fine binoculars together with the ones in the sektor range, the goal lens and eyepieces also are covered, in addition to all lenses (combi-coating).

set the dioptre to 0 (generally located on the proper eyepiece or in rare cases at the left eyepiece or on the focal point wheel). Alter the width of the binoculars so you can see something with each eyes. Close the right eye and modify the sharpness for the left eye with the primary awareness wheel. Then near the left eye and adjust the sharpness for the proper eye.

technical records

porro prisms: the ‘traditional’ prisms. Binoculars with porro prisms are generally wider than comparable roof prism binoculars, but not as long. Due to their widerspaced objective lenses, conventional porro binoculars provide barely better stereoscopic depth perception at quick distances than roof prism equivalents.

roof prisms: those are very compact and consequently allow the binoculars to be constructed very slim in shape. A better stage of optical precision engineering is needed than for porro binoculars of comparable best.

bk-7 prisms: those prisms crafted from boron crown glass are the standard for an amazing pleasant image.

bak-4 prisms: these cautiously machined excessive overall performance prisms crafted from barium crown glass provide even better decision of details and very sharp, shiny snap shots with high color constancy.

sk15 prisms: these prisms are crafted from high nice sk15 glass. They minimise undesirable internal reflections and offer razor-sharp photographs with most fulfilling evaluation.

magnification: the value offers the obvious magnification that the lens produces. With an 8x magnification the object seems eight instances closer to the viewer than in reality . Here, an object appears to be most effective one hundred m away when in reality it is at a distance of 800 m.

lens diameter: that is an crucial performance figure of binoculars considering its length crucially determines the lightgathering electricity: the bigger the lens, the extra mild that reaches the attention and the brighter the photo. The objective lens diameter is said in mm.

exit pupil/brightness index/twilight aspect: these are arithmetic values that result from the ratio of magnification and lens diameter. Crucial in practice: an exit pupil among 2 and three mm is enough to be used in daytime. Binoculars with an exit pupil of five-7 mm should be chosen for hard light situations.

field of view: specifies the width of terrain seen through the binoculars at a distance of one,000 m. The more the sector of view, the less difficult it’s miles to view landscapes or transferring items, which includes animals or competition at sports activities activities. Binoculars with extensive-attitude optics (with the designation: ww) have a particularly huge field of view.

near point: this range shows the shortest distance at which gadgets may be visible sharply and with out distortion. This quantity is essential when buying binoculars to be used in museums or outings where viewing is at quick variety.

section correction: this particularly complex utility of special surface coatings to the prisms of roof prism binoculars is the ultimate for remarkable image quality.

dielectric mirror coating: a dielectric replicate coating within the prism gadget lets in nearly 100% mirrored image of the incident mild and prevents the coatings from getting old. This coating ensures contours always remain awesome and really discernible even in poor mild situations or in the course of the twilight hours.

internal focusing: focusing means adjusting the sharpness of an picture. Most effective the lenses within the binoculars are moved throughout inner focusing. This closed machine prevents dust, air or moisture from being drawn in.

water-resistant: this time period refers to a machine of water repellent functions at the casing and moveable elements that makes the binoculars immune to forced water.

nitrogen crammed: in contrast to air, nitrogen contains no residual moisture and so prevents the inner optics from misting up if the ambient temperature fluctuates.

coating: eschenbach binoculars have absolutely multi-covered optics. This means that all glass-to-air surfaces have an incredibly skinny anti-reflection coating to optimise ‘mild movement’ via the binoculars to the eyes. A magnesium fluoride coating (magenta coating) is the same old. On a few binoculars this is blended with multi-coating on one aspect of the lens and eyepiece to enhance mild transmission. For the very best imaginative and prescient necessities although, multi-coating is implemented to all lens surfaces.

to make sure genuine-to-existence, absolutely coloration accurate images, eschenbach applies a ‘naturebright’ coating to its farlux, bison and regatta binoculars.

extra-low-dispersion (ed) glass: this high-priced to supply glass compensates for chromatic aberration that generally occurs because of the differing dispersion of the light-beam color additives and is visible as color fringing along edges and at transitions. Ed glass ensures shiny actual coloration photographs, extraordinarily wealthy in element and with a sense of intensity.

  • prisms
  • magnification
  • lens diameter
  • exit student/brightness index/twilight aspect
  • area of view
  • near factor
  • phase correction
  • dielectric replicate coating
  • internal focusing
  • waterproof
  • nitrogen stuffed
  • coating
  • extra-low-dispersion (ed) glass
  • product description

    excessive performance compact binoculars for youngsters or for adults for an hd view

    the sektor are the right binoculars for birdwatching or nature commentary.

    they integrate actual to-existence snap shots, sturdiness and amazing lightness.

    their on hand and functionnal design makes focusing baby’s play and allows extended observation.

    well ready with water-resistant housing and nitrogen filling, the sektor binoculars can be used with sun glasses or in rainy weather.

    those effective inoculars are extraordinarily robust and shock resistant.

    the sporting strap, high nice case and dirt safety caps offer even extra value to this tremendous pair of compact binoculars.

    technical functions

  • magnification: 8x
  • lens Ø (mm): 25
  • exit pupil (mm): 3,1
  • geometric mild depth: 9,8
  • twilight issue: 14,1
  • eye alleviation min./max. (mm): five/10
  • pupillary distance min./max. (mm): 35/75
  • close to factor (m): 2,5
  • area of view m / 1,000 m: 143
  • top x width x depth (mm): 102 x 110 x 40
  • weight without bag (g): 296
  • nitrogen crammed: sure
  • water-proof: sure
  • eyepieces for spectacle wearers: yes
  • prisms: bak-4, segment-corrected
  • coating: complete multi-coating
  • guarantee: 5 years
  • what is inside the container

    sektor f 8×25 binoculars; carrying strap; high excellent case; realistic dirt safety caps


    8×25, 8×42, 8×56, 10×25, 10×32, 10×42

    8 reviews for Eschenbach sektor f 8×25 water resistant compact binoculars for bird looking

    1. Honukane

      The first binoculars sent were received damaged. When notified of the problem another one was forwarded immediately. Unfortunately the item ordered was crucial for a vacation and the second set arrived after the fact. These binoculars have not been tested in the field, but from cursory use the details are sparkling clear. Size and weight is comfortable and the design ideal. Would prefer to see the focusing knob fabricated in metal rather than plastic. Will be able to use them for an upcoming cruise even though the ship provides their own as I prefer using my very own equipment. Read more

    2. Ritt

      Nice and clear but NOT comfortable around the eyes. Allows a lot of light to pass while using them. Slightly lighter than another 10X40 pair we have but less comfortable so 3 stars. It doesn’t make sense to have good optics and forget eye comfort. Read more

    3. JOE BUBAN


    4. JD

      Good product. Light durable and good clarity. I’ve enjoyed using these binoculars. The lens caps are a little awkward, but not enough to give it a bad review. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      Very nice glass. Read more

    6. Richard D. Crossley

      Very easy to use and light weight so comfortable watching. Read more

    7. Alfonso Agustin Hernandez

      Great product,wonderful clear view…Great to be my first Binoculars. Read more

    8. Nicole Butterworth

      Great binoculars for wildlife viewing. Took them kayaking in rain forest. No fogging, no issues at all. For the price fantastic mid-range binoculars. Read more

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